Schizophrenia Simplex



By ‘Timi Onayemi

We are me.

We are going to where we shall never be afraid.

The meeting of the natural with the ‘supernatural’.

Schizophrenia Simplex.

He looks at the World like a pack of cards

He plays games with it.

He can take Madness of Mankinds

To greater lengths unknown now.

Getting Mad To Get Better!


This story is a detailed history of our past, present and our future. It is based on real life experiences. A systematic and anti-systematic progression of the present gives us a true picture of the future, at least in close resemblances and and according to the colour of our individual and group expectations. I am not saying that I am going to make a prediction of what we shall eat tomorrow night; the general nature of the existential and biological life of all mankind is what we shall be considering, including the impact of slow and unmanifested cases of madness in all of us and all other beings and and things and machines around usin this universe, which is shown in our relations, actions, reactions, inactions, re-creations, destructions and aspirations, however, in a schizophrenic state, we must not forget, that, so far, the existence of mankind on Earth has been a failure. There may be some forms of successes of existence in our experiments with life and the loss of lives in a society, in our societies, our global society, our civil society, our criminal society and our global village yearning to be legal society.

If only we had a global city!

Can you see our schizophreny now!

We shall enjoy it!

Trust progress at least, from a society to a city!

There is no way to dissociate our lives from our beliefs, although what we encounter in our daily lives is unbelievable and unpredictable to the unseeing eyes and the unfeeling body, and what we shall do when we meet what we do not know or have heard of as an idea or a figure or faith is the mystery, always schizophrenic. What we know before we meet this “whatever” matters a lot in our relationships or wars against it.The Announcement

Attention and ladies and gentlemen, tough guys and babes, this is your Commander Scizophrenia Simplex speaking, the World is in an Anti- Shekunrunmesheunsheun State and we explode… Now…

In history, madness has been treated in various ways until the work of some psychiatrists, like the works of R. D. Laing better than Sigmund Freud improved the way mad people are treated and how the society relates to them. Unfortunately, we are al afflicted. I wish to say that in future, madness will be a ‘normal’ thing or case in the way making love in public is represented in human experience today, as a normal thing in the abnormal place. And there will be people who shall consider madness and sex in private and in public a normal thing as we consider it here.

You fall within our Specified Level of Scizophrenia Simplex

That is why you are within our bounds

Our Society

We are bound by the clouds

And we can fly out of it too.

A particular distance from the way life is being lived in one’s society or another may be easily interpreted as signs of immorality in the concerned individual, and we shall consider the right aspects of immorality, where culture, when perceived as wrong is disrespected and rightly so.

Now, what kind of culture is this?

I have learned some common-sense. Common culture. This way never ends. It is so beautiful. Going on in our culutre. With and without tears in your eyes.

Here, we are going to explore ways of breaking out of culture,

Wrong cultures, normal culture, ssuperstitions, norms and so and religions

Considered as manifestations of schizophrenia.

We are schizophrenia simplex.

African Affairs can be interpreted as a wild case of schizophrenia, that is, in a situation where 54 countries on the same continent cannot develop in the bad-good sense of our kind of humanity while counterparts explore and create the bad-good sense in a different way and not a better one. Bombing the Jihad. If you are a crusader what can you do about that? If I am an idol worshipper, I will urn all the churches and the mosques and go home. Two sides of a world coin cannot e worse. Why do you want to preach to me?

The contrast is more important than the comparison in Schizophrenia Simplex.

Why are they different?

What kinds of similarities do we have?

That and the here?.

He is compleketedly, completeklly different from the past.

He is no more what you know.

He is something else.

She is high-spirited.

She is driven.

She is Compulsory.

This is Weird.

The truth must be told, even at a detriment to the self and the society and the World.

This is your Commandress, Schizophrenia Simplexist speaking in my female voice. Thw world is what man does not know. We open and close. The depth of some love and lust. What we cannot tell you we tell ourselves. Roll on in Carousel A Demonstration

In our World, a demonstration of madness is what anyone will like to see and we’ve got lots of friends we want to rescue from this state, if only they knew about our plans, That he knew that he is mad is well.

In the demonstration of the ultimate and the preliminar in free states, there is a particular dissociation of one from the other and a beautiful attraction of the self to everything existential. Whether the attraction is one that the self relates to or confuses with other images and thoughts of the images or the shadows of the images, in its responses to a specified image with a name in Nature’s laws, Nature’s Rules and Regulations and Bye-Laws, is a case that has to be explored in detail.If a man that is used to being one of our own suddenly reacts against all our mores and custom, then this seems to be no ordinary reaction.The preliminary can be described as reflex action and the ultimate can be described as what we do when the truth comes in. We mean it!

Tell me the Truth

And leave me Here.

You can go to Lies!

Pure Madness. Among all the embassies on Planet Nigeria, only the German embassy does not give a damn if you have a plane ticket or not. All the other of the same kind make the presentation of a flight ticket a precarious criteria. Precarious since the Genesis has moved into Exodus in Africa, and the Schengen visa is hot cake.

Hot Cross Buns!

Hot Cross Bums!!
Hot Cross Burns!!!

Hor Crost Bums!!!!

Hot Crust Burns IV!

Hot Crust Burn V!

Well, this and worse kinds of things happen in Nigeria!

In Schizophrenia Nigeria!


In Schizophrenia Liberia!

Ethnic Cleansing in Schizzophrenia Liberia!

We don’t think ethnic cleansing in Europe is worse than this!


Hot Cross Buns!

Hot Cross Bums!!
Hot Cross Burns!!!

People move, my sista!

People are moving out of Africa.

Where are you all going?

Why are you all moving out of Mama’s Land.

If you don’t believe in my Exodus,

I still have a lot of belief in my Genesis

And if you don’t believe me

Go down there and do it by yourself.

A group of Returnees disappeared in the Public Direction of Togo.

Coming back from Sweden, Asangbeto culled a memory of the way to the President

And we can find a way o death in the hands of many a Presidents

And Prime Ministers.

If the Senate kills or is killed

Like a group of Teturnees invited by Ul-Haq or Marcos or Obasanjo.

There was blood everywhere.

Sassine clean blood with Mathematics and Literature in Guinea.

Madness Blood everywhere!

Some people prevent themselves with obstacles.

Another form of pure madness. Killing African people. Killing Bosnians. Killing Sinti. Killing Roma! Killing Dalits. Killing Australian Aborigines. Killing Apaches! Killing Eskimos! Killing English in London. Gangs. Will you come. Killing Pink people. Killing Yellow people. Killing them. I have seen that he is ‘black’ and not ‘white’. Where can you find white people in the world?

Tentative: He is from his country and there was nothing they could do for him.

She was like the world, very bad.

Good things in the World are rare and common like woe!

You can find more Jezebels in Ijebu-Ode, Lagos, Sabongari, Owerri, Port-Harcourt Aba and Abuja.

Someone saaid that Lagos, Okene, Benin, Warri, Aba and Onitsha has more than them all,

But we ask are there no Jezebels in Kano, Kaduna, Sokoto, Zaria, ah! Bauchi, Auchi and Maiduguiri,

If you ask the graduates from Nigerian universities who stayed behind to complete their youth service like me, you will hear lots of stories about these places and particularly about Uyo. Ask Deji.

I know that Ankpa is a small town with a small College of Education.

But things happened. Ask Lilian.

At a point in time

We felt the history of Man.

A lot of people say that history is a Man.

If it is not the sexual revolution

Then it must have been influenced greatly and to a large extent

By the Sexual Revolution

Because we have sex before we can multiply.

There are so many people in this country.

Pope Tankonieti: When I became mad all the things I saw still has a way of being described using images, words and languages from the world. But I knew that I was somewhere else, in the depths and in the heights. The world is a different place now.

1st Corinthians Chapter 13.

I was the first mad man to survive fire. I lived in fire, and sometimes, after mild heat, I come back to the world to chill out with cold beer. This World-Fiction-Unknown Interchange is very instrumental to the destruction of Predators on the mind of man. You can invent a whole new religion.

From now on, this is my religion: The Gulderian Church.

There is no other taste like Gulder Beer. Thiis is not Guinness.

People who decamp from The Palmwine Shrine

Enter into a Devilish array of Gods.

We have no choice but we leave the Disowned to search.

Did you see her? Him?

Ifa Orunmila: I am the one who gave the life of humanity from Olodumare to Omo Eniyan. The life from God to Mankind.

I have this vision of dastardly bad human

And I got drunk to eraze away the future of war and genocide.

The surprising aspects of my romance with the scope,

Structure and suspection, schizoidry and schmooziffect

Of our generation to Earth is the nature of our existence and powers of communication.

If it was all like this.

Eyin Iya mi Osoronga

My Osoronga Mothers

Do not let the Ifa Orunmila that my father gave to me collapse

By the grace of Agboniregun!

Did you se herhim?

In Poland?

REUNion: When He came back he talked a lot about the changes we have made.

A Bible on Computer.

If you have ever lived in two lives…

The Second Coming…

Did you see him?


It is poison and poisson is a fish in France.

You cannot eat lierty and fraternity and solidarity like that.

In Paris as in reunion of man and monster

What can the do dence delicatessen demarrer

In She Rack and Le Bread Pen.

Dalai Lama: ‘Dharma Bums’.

Santayana: If the Aliens are not at it again then who might have done this. Seven metres to one metre circles in the field suddenly appeared at night from nowhere. Now, it’s here. Now, it’s where? Now, who is it? Now, what is it? Now, where does it come from? Now, where is it going?

Down there, you have to look deeper to see such things. You don’t have to be afraid, just exercise and keep caution.Keep cautionary measures close to your heart. If it does not appear to your eyes forget all about it. It does not appear to everyone. People who see too much and do a lot with it are not as many as those who saw nothing and confessed of seeing more than anything else in their short lives. Frankly speaking, by the time we see Schizophrenia Simplex in action, three-quarters of the World’s people will stop to look and laugh at it. It is an ailment of the mind which the Peoples do not want to see in their families, co-workers, friends and loved ones.

They clap for mad men and women in the city?

They came to see mad men?


Came all the way to listen to mad leader?

On liveradiotv?


Lies made more than noses long to make teeth drop.

There is no teeth in the mouth of manifestoreader and leaderunitednations and what we have to do in Bedlam is to keep all outs in and all ins out. It is a form of cricket in taekwando and ayo to replace the perpetual skewity and similarity in all things and idead that does not subscribe to death to risk and ‘called Bolshevism’. If it is called ‘Bektashi or Alevi’, it does not matter. We have not seen the proof of God and we keep all hands off deck for that purpose.

All hands on deck.

To War Ship-

We can wait for a long time!An Introduction to Schiophrenia Simplex

If your enemy runs Mad?

Chase him to Hell.

A man was still a man in my mad dreams and a woman was still a woman in my wildest dreams. Some mad people mix up the two and they have it with them all.

In madness, there are homosexual tendencies and bizarre experiences of the most ordinary daily chores come coming from the world could be tapped through the homosexual experience so that the psychotic or the schizophrenic etc. may have an experience of life as real or to be able to perceive or have a real feeling. Probably in a way that they have not experienced the real before, in order to awaken the dead self. The false self that we know is a mad man, and it is the one we use everytime. Now…

I am an impatient patient. I have to go see the doctor now, but I don’t want to be there punctually. To heal the wound To heal the world.

Schizophrenia Simplex.

Now, that is very simple, right?


If you make your scizophrenia hard.

You will have a Schizophrenia Hardex.

Now, that is very hard, right?

And hard to cure.

Hawkers: I told him that I might have to refer you to the respectable Dr. R. D. Laing.

When you hear about people called Jung. Leave them there and come ack here. Jung says Africans are the light of the night and also claimed to have the scientific qualitiues necessary to tame, heal or cure the Clinical Schizoophrenia Simplex. He had bastard ideas that will make our Schizophrenia hard. Hargre. Hardre. Harder. Now the pain is gone. Thank you Doctor.

A mad man must undergo a test. The fire in your head, Maddad, how weak is it.

Maddad. As strong as it is it can hawk

This Societal Schizophrenia.

Going from place to place?

Attention children, animals, bacteria, viruses from the biggest to the smallest and all the things the Sweet Bee Can See. There is a place downtown where you can sip beer with confidence and increase your confidential attitude and reactions to the evergreen traits of the Schizophrenia Simplex in our city spreadt everywhere by drafted and voluntary hawkers too. Here is a carton. What is inside? We shall be hear and coming out of the speaker in front of you now with words of wisdom. Please pay and play close attention to all further information.

In the crazy house, certain forms of madness can be induced by trained doctors, equivalents of the ones who prepare biological weapons. Yes, in our city and village too, Scizophrenia Simplex can be induced by the prevailing conditions.

Aganyin hawkers hawk eans in Surulere.

Come to the Moon in your mind of mind-

The aeroplane

In your mound mountain of mind.

And look down onto the World.

What do you see?


How come there arepeople and spirits who can see you?

I tell you what thewy use telescopes too if it does not occur in their nature naturally.

Beat Gods use telescopes in Ibiza and Kinshasa.

In that kind of place you can write everything you want to write.

That is where writers’s and artistes and scientists and everybody (?) want to go.


This is Keregbetu’s paradise.


Where is hell?

I want to go there.

That is where actions can happen.

After Number One: If God start his existence and did overpowers me and send me to hell. I will agree. I will do nothing to change that decision by sending me to hell against my will. If I can see God and touch him too.

Neckbreakers. Heartbreakers!

Show him how to do it!

Or do it to him.

Neckbreaking hallow.

A covum of Neckbreakers.

After Number One.

An Argument.

Defending humanity with their skills.

I want to go there free will.

Tell me to go to hell

And I am gone there to stay.

Hell is a place where we can perform experiments.

The primitives missed the joke of natural life?

And were misled or led themselves into supernaturality.

That is one of the mistakes of Schizophrenia Hardex.

In India inquisition inquires into ingenuity. Intertemporal intrussions into imps indicate inequal inexcesses implicate imagination is intraterrestrial in Indoneisa, Ingiltere, Izlandya

I, I, I , how are you?

Schizophrenia Simplex calling out to reality in a real world.

We can high everything up and show the traits never dies even when you kill it.

It comes out from among you since you are one of us

But we hate your Schizophrenia Hardey.

We love the Schizophrenia Simple.

Simple issues.


You cannot find out if they will become crazy later in life from the cradle. Yes.

When will we wound we weed?

When will our weed grow and we can give it to our children?

The way of the weed must continue.

On Blocked Way?

Wound we weed!

Weed is an unwanted plant?

Why is it evergreen?.

Fertilize the weed today

And keep the plants at bay.

The Bay of Pigs is a place I will love to visit.

In Cuba,

Bedlam is very good.

Beldam is very good for your skin.

I think I am in trouble and fighting for surival

I have come to Schizophrenia Simplex.

Eastern Europe: Can you imagine what happens when Bosnians and Alanians live next to you.

Are yxou Macedonian?

The NATO and the EU messed up everything.

You cannot rtee-arrange what the OAU messed up.

If the Assistant Social in Geneva and in the whole of Thun, rugg, Valais and Zurich

Do not agree, youzr fœtus will not e treated.

We can even send you to The Bedlam

I am the Prime Minister of Paradise.

What can a mad man say.

He is saying that he is the Prime Minister of Paradise.

You have to believe him.

I am the PM

As the Prime Minister of Paradise, I have the right to speak for our Planet.

Planet Paradise.

The Prime Minister of Planet Schizophrenia: In our World, all the things that could opccur naturally and unaturally can occur.

The only things we forid with a wide mediation till the raiser of the false oippinion of the supernatural is sudued is a valid argument.

It has een proven there, I do not know why men in the world still oey the voice of ignorance. They kill according o the voice of ignorance,

Tell me, what will you do for wisdom?