How authoritative is WHO in Freebies of the World

You see, when we the poor people of Africa who do not get any of the free resources or Freebies of the World

Doesn’t the WHO know that human life is sacred and they should build hospitals in every neighbourhood of the World

In a free World are You going to say the poor people of Africa who always knew you were heartless

How much do people spend per day in Europe today and you always found us living on less than a dollar a day

My advice to you as a god to ordinary fucked-up mortals licking the ass of governments over-patlying you for being an expert on health whose plans are never universal but concentrated in Switzerland and Vienna

Take this boom:

Start your own lingerie sales for God’s of Super Freaks sake and save the sacred souls called human life

Dumbass WHO

The funniest part of Coronavirus: African Thieves can’t travel the Europe and the USA

Have you ever seen an African bigwig

President or Senator selected by our home grown mafia and the Queens boys and girls

The African Thieves and Gang within the local, state and federal government at least of Nigeria and you can just extrapolate to Egypt or Ghana or Southey Africa or Bissau or small Gambia or Bujumbura, sorry, Burundi they can’t spend 3 days in Africa withoutgoing to show-off in MY NY NY the big apple

MY VATICAN as devout Catholics

MY JERUSALEM as devout Christians of all interdenominational or sectional faith

Especially if there is a virus like Ebola time these guys just flew to London and Adelaide Adelaide ever loving Adelaide

Now you can’t travel

Now you can’t deny your folly

Sweet to watch


Madmen and Thieves under the spell of Nemesis whose surnames have just changed to Karma

Kamari – may we not see that in Yoruba

Gbogbo nkan ti olé bani kõ nşe ti ę all the things a thief has is not his

Jesus! Don’t just forgive them! Gift them Cheap Sense for Beggars

Can you imagine how much and how long it has taken these morons to call themselves the Trump Administration. A role that if it doesn’t backfire it will backfire for a decade and ruin the Trump name further when these morons leave office.

There was no money for health and students

For the Caravan at home and behind the Wall

Can Tucker Carlson ask where 2 Trillion came from?

You love to ask silly questions don’t you?