The Worst Story of Them All

I’m going to try and stick to the guns

Of Irony and Effects in Symbols and Words

Which is why the subject in question

Is the least therefore the worst

Among all creation.

I used to wonder growing up

Sure these things should have been fixed before we were born

My People have been there and they

Didn’t do much about it and the technology or mindset of those days are gone

Now I’m here why can’t I do anything

About it and be satisfied it sure will

Resonate as a perfect solution

But it is needless to say that Abraham

Summed it up to the rich man

In Hell as one that struck me as

The rich man was just trying to

Hellbreak like Prison Break

Yeah, good idea dude

We send you from Hell

We send you back to Earth

We give you leeway to escape Hell

We give you the chance to go warn

Your family members

No, that’s not what he said?

It’s the best way and we all know it

We are not gonna do the right thing

But why can’t the people who bear

The brunt fix their issues, unite and


I know, there was no solution after all.

Medicare for ALL

If you bail out automobile manufacturers you can bail out students and the sick.

Isn’t it strange that there is free health care for immigrants without papers in Switzerland?

Isn’t it strange people pay 100 times more than what people pay in other countries for healthcare?

$600 for an inhaler now you kidding me?

I paid about $400 a month for health insurance in Switzerland for 8years while I worked there and I didn’t pay any done more. Medicines are free, even teeth whitening at the dentist’s. All you have to do is ask for an exception at the Mayor’s office or a Church in Geneva and I think it’s pretty much the same everywhere there.

Once, I moved to Germany and spent about 5 months during which I had to get health insurance even before my work permit is ready. My friends told me I need to ask an health insurance firm so I walked into AOK Vereschnigung (What?) I guess it means Insurance, close To where I lived and the young guy just enrolled me and gave me a bill to pay my first premium. But the job didn’t work out so I left Germany back to Switzerland after 5 months. Being a journalist, my workplace moved to The Netherlands after about 3years so I had to get health insurance. Unfortunately but fortunately which is a surprise, I fell sick with a cold and decided to go to a government hospital where I could just pay cheap but on entering my name into their computers they told me I’m insured and I ask “How?”, because I’m pretty sure I’m not insured in Holland but they ask me about AOK yes it rings a bell. So you’re still insured. Wow! And I haven’t paid a premium in 3 years or ever cos I’m not sure I paid the first premium can’t remember. I spent 8months in Holland and I was insured they even brought out my card. Cool. And all treatments were free because the European Union covers for people like me and the ailments I had were covered even if you don’t pay premiums but you’re just fucking registered.

I pray and hope the US Government and the GOP and the Democrats will just get n’sync and save lives.

I heard from The Kyle Kulinski Show that 35000 to 40000 people die in the States without seeing a doctor.

That’s Sad

The Democractic Automatic Citizen Machine (ACM)

Whoever called us Higher Animals

Whatever humans can’t

We do give it to Machines

We have jumbled up democracy

Give it to The Democratic ATM.

Ever wonder if it’s one World why we have so many countries, so many governments who give us excuses to fight 100years wars everywhere like Jesus said.

So I’m tired of the bureaucracy

Just like everyone else

So take the Auto Citizen Machine

Make copies for ever corner

Make copies for every street

And sack the governments

They all go find a job

No loafers called Senators

If there was no Senate

What would they be doing

They’re pretty messy

In individual or group action

Like inaction of the first order.

Everyone will get their problems


Banks and the Employment Offices

Contractors and Agents also unseen

As usual and the World will run smoothly

The Machine knows your worth and the value of your degree, and how much your business or mortgage cost. You be glad 5000 cases judged in 5years will be done in a day.

Birds of The Same Feathers: I really don’t know what to tell Republicans and Democrats

Some of the most beautiful people I’ve met in the World are Europeans, ask Florence.

If you don’t get It, get Out

You can’t be heartless

It’s so primitive!

Education means Compassion

The best of human traits

If you don’t know me

You would think I hate them

On the contrary I loathe them

Purgatory is not my thing

I want straight to go Paradise


I’ve spent a lifetime stating the obvious

I assume you know Democrats

That they want International Medical Aid

Not for themselves but for us

“Yeah, we Africans benefit most when things get easy in America dullard”, exclaimed Mrs. Figure 8.

I’ve never heard you blunt like James

First time I found out a Republican hates Jesse James and added Unlike to the name of the African-American icon

Why do they have to show us they hate us and our children?

Not that James, Holy James the Apostle

St. James peace be upon him

Muslims say that every time they mention the name of Mohammed. I assume it good for James and Michael

And Tim

Blessings, Thank God.

You have health aid and kool-aid that’s why you don’t want everyone to have it.

Imagine the dillards worse than dullards who say they don’t want free healthcare

Are you kidding me with Sixth Sense?

In Africa, we even want what we know the government is never gonna give us like life like style

Yeah, everywhere is dusty and rustic

I bet that’s why you only show up at Chevron

The evangelists who come to Nigeria from the States in their Private Jets

Who no like better thing?

You mean you are not ashamed to take tithes from Africa? No?

Obviously, the stolen whitewashed bribe in the corruption of our system by ExxonMobil Shell Chevron and Chase is my bone of contention

Why do Republicans like reducing rights?

We fought hard for this and it’s still not enough and you take some away?

You deport a citizen?

His papers were not correct

Blimey! with a mouth wide open

You mean you didn’t know until you gave him the passport? No?


You separate children and parents and guardians.

No wonder the wise say bad people know they are bad they are just looking for people to tell them

Like you Mr.

It’s not her. Women cannot subscribe to your crazy set of ideals like keeping machine guns and monopoly of the highest paid jobs and debt. See!

We want money from jobs, clean ones but you announce increase in employment percentages when there is a decrease.

Things never get better with Republicans

They are Masters of Deprivation

Not better nor worse than Democrats

They have a way to show they are doomed and greedy enough to run for office and steal more

Democrats are just a bit better

Substance left America sorry

Who play with human sentiments

Without making it any better

I remember your trainer The British Empire used to divide and rule

I’m quite dumbfounded I thought Bush was going to Hell! No!

He has a broke back mountain of a guy without guts

Bozo Gonzo Mojo Bojo Boko Haram

See all crazy names firs the people with crazy ideas

They settled in America


They also make settling in America difficult.

Very difficult.

To Hell with forgiveness and forgetfulness

In Heaven it’s holy to send sinners to Hell

That will do.

Part 2

As long as you are not talking GOP

Everything is okay

Forgive and Forget The Causer of Misery?

Interesting. For the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the way Europeans treat Africans, kill and maim us. We can forgive and not forget but it’s still going on are they insane these policemen and women. With the United Nations full of Europeans with degrees in Economics and the World Bank keeping African countries and thereby a billion people hungry and hopeless. It’s so cool to know one can forgive but not forget.

I’m not sure about forgiving killers because the Bible teaches Heaven and Hell. As it is in heaven so shall it be in the World. Just think about it.

Let’s just brush it over

We won, I know when he Loses, To a Soviet Spy

We won, I know when he loses

There will be surrogates

Of bikers and cowboys that’s so funny for the President

Of evangelicals for a common pervert

Of a homophobe and xenophobe

Encouraging deplorables

With a drug problem

With guns and bums

To forment trouble

It’s easier for us we are mysterious

Africans in line in life to watch

As your kind took over the world and deprived us

Action and Reaction?

You never heard of Newton?

That what you reap you shall sow for it never to germinate again

Read your Psalms boy

God has spoken.


Present at the Crucifixion


Like us with a commanding tone in prayer that your evil regime shall fall!

You know it’s harder for a lady to be a fascist

It’s all a man’s ideas and they are holding the beauties hostages


Ladies hate to be booed

A booed man like a bum beside me in bed who wants sex and votes for The Orange Man because of Money

Money money money

Of course we do it for money too

I love a girlfriend who demands and you love another who doesn’t beg

The bottom line to the crap in the news now

Is a campaign for re-election

O God of Super Freaks can we make another four years

For better and for worse make him lose like a rat

Begging for bread out of desolate places

Running down towards the lava

Racing butt naked down the slippery alley to the center of the world the hotter it gets

Weigh all his own and his fake apprentices

Help us to end the reign of comedians as Presidents as in The States so in Ukraine

Make them lose we can’t stand another four years

On the contrary we can

Ain’t we all Freaks

Like you our Lord and Master

Why isn’t there a Goddess with so much in herself to be your wife

You don’t trust her

You never was FLOTUS used you

A Soviet Spy?

Why not?

You haven’t thought of it?

For The God of Super Freaks

You know there’s sumphin’ about you

It is so nice, it is so great, it’s so beau

You know yourself better than us

You’re so kind, so graceful, so generous

Can you imagine that’s why I have faith

You created us just like yourself

No doubt, no questions, all answers

You’re the God of Super Freaks

Just show me someone that’s not a freak

And I’ll show you the best of our kind

Remember we want money, lots of it

Remember Calvin said we own it all

Remember even if I don’t like him at all

Remember the beautiful women

Who make this World livable lovable

Remember Africa is still in The Misery Age and make us smile

Remember to turn Africa into Switzerland


God has given us everything

Government has taken away everything

Remember the days of monarchy

Remember we are going to do sumphin’ about democracy soon

Remember to help us when we call on you

Remember we want a betterrrrr kind of Peeeeeaace in this Worrrrrld

Remember We want Equal Rights and Justice

No not Solitude we had enough

Remember to help us flush out the bad guys

Remember what we had and we lost

My King, My Queen, My Lord n Lady

Remember the days of the Fool

Remember the days when people are Wise like Yourself like Now

Remember to give me knowledge


And Understanding

To fix their crap


You’re The God @ Super Freaks