What are you talking about worldwide?

I’m talking about

– A petty criminal

– A citizen of bribery and corruption

– A colluder and betrayer

– A tax evader

– A multiple felon deserving a sentence of 10 lifetimes by 10

– A racist

– A fascist heritier a la Hitler

– An annuler of progressive laws

– A socialist for Republicans and Farmers and his in-laws

– A capitalist for Democrats and Democrat party-supported immigrants

– A socialist for Reoublican Party caucuses sharing tax payers money illegally

– Who in government is sharing his or her own money?

– A disgrace to commonsense

– One who risks erasure of his name from human history

Tell me about brilliant nonesense in parodies

Now that’s not funny (2): Count me out

Of the ones God saved

Of the one the Son manifests

Of the Bread of Life

In the Book of Revelation

In the Book of Life



Exemplified expeditiously

As the fruit of The Lamb

Of the Second Coming fame

Hail as you like W. B. YEATS

Things do fall back together

Things that make us equal again

For Paradise

You know


Count me out of those who jump

Count me out of those kiss asses

Count me out of those who r wrong

You’re bad

It’s not funny

That you’re just looking for me

To tell it aback to you

Now that’s not funny:-)

Now that’s not funny (1): We come back quid pro quo

I’ve always told my friends

When I’m sober in politicos

That clear-eyed socioticos

Deserves quid pro quo

The World is so much intertwined

That Africa is losing at geometrics

The Superpower gains by multiplication

Ask Garvey and Malcolm X

It sounds funny but refuelling

So we have to wait for Future’s Gig

Even in Africa

Come on

Now that’s not funny

Whatever you are as Human

Our emancipation


A Honourable Mention




Give us an impeachment in the States

If it gives birth to riches

Without tax cuts

Aside: We neither know nor pay

What tax?

By and Large

We are just like you EU

Put in the Literature

Pity us in the rhetoricure

Because it’s for sure

And we be on the top someday

That you will need my pity too

It’s a cycle

In the olden days

Jews travel without visas

Now today here and there

Americans and Equals travel

Visa free and Visa-free

Give me a break

Syria’s President is clean in war

She just said you must be impeached

I jsut I want to enjoy a credit card


Visa free and Visa-free

Money Market

Technology Market

For which I pay dearly

You’re a Communist too

Everyone’s who’s a Brothers Keeper

Is a Communist who gives breathe to The Political Caucus sorry Circus

I’m just as free as everyone

In Higher Animal Farm

Albeit Bro George Orwell A Blair!

Now that’s not going to be funny

I’m free

In the Son

For that matter

Praise God

Confidence looks good on us too

I won’t ban a book

Called Animal Farm

And all books

I’ll make you see reason

When we’re Equals

No Pigs No Horses

We’re not Socialists or Capitalists

We’re Benefitists

Now that’s not going to be funny

Now that’s funny (7): We are Alone here and God with us

True talk sounds like Nonesense

All the time.

There are so many theories about aliens

There are no facts about aliens

Some add ‘yet’

God that answers by Fire save our souls

Do you mean God that had to go through sending fire from Heaven to show the people Prophet Elijah belongs to him will also have to go to the processes of teaching, healing and showing himself to another set of people in another World?

I wonder where that World will be

And what they will be doing now

And what they have done for billions of years

Tell you true talk

The brain has to do things when we sleep so we dream

Dreams and a lot of signs not short of wonders

Is the main reason human would believe in extra-terrestrial anyway because we see people in our dreams whom we know are not from this World. It’s a dream.

There’s nobody out there.

Does Jesus Christ also have to go and die for their Sins?

There’s nobody out there

Now that’s not funny

Now that’s funny (6): Arabs and Jews are just the same

*For integration, that thing humans hate but must come to pass by God’s Grace

On the surface of the matter

Jews seem more civilized and blah-blah

But I’ve learnt my lesson

They are just like Arabs

If you look deeper into the matter.

We all know Muslims use the word ‘Allah for God and we know it’s a big sentiment laughing out loud no matter how much they want to conceal it that it’s the same or different or the same and different or different and the same, that Allah is their God

I subscribe to a few Judaism websites to get familiar with Kabbalah and the religion per se but it’s funny Jews now write God as G-d

According to them they rever the name of God and wouldn’t like to write it complete or completely as I’m lost for the tense to use

O really?

Maybe you shouldn’t write it at all

We know you hate the word God because you guys and dolls can’t seem to start to fathom what WE have attributed to God whom you view differently. Come On…

Why write G-d when we know you dispute the authenticity of G-d but feel at home at another time with the same Deity

Because you write Yahweh YHWH and Jehovah fully we know

In tenses acceptable in Hebrew you know

Writing God as G-d

Now that’s funny

Merciful God of the Freaks

They even write His name incompletely

Others won’t write it at all

Now that’s very funny

Now that’s funny (5): United Nations and Red Cross

I have a very bad impression of the United Nations

That you may have to email me

Some of their best practices to date

Because there are NONE

Why would anyone come bomb tour offices?

Yet they have evolved into Cult Status

An organization that could save live

Talking about disarmament and water and telecommunications

I mean you can roll over water

You want to rollover Malaria Fever

Polio that one keeps coming back in Nigeria because this country is dirty

Shame on you

but the whole WORLD have forgotten about it

You get billions and trillions from governments and then spend it on your staff organizing conferences

I can imagine the look on the faces of the Rohingyas when the Late Kofi Annan went to settle the conflict and killing by their government killing them by the other tribes killing Rohingyas. No hope and they said so like it would be better if the United Nations did not come.

My God! People are being killed.

To cut a long story short

Africa! Africa! Africa!!!

Africa makes up 54 members or more of the UN

Why doesn’t the UN take up the role of using its own money to create and manage water, electricity and jobs provisions?

Yes of course it’s obvious they can’t do it.

Buy the United Nations Staff are paid like US workers in dollars and standard is quid pro quo status quo brother quo sisterhood quo bang dang /meaning/ rub my back and I run your back

The World is inequitable and we have many currencies below the dollars We have many moody and sick or angry ecomomies in the World (say after me) ceteris paribus but UN workers are paid up to a hundred thousand dollars per annum not hundred thousand Nigerian Naira. Fair Enough lol. We have to sing a lullaby for the UN

Fingers are not equal

I prefer the longest one

Now that’s very funny

By His Grace we are healed

Even though this particular

Cross-section of humanity

Is referred to as freaky

In their quest, pursuit

Knowing God is not as easy as it

Seems considering those who why

Away from the truth of the matter

That to spread The Grace of Jesus

That to spread the blessings of Jesus

That he has overcome the World

That he has overcome The Death

Is a clear conviction to us born

Again after the message

Speaking in Tongues by the Grace of the Holy Spirit

On the Narrow Way

Be Unitarian or Trinitarian

Be the Gospel day and night

Watching for he comes like a thief

In the Night

When least expected

The big media and social media

Has a funny attitude to cunny ways of making profit

Calling what you see the news

But I can’t help thinking

Of ways to show the meek and poor

In the line of battle with the World


By His Grace we are healed

By His Grace we have a smile on our faces

Praying that the sorrowful will join us in the fellowship of grace and hope

Forever More.