The God of Super Freaks – La Critique finale

  • By Rotimi Onayemi

If it wasn’t in the Newset Age

I wouldn’t have connected a common hunter

To a Laptop except in Info Age

Nymphos everywhere 

From making love to sofas and trees

To paedophiling toddlers

Seeking to Abolish The Death Penalty

Seeking to Christening Abortion

We have it all twisted and three laptop sets

Are in the Rose Garden

One the Real Laptop lost forever in Nether Lands

The Duo or the second coming one if you get my Latin in camera 

Is the one that Fox News and Digging Dirt News probably we and them all of us are guilty of the conspiracy theories 

even the news and the cos that arrive to kill the Black Man but arrest-only is good for the Replacement Dumb Theory Shooter of Shame In Buffalo

Let him and Dylan Roof have it on the same day in the same chambers 

They have more statesmen with authority in government now in Nigeria to forestall any war hopefully as we are behind our Armed Forces

With blessings to say 

The Third laptop is the one we know about and there is not much in there since

The Department of Justice is not even aware of it

I wonder if we by any mistake belong to the Department of Injustice

  • 2. Jesus is Back

Divine Inspiration à la carte

Jesus is Back!

This time for Real

Dragging the substance to Himself

That as he encompasses all in Proverbs

Leaving it all for The Second Coming

This can be anytime

Now or soon

We’d be damned if the future doesn’t trace the end back to 2022


So as it’s a matter for stuff like Thieves in The Night which Jesus captures well for all generations as thieves in the night has never stopped nit not knit knot since Jesus left to return anyways

Now that HE’S BAZCK

This is no Schwarzenegger comedy

Mind yourself and your thoughts

Jesus is watching over us now

  • 3. May God finally bless Africa with Electricity, Water, Milk and Honey

There’s nothing much to say than…
If there was a GOD for electricity it means people and countries outside Africa brought their own electricity to the World
If not that wouldn’t be happening and the allies have embassies in Africa
Talk less about Russia

  • 4. For The God of Super Freaks
  • 5. A Day with Emmanuel Logos

By tea

By the seaside 

In faraway more than Shrek could ever have imagined land of milk and honey for real 

As the bad guys of Batman has shown themselves again

I wonder what good it is being an Atheist 

God exist

That’s all Emmanuel Logos talks about

He’s back

Straight up 

Second Coming

Evil cannot overcome The World

No Nuclear Threats!

What if he shoots Putin?

Yes but why make anyone celebrate when there’s already a warrant for his arrest and execution 

Every where when which and witch wotch who’re whore we warned warmed won’t we 

Don’t trust us with any

The apostle said we can have it all

Get married!

It’s about ain’t that simple

Gas just turned over 5dollars

Butcher of Babylon to Hell in Jesus Name

Shouted Emmanuel Logos all over This Town and County and Country and Canton de Genève where there always a sandwich of all parties Not bad but quite bad for Leftists when Ibsaw it for 8!years

No more

Emmanuel Logos is a Leftist

America Big America of Rightists

Has turned Leftist for the next 1000years when the Beast of Moscow will be slaughtered in Berlin as in Babylon

  • 6. I wish The Revelations 1000years have started

Thank God we can’t see it all

God can see it all

How the Proverbs taught you

How The Revelations instructed you

Be that as it may Jehovah’s Witnesses

Much like the whole gauntlet of Christendom

Have a lot more to see 

In The Revelation

It’s all about God

When the Internet will become a person

The Artificial Intelligence

Born by Man

To be destroyed by God

When could the Internet become a monster 



Forgetting nothing and possessing the whole gauntlet of the all versions of The Library of Congress and even of The Sex Museum at Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How dare me dare you?

Even as a matter of principle I declined an invitation to The Sex Museum and the Museum of Torture at Geneva, Switzerland 

Imagine entering the Internet and He grabs you

Open up

Even the mere man finally to the god of intelligence no doubt

Still wondering what the Nigerian gouvernement has on me the whole gauntlet of unpublished la critique finale mes manuscripts

Part 2

By and by we see our final age

We call it Middle Age

The Information Age

A Revolution of The Revolution

In my enlightened mind

What else could be The Beast

Than Information becoming Human Invisible Invincible Logos

  • 7. Do you wanna go bell the Cat? Delusions of Sustainable Developmenty in Africa

We can take the World beyond The Rubicon

That is the only place the whole World hates to go

It’s no gain saying

Tourism in Eastern Europe and Russia

Is probably more from transit flights

Americans are held in jail without mercy

So are Britons

Russians dying like rats when they become Billionaires 

Tit for Tat

Homegrown rebellion against the Putin dictatorship is a must

Biden will force it in his second term



What gives anyone the impression of having too much snow in the capital behind the Iron Curtain

I said

Even Gypsies leave for Switzerland 

Do u wanna go!!!

  • 8. The Mountain from Mole Hill

Now that we have been locked up and locked down

Now that we are out and about Ss

What wouldn’t we 

Have and say


About King Coronavirus 19 

The mountain from Mole Hill

Reminds you

Mind you 

Of everyone’s climbed Blueberry Hill

She’s Blueberry Hill

  • 9. The 3rd World War Vs. African-Styled Love and Racism is divided : maybe like Russia and Ukraine

I’m an amateur in the sense of the feeling I get when approaching some issues so I change them to poems

Brief and Concise

Short and Sharp

We have little in common in Africa


Why we are not United was an anecdote attributed to de Gaulle who highlighted the division in France  to the way every village has their own cheese 

I really don’t know how we feel we are different from each other 

French again revolt like Brits, Czechs, Syrians, Iraqis, Turks, Sioux, Cherokees, Mayan, African to mention a few


Till NZ, In the Outback, Speight of Fiji, Papua, Chinese everywhere from China Town Indonesia  to ChinaTown Nigeria  Brazil and her own slavery history needing adjustment like in Argentina and Venezuela or even  maybe even Uruguay since slaves there supported a losing war and paid in lives

The new division in The West and The East is all blown out and the Third World WAR

I Africa and speaking of foreign languages and religion in poverty and extreme poverty and why the people on Radio and TV and Netflix suck so much in a time like this as if it’s Hunter’s laptop

  • 10. There’s No Difference! : The Only Difference is Black Market Managers Run Africa!

There is no difference 

Between the Africans

In Africa, Europe and America 

In receedjng chronological order

The feeling of sibling-hood order

Soldiers against themselves

Soldiers for humanity

Suckers for a punch 

Never reaching adulthood

Stuck in our youth

That we lost galantly like Kyiv 

When the new girls of 2022

Never fly to Kiev


I wonder what’s  there

Did they sell it to Biden and Putin got pissed

Who owned Burisma?

The President !!!

If you add Biden that’d be your problem

The only difference between Africans

Is that the Europeans manage the rest


Africa has Black Market Managers

  • 11. Ayo! Ukrayna!

Ayo! Ukraine 

Have you guys explored the possibility of quitting and giving your homeland to The Peacemaker from the North Mr Gog of Magog or better still Modern Nebuchadnezzar but no one thinks Russia is like Babylon without LA and Las Vegas

Point of correction

If Atlantis still existed in time of Kin it hng turned Animal Nebuchadnezzar turned – we have to ask Prophet Daniel or Belshazzar – the King may secretly like Daniel as son for giving him a sweet Babylonian name Belshazzar like Malcolm X



If Atlantis was standing in Babylonian times then Russia is Babylon

US/ is God’s Own Country

Like The

UN/ I go with American Style any day


Fire Burn Babylon hahahahahahaba!



  • 12. In God’s Townhall (1) : On a Good day

On a good day, wars will stop, we have been so much over-ridden by laws that the end of democracy started in February 2022 AD

I’m starting to believe the Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs about the sequence to The Apocalypse

The atrocities vs the good stuff, yes as small as that fine in Africa

Yours can’t wait!!! When we talking about what has gone down to shit in Africa, you will have time for us – speeches a lengthy as the IFA Oracle 

The Buffalo shooting, yes and the one which lasted for 10years when Buffalos were shot

In God’s Townhall

Reparations especially for the Slaves, heads of freedom fighters and artefacts carted away for centuries

In God’s Townhall

The time it takes to rebuild all continents on the refined principles of true democracy 

In God’s Townhall

The time it takes to rebuild Ukraine and which generation, probably in 100years

Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian for this townhall

Gods Townhall

All Racist matters and other stories of killing citizens abruptly stopped and are on the table in 

Gods Townhall

You Biden was there

We had to bring in Putin 

From Statten Island

An Hungarian boatman posing as Putin or vice Versace 

It’s good to look good when you will see God

Russian designers!

So much is sewn in Africa

I wonder why the whole World can’t accept our fashion

We have everything from everywhere

In God’s Townhall

No Kings or Queens

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and his pals

Told that one

I wonder why we misunderstood revolution

That knows not her children

To be alive in 2023 is a must

We pray to be 

In Gods Townhall

Too much money 

And style 

“Yes, Kim Kardashian is speaking for us. she prays”

  • 12b. In God’s Townhall (2) : Graphics and Illustrations

It descended and the Earth seemed smaller

We all saw it and these fools were just running away from it

There were so many uncountable elevators attached to the basement in the Gods

You can go up from anywhere 

If you’re Godson

Did God-daughters also climb

Quite a few of many multitudes 

“Please, the vibes you’re playing now is it from your heart or from your fingers because…”

“This is why I don’t get people, you can’t say we don’t have good women, we have The Good Women Choir Orchestra 

from 1979 at Ibadan apart from them, I really don’t know any other good women apart from them. Don’t you know women? You must be into something together and Men are like that too, we sin together and pray for forgive men together.

  • 12c. In God’s Townhall (3) : The Virgin Mary’s Prayer

The white thing just like a White Beast if Mammoths were White too

But the beautiful thing had elevators partially suspended in Space

That was where I knew John of The Revelation saw something 

Like Mary’s Prayer by Danny Wilson 

To say it was a beast among Cherubims and Serraphims 

You knew it had to do with a sound Mind

How could I have been thinking of Polar Bears of Mammoths sizes

Sizzles and Zizzles

Worst is the fart of a White Beast

But this one was pleasant 

The exhaust from God’s Contraption

A Vessel than can take all of us away

12d. I and Aticher In God’s Townhall

Atike will be one of the most beautiful you have ever seen

In God’s Townhall

If she was a brand new Cadillac 

At 22

We would call her chassis

That is straight from God’s Factory

It would be like she was born when she matured 

I have never seen

She has been in lovestock many times

This time I had my share of her love

Like Etihad Airlines flight Doha – Chicago 

My sister said it’s better than any Emirates flight 

Too popular 

Eticher was not popular and so is her sexual orientation 

It would make Casanova and Elisabeth Taylor wink severally 

Or Block the Gates to Hollywood Laws of Sex but the Gateman will seize the keys and lock Eticher in

For life, For live action all true through life itself


She doesn’t want penetration and she doesn’t want to be married, she doesn’t like kids but could be forced into that she says because penetrating spoils the fun so I had better keep up with the Juicy tip all my life even though it’s so sweet as lollipops with gum filling when you have the whole jar 

I wouldn’t mind

In God’s Townhall

  • 13. Forget History! Our History is not close to being the worst

The scenarios I paint

The basic truth I can write

The cycles of humanity 

The future like The Past

When people will move on endlessly 

When America maybe a place for none

When it would be allies on the move and the whole World follows 

When the threat and final use of the Nuclear weapons 

Will have come and stayed

People will love a return to Judah

We are stuck in Babylon

We burnt Babylon 

Remember or Forget even

There may be no Judah to run to

Africa is Judah

When you have not paid your dues in Judah like Joshua 

When Judaharians didn’t have light and water

When Judaharians didn’t have a passport or visa to exploit nor ordinarily explore the World

When Judaharians lived but not live according to the standard of living called balance diet also called living below the Poverty Line

I know you will soon redress the poverty line 

To exclude $6 per liter of gas $6 comes before $60 per liter

$6 comes before $60 per liter

Where you gonna run?

14. Humanity Lost : I can write Bull Sh..

We need your prayers for peace in Nigeria 

Yesterday, 70 Catholic Churchgoers lost their lives

Why ya?

Why, I ask Holy Mary 

Because May Rwanda be eternally African

But do not let Nigeria and Rwanda tank together on the Genocide level

Each group has more than 59 million citizens 

Multiplied by 3

Bring Joseph

Governor of Egypt 

Humanity lost again

I can write bullshit.

We need your prayers for peace in Nigeria 

Yesterday, 70 Catholic Churchgoers lost their lives

Why ya?

Why, I ask Holy Mary 

Because May Rwanda be eternally African

But do not let Nigeria and Rwanda tank together on the Genocide level

Each group has more than 59 million citizens 

Multiplied by 3

Bring Joseph

Governor of Egypt 

Humanity lost again

I can write bullshit.


The first set of slaves in the Americas especially the ones from Africa proper hid their gods behind St. BarbRa also known as Şango ör Xango The god of Thunder

They have opened up but continue the new world tradition of the Africans in Diaspora 

Fast-forward 2022 since the killings at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Owo City, Nigeria upper weekend : Many most much multitudes mean marche marks masse mit munitions, meaning

We now go to church with voodoo and guns 

Faster-forward USA crazy mass murders of children by adolescents may continue but God forbid 

In a crazy world you can’t stop mad people from killing and normal people from being prepared like Scouts

17. Behind The African Curtain : The Real Iron Curtain

I can’t stop writing

The illiterate woman with children who had nothing to do with providing good jobs in Africa

Lost in the debacle

She is Alice in Wonderland

She is Alive in Monsterland

All sorts of thoughts and actions 

Dreams of the good life

Never to be fulfilled

That a diligent believer has told me

There will be rich and poor

That’s enough to keep some behind the African Curtains and The Iron Curtains everywhere

Free The Iron Curtainers and let the Iron Curtain in Africa Curtailers do their jobs – anti povertical jobs

18. Who didn’t say Hunter’s Laptop started the War

I would wander and wonder 

Of where and to what extent how hot 


Was the heat built up in Ukraine 


Against Russia  to make them flatten the city

The country

As in if I was walking in a dirty city and found a refugee from Ukraines burg the real and the fake Ukraine where people carry Russian passports and I’m like damn

They don’t want Russian Passport

Send it all to Africa 

All the passwords sorry now 


All the passports of the Russian Feederation  published in history is not enough for all Africans willingly gallantly leaving the Sun for the Snowden sorry na the Snowden of course yes Snowden left San Diego for Snowtiwn, Russia 

Si si si, so we all agree the dealings of Politicians and Bugger Russiness sorry na Bigger Business 

Is unbecoming where the truth will never be told and people yell now and will just yell like I write too as if we’re made for current affairs

Myopes say it’s his ‘laptop’

That it’s not part of the Third World Works and War will be particularly strange

19. From No Road to More Road

When it’s time those whose ploughshares need sharpening take heed

Quite late

Just hope it’s not too late for hungrily made decisions to be repealed


Africa is still underdeveloped 

Underground and Overground

Social infrastructure is smiling 



Or what do you call it in Street English worldwide 

What can I do!?

If you don’t get it forget about it


Starting from the lowest rank

İbi pelebe lati nmu oolè je 

Even a mole hill has a base 

Looking within Africa’s foundation 

You must start early before dawn

Before the cock and the cack crows at dawn 

To send the Marshmallows Plan 

To Africa 

If the Marshall plan is too big 

For Africa

Remember we must deduct

The total amount for Africans Sustainable Development 

From the Cost of the War

From the Cost of This Hot War

Ceteris paribus


This is an excellent approach. Fight the power! I’m trying to do my best to understand the mindset of so many people we elect and compare their success to the failures of the devil because one day will be one day – THE D-DAY THAT ALL RACISTS EVEN IN NIGERIA, INDIA AND MYANMAR, RUSSIA AND CHINA AND DOWNLOW BRAZIL PARAGUAY AND ARGENTINA WILL HAVE TO GO DOWN

It’s funny but I love to compare Africa and America because it is run by poor racists and petty thieves who have been to school and know rudimentary philosophies akin to their God-forsaken religions (except true Religion) nurtured by Popes and Bishops of a king : President: SCOTUS MOTUS the abbrevx of MOTHERFUCKERS OF THE US we know is evil to the core/Crazies who get into government to become rich

Maybe they are not humans because I heard there is a race of Morons among Humans 😂

I think the Human Race is fucked up for Life, Only GOD can save us


How come African and American Mayors are just the same stealing money for the rich and brewing Mo’ Problems for Africans on all CONTINENTS WHILE STEALING MONEY THROUGH FOUNDATIONS

THERE’s something worse than the story of Cain in Humanity’s – our Pandora Box – Thank God it’s lost like Atlantis

What a shame to an elected official in God’s Own Country 😂


You must be twisted to think Abortion MUST BE A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT

You’re a MOTUS

Now that it seems because of Twitter the best office is the Office of the POTUS



Sorry na



Here comes MOTUS

24. MOTUS and Guns


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