When ignorance screams, Intelligence moves on

It’s so sad that when ignorance from Africa screams

No matter how much we camouflage it or silence it or show the whole World we killing it while killing the Usual Suspects the Innocents

The World moves on

A few countries

A few billionaires

A few singers among us were accepted

A few of this and that and because we come from the most degrading continent we scream for joy on landing in Europe forgetting home and mishmash with the diaspora

The World moved on we can try to continue, end or cover up our most inhumane and unspeakable truths of how bad we really are

is the main reason why we are here today

The Creation of Paradise

No plan can save Africans or humans except we turn to God.

It is well-known that after Solomon died God divided his kingdom for his earthly wanton idol worshipping things and sins

The same is true of Africa that has been divided and will still be divided Further, Biafra, Oodua, but South Africa us not planning to break up because the Dutch and English hegemony pays off m, not this local smelling local politics on Nigeria stealing money and inflating Senator salaries to the millions for not saving the country from foreign marauders like Standard Chartered and Shoprite and Bandits’.

Communists were killed so were gays but gays are now allowed and Communism is extinct. Lord knows what Karl Marx has a perspective for in Millenial terms. I pray someone helps the Rohingyas and Dalits and Africans.

The Creation of Paradise Unique 2 by Rotimi Onayemi

Earthlings live in the center. We love the limelight and glorify the few fortunate and unfortunate ones on the Walk of Fame; Walk of Fans, Walk of Shame, Walk of Beauty, Walks of Distress, Works of Indigenous Intelligence as in placing the Monarchy and Religion over the Republic .

The abuse of Democracy and the Republic makes way for a futuristic balance between the forces of government, business and human rights. Unfortunately, abandoning a particular sect to their whims and caprices is fallacious to the existence of commonsense and critical knowledge or even the summation of the expressions on Everyday Faces.

The worst research into human feelings comes from the roving cameraman and microphone ladies asking for brisk public opinion or a National TV embedded in tribal hypocrisy and rhetorical nepotism of which any aversion by editorials leads to physical punishments.

None of the works and words of this government nor the incoming ones would make any sense unless the future comes and the wheel of fortune takes it rugged toll which makes Men and Women great beyond belief starting with a people-oriented constitution when the Senate and Presidency was abolished.

The Creation of Paradise Unique by Rotimi Onayemi

In the original plan for Planet Earth, there was Paradise in the first phase. It was designed to last forever but was grounded on the day The Monarchy was invented.

Our saving grace was either Oliver Cromwell of The English Revolution, Robespierre or Danton of The French Revolution or Vladimir Lenin of The Best Revolution in Russian and worldly terms. Some historians like Karl Marx, Jean-Paul Sartre, Simon de Beauvoir or Ayn Rand have made it known in Theoretical terms like The Enlightenment of Exisentialism that instead of following Europeans you must look to the American Way when Benjamin Franklin made his mark enshrined in the power of the $100 bill.

One wonders through the foregoing why many Revolutions North and South of the Equator are worse than wishy-washy.

The Creation of Paradise is centered in the Africa. This is the main reason why smart people in the 20th Century at the advent of the partial Postmodernism existing only in G20 countries called Africa The Last Frontier.

There is a Tunnel to the Paradise in the original plan for Planet Earth. Between Gubter Grass and Umberto Eco nor Wole Soyinka and Charles Bukowski or Anand Giridharadas back to Rabindranath Tagore we can find a constitution for the people that sets the American bureaucracy in motion in Africa in order to kick start Paradise in the last Frontier.

You can call yourselves what you like!

That’s the God of Super Freaks

Yelling in from Heaven

As long as I get what I always want

You can call yourselves what you like

Is there a bureaucracy you cannot breach?

Is the blame game of poverty not going on while the workers of the government of democracy stifled the workers for the people both Baader Neinhif and The Black Panthers?

As long as you have my traits you want a better Wirkd and you want it now

Love still lives here

Love still lives here

Yes I know

Though I’m still here all alone

Working and playing this piano

Feeling my feelings all for you

Morenikeji took my heart with her

Now I’m left all alone with my soul

It will always be well with your soul

So come back here right now with my heart

Your loveliness is all I see

I shouldn’t have let you gone to Africa all alone

Now I’m feeling guilty you may find something equally exciting like me

So come

So come back

So come back here right here right now with my heart

I’m not gonna be alone anymore

Welcome back to my World with My Heart


Throughout the last millenia, many of the wise asked if there is no soul left in Angeria to face the Luther Syndrome, where one gives their life and death to the cause of the African.

Many have tried and many have failed. Many have made the situation more complex and intractable. None have come close to solving the debacle; religious leaders have made erroneous unforgivable sins out of their lust for money and the government would have done better with mere planning and guidance of the United Nations.

Many unborn and many toddlers have died in their millions while the miseries of the ones on the ground have started taking on a culture of new water filling up new baskets of words that one hears and the ears appears full with the agony from the abyss of despair in African Style.

The Africans Books of Lies and Thieves 21st Century New Edition

That all Africans get it is a myth

That all Africans have hope after their teenage years is a myth

Reality sets in

Scholarship zero

Peace Corps nothing Gbosal

Money and Live Nada Nadal

President is King Pharaon

We and the Vice President are just his slaves

Remember William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr and Sr of Wittgenstein or so be it

That there is a glimmer of hope rests in the business world and the government World

Children and fathers live with the no hope syndrome

So they hit us hard who pity them and get close to them

Not the averse to givement called government which restrains citizens from getting a livelihood in dignity

Help us

Some notion of God has to set Africa free again

As I write today

The daily gloom of September continues

I provide my own water from a borehole to bathe and cook

I buy drinking water

Why not postmodern for me to know I have been dribbled

Saviour now

Josiah Gilbert HOLLAND on NIGERIA

If a country makes you proud and shine and also shameful or shameless

Welcome to Nigeria the land of the Bondage

All bondages are happening everywhere a compendium of all past bondages inflicted on us by Nigerian men and women

Not the ones you see on the TV minding their own hungry business or money-loosing schemes

The budget is shared among individuals

The radio and TV even ask you to prove the the Presidential and Senators are common thieves and heartless killers

A citizens lowest salary scale for the month is not enough for your children’s or workers breakfast and

even the yearly salary level of a Parish of Anglicans and Catholics

even the billions of home-grown churches with hundreds of billions of problems of worshippers

I don’t know how the God of Super Freaks will solve these problems but He told me he starts NOW

Nigeria Associations of Women Widow Wayfarers Wisdom Seekers

Could replace human rights defenders as our police want you to pay as bribe them and no one calls us a country on a continent of 54countries anymore

From up to down

From President to me and you

In Nigeria we are a bunch of crackers

Every layer is missing

Talk about the development plan for the nation

Talk about prenatal or a perilous natal

Talk about mushrooms or a series of mushroom schools

Talk about not knowing the cornerstone nor what surrounds it

Talk about anger in place of learning

Talk about our heritage taken we pray it comes back

Talk about not knowing how to sell ourselves to ourselves

Talk about curses when we see our own hustle to be a shade higher than our collective shame

Every layer is missing

Smarter always take away our money damn

If you know then why call him author, sorry, authority

Yes we need one to scatter our lives as a nation before real country starts

In Africa we are practicing how life is

Our Rubicon, A Unicorn

Cycles wane and die out

Their glory remain we guide

A piece of the past for this era

One without taste full of

Make believe

Like beer when you should stop taking in as your toxicity is legendary

Which one is the list of the sponsors of terrorists?

When no fool equips them than you

When the hatred of communism makes you end up with this

At least communism is for the ones without capital

Not this one that starts from scratch and will run the whole gamut of the archaic in the quasi-postmodern

We are not buying shoes and building much

They say we are sleeping

It’s our Rubicorn

A crazy unicorn

One horn that knows no bounds

We will wait until it’s a shame to be like ourselves and use the manual of the wise

Doesn’t poverty stink on you and Your Rubicorn?

Waiting on Hope in an Abyss or Cheats like Monarchs

To start with the mere fact that the end of humanity or the apocalypse or the end of time and the beginning of eternity or the judgement and rapture, either way if we have all the benefits and assets of the legislative and executiveg branch listed as if in a stock exchange

Inasmuch as we live our heritage we want all the assets and liabilities of every citizen listed

At least you have the best algorithms and you even teach people how to do it

Philippines and The Boxer Savior

Since it’s all about money

Family of Politicals

Here comes the Boxer

Enough fallacy in the government killing of guilty traffickers and addicts

The prisons are congested even in Brazil and Nigeria and you see more prison deaths because we are all lockdown mentality anyway

A boxer can save us

A footballer didn’t save Liberia

A musician couldn’t save Uganda nor Tunisia and Morocco and Egyot not Palestine

Men and allusions sorry

Women and illusions

Capitalism, Communism or Islamism

There must be some fuxking fucking ficking criticism not made to make those guys end up with a Nobel or an inclusion in the prison of the g.o.a.t. books of the World and you can find out those who claim to be wise are just as stupid as all of us

That Communist Era books are rare are a misnomer

That publishers are unkind to Communist and thereby therefore those who know they would never publish an African so that all Eirooeand can have the Nobel before we start reading as People who are black and went to America know some elements feel they must make it before you do as you can see the G20need an African at the silent but wicked two and ile and who and wipe and you keeping us in bondage can go deal with the Taliban and Islamists if Connunism sorry Communism that enshrined Women so much so that even Mother Russia survived the onslaught of he Bolsheviks that’s all that the Communists share with money in Turkeys because a woman appears in it

They killed Communism

But he and she will come back and we can start the pride thing again because you are not having it here putting gays and Islamists without commonsense not ideology before we the Communists if we wish to identify with extinct speeches or move to Beijing unwelcome in Moscow you bet you are wrong that ideas succeed ideas and not fallacy

A Grave with Microphones

It’s absolutely impossible to think without the plight of Africans

Divided falls and that is established among them kind a cost of them passport whitemans nationality and you fight #?blm no wonder other Black like you say it no matter not to Biden or Sanders who cares about the ones on the planet sorry continent of Africa who the mandators of government stolen of course have our money stolen and we are just looking like nunus and mumus treated worse than the wires of miserable mags cos Victor Hugo has to

Reestablish the relationships of night and day as Africa has no light of electricity but Europe lights up even their joints like us all day Long

Alalalala long

Long long ling long long long

So attached Microphones to Graves of the future would be appropriate

Because at least to Africans it would be like now when our governments say they are solving telecom and electrocom problems with satellite for what what of public administration

But your sick

If the area of your operation involved Africa

You sick fa

Manakai people dying in millions fa


Psychoactive Acts of Children and Substances Abuse by adults is just natural afteral

Medicinal use is one important facet of psychoactive drug usage. However, some have postulated that the urge to alter one’s consciousness is as primary as the drive to satiate thirst, hunger or sexual desire.[7] Supporters of this belief contend that the history of drug use and even children’s desire for spinning, swinging, or sliding indicate that the drive to alter one’s state of mind is universal.[8]

One of the first people to articulate this point of view, set aside from a medicinal context, was American author Fitz Hugh Ludlow (1836–1870) in his book The Hasheesh Eater (1857):

[D]rugs are able to bring humans into the neighborhood of divine experience and can thus carry us up from our personal fate and the everyday circumstances of our life into a higher form of reality. It is, however, necessary to understand precisely what is meant by the use of drugs. We do not mean the purely physical craving…That of which we speak is something much higher, namely the knowledge of the possibility of the soul to enter into a lighter being, and to catch a glimpse of deeper insights and more magnificent visions of the beauty, truth, and the divine than we are normally able to spy through the cracks in our prison cell. But there are not many drugs which have the power of stilling such craving. The entire catalog, at least to the extent that research has thus far written it, may include only opium, hashish, and in rarer cases alcohol, which has enlightening effects only upon very particular characters.[9]

Poetry Business

How many times will I

Tell you divided we fall

It seems so strong

That it can’t be fallible

That nationality

Just imagine

What it will mean to you

If someone says to thee

I’m a Roman

A Centurion’s Servant

For that matter

It makes sense to Jesus and not Christopher of Enugu Lotto

I can see you are trying to keep Black American nationality but your Indigenous Indigenous African African nationality is all that matters now and when the time comes

Who wouldn’t wish for American nationality of it is useful while it lasts

In the end even in this means to the end

We all in the same African Gang

How dare you claim sumphin else?

Life isn’t bad at all

Is this our lives in Africa

Even if the Indian Ocean

Passover Africa like a Jew Ma n and a Jew Woman

They wouldn’t say life is bad

They have their own Jewish version of Racism

Written all over their minds and their Old Testament

And to think St. PAUL was a Rockstar who had the word to describe the new age

This New Age

It always gets new and newer

That’s why a job as a DJ would fit you

You keep looking for a profession

When hobbies and wasting your time not showing the true source of your income

Can we have our Reparations


In our own case it will be paid in all generations

Just like Jews get it within the US budget

Every budget will become and be done African

Ha we suffered

Constitutional can’t bring back Hendrix and Tosh

Or Marley

“Pally, Paddy and Piccadilly, we have a mission to show life isn’t bad at all and we do t have to apologise hoping for