Ich bin ein Berliner Im “Tempus Fugit!”

I’m a bread from Berlin?

Tempus fugit – Times flies

Kein Prez fliegen nacho Mexicana – No President flies Mexican Cocaine up and down

All things Black and Beautiful

Kein homme ouvre la porte du catastrophe au Escalade sur la Fontaine, Molière, Baldwin, Lenin, Bakunin, Trotsky et Robespierre Dans votre coin et Lafayette Dan’s notre coin ou vous prisez Bozo et en fair detours retours latours vin du moment The Saint – no man opens the door for catastrophe while celebrating the 300year history of Escalade which brought Red Cross, UN since they were ultimate expression of freedom without Calvin  but for la Fontaine, Molière, Baldwin, Lenin, Bakunin, Trotsky and Robespierre on your side but Lafayette and Julian Assange, JGK, JFK, BHO or Obama and Snowden to stone you and Fascism to death on ours so go back to La Tours for wine that will cure you and your spermatozoa and eggs or oeuefs of Racisme. Period.

What the f×ck is wrong with Confederates? No Englishman has ever been better than any of these!

But don’t worry Bozo anymore for the sins of his fathers. He’s committing more to make the World more dangerous for any Mary or Baron that ever had anything to do with him

Bodyguards for life

New people

New gadgets

Inspector Gadget 70s

Make me a gadget that whosoever is in love or beloved by or to towards approaching the interior and the radio Dont Spoil Our Radio in small body but engine

Interesting engineering used for politics and politics

Gove mo’ a bloke with a good sister

No sister no brick wall

The love flowing through her veins when it’s Timmy down the line making your hand touch it like freedom of expesssion asking what’s gonna change

Laws or Statues

I’ve seen hundreds of African American SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN and if it’s TRUE that traditionally police kill Africans according to funny and sure banker comedian #ReddFoxx with #RichardPryor in the spirit of the Excellence or Waiting for Bolsheviks to finally kick you out at the Seat of Babylon

Evil empires crumble and so evil is African in a way that the holiness have not spreadt to keep development or the more complicated sustainable development advocated by the UN because if there are no unsolvable paradigms to solve in locus standing quid pro quo since sine qua non Uberimmae Fidei in Non Nobis Domi e saying do me and do you God no go vex without Let Buyer and Seller e in good faith in the market of logic

But since Bozo is your president he has to try and sell what he doesn’t have like Americans First fully-bred homegrown weed of an African President is in Washington let all hell loose and he wont resign

Bob Daddy Bozo President of Babylon keep confederates in shape we just remembered they are not better than our idols.

Did you really tells him that?

Of course, are you not the Bozo!

Mothers and Daughters on Bozo and Bidon (Parts I and II in Romance of Single Acts

Part I.

Mom: So you like him?

Daughter: Hell No! I don’t like Bozo. I like his son Botan.

Mom and Daughter laugh it off together like they are still in love with someone they truly like and they can’t hide it when they come out in the morning or he gets back from work or they sit opposite crush in the hmm hmmm

Part II.

Mom; You like him don’t you?

Daughter; Yes, I do. He’s handsome.

Mom and Daughter laugh hugging themselves like liberals even though all women are bisexual because it all depends on where your love gets to in the heat of the moment or the spree of the foreplay, foreclosure, sorry I like dancehall and it all boils down to the writer in the story for the benefit of doubt you would love to pick up this attitude listening to the Monks of The Whole Holy Sepulchre singing thousands of hymns like Litania in the correct voice of treble alt right saxo flute banjo Bangor bang bang in milk bang bang haters of my people or why everyone ‘n’ everybody or every dude and brody in heaven are always wearing white and white on gold and I just wonder the other side we shall know one day go be one day but it can’t be far from a dream so it’s real fantasia eternelle

Bidon wins and Botan Biran Boran Bnaor wins a crush but Bozo goes.


Viva Africa!!! I will be very African with my Critics; literary ‘n’ literally ‘n’ literarily

Yes literature of any kind ‘n’ medium

Must be dealt with to critic but,

May Thunder strike my critics beecause

My only position is for Africans to be trained and free to live like Swiss.

I know you’re a big joker Tim!

Where did you learn your writing trade and tirades?

Turaris for my belle aşk olsun

With my good tidings and prestige

I hug Africa with all my love

To nurture Africa as if it’s my farm in FarmVille on Facebook

Yes and to report otherwise that if not for acceptance of African governments to practise African governance and not Swiss Cantonal Governance and all the Richard Lenoir and the Calvin of #CounterCulture

And just nurture and call me later

What were you criticising?

What are you Criticking?

That the slavery and massacres and genocides and the effects of cold war, hot war, green war, game of thrones of engla d and Belgium, of france in and out of republic to monarchy then to napoleon or empire and Germany occupation of Togo Italy Ethiopia England and Durch fo Boers and Afrikaners and that all the eco comic downturns on paper killing g kids like mosquitoes and malnutrition no water

No bike no mangoes no oranges no toys no cable no data no internet no smart phone 16 year old go to fuck to buy a phone got pregnant and here we are settling the matter and youno school no credit no payment no credit telecom no bank loan per se no government no cold no warmth

And who is criticising here?

Let me catch you on paper.

Viva Africa!

Vacancy: African Leader

*Someone who doesn’t mind being shot in the jaw

Re-releasing the bullet via the heart

The African is the most persecuted

Even the Rohingyas, Uighurs and Aborigines join us

But why can’t Aborigines and even African American be on the same platform with Africans, Dalits, Rohingyas, Black Turks, Arabs, Yorubas or Anagos by Lagos in Badagry City’s Egunland sounds like England but they are the most persecuted because they can’t have a representation by a representative at the National as per Nationality level internationally

That’s what I’m taking about The Black Man has never been represented in history. Shane on us is Shame on Y’all even dirt poor Chinese and Koreans show Racism. Check out Hong Kong they will still be SERIOUSLY AND VARIOUSLY DISCRIMINATING AGAINST AFRICANS AND EVEN AFRICAN AMERICA WHILE PROVING TO DRAGON BIG DICK CHINA THAT OURE OR MANDARIN CUNT IF A LANGUAGE LIKE THEIRS HAS A PLACE TO CALL A STATE IN HONG KONG AND SAME FOR PEOPLE AND INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS AGAINST their own SUPERPOWER but severely discriminatory against other people like MAD ASS FRENCH BORN IN ALGERIA asking Charkes de Gaulle to keep them as Rulers of Algetia and never give Algeria INDEPENDENCE.

No; that’s not what they said!

Were you there?

CIA and FBI Papers after Trump = Bshi*ting

O really!

Lets see your score card.

Even the President send people to 10years in jail under and over their amended rights. UNDER FOR TRIAL OVER FOR SENTENCING by trial by tweets and preposterous executive orders to blanket a crime which carries different statutes in different towns; some laugh about it others protest and go to court.

Judge Franco over to you. Tell them all what you told me you really feel Bozo is; what he is relative to AntiChrists and Fascists. Bringing American Nazism to the core of 2020 Something we all knew before Hitler that only a better Nazi can defeat him. Russia England and The USA.

It doesn’t mean anything anymore Thank God Obama make #BLM make sense. It’s our saving grace. We need one from hounds who want to see the end of the Black Man and use Some people other than Chima as the new Schwarzeneggers.

The Franz Ferdinand of an African Yoruba family

I just heard this song on radio that

May God avert evil in November

Specifically before Thanksgiving

May God let us hear Good News

On the day we are expecting it

Specifically no Bad News

But bought but

I have an aunt whose story the day before her wedding may never have happened to any woman in history and may never happen again

In old Yoruba culture it’s customary to give a late brother’s or uncle’s widow to his surviving relative.

Wow! I know the story of an old woman who refused the second giving after her husband died. Felt she was good to go but sick and tired of it.

On my aunt’s wedding eve is there is

Anything like that her fiance’s older brother

Died enroute the wedding

So his widow had to go to my aunt’s fiance

Wow! Have you heard a story like that

Then she was going to be wedding tomorrow as a second wife

She just packed her bags and left

My Mum and Grandma and a host and hostesses of happy people now crying like babies.

Lazy African Presidents, how much is it for us to live like a microcosm of you guys

For your info

As the ruler in any part of Africa

Governmental and Traditional

Rogue or Free

Citizens and Freedom Activists

Soldiers or Prostitutes

We are all complicit in the death of African Americans especially Breonna and George

If we had put African in order

When we add American to it

It will be Plum.

Lazy ass and Lazy President


It’s so cheap to mass production in China even Japan goes there; how much cheaper is it to mass produce in Africa bcos your STUPiD has a large volume

Lazy Queen of England, we are here only because we are optimists!

How could you meet with Trump

Say oops upside your head

We are here because we are optimists

Hitler did less than you in comparing 15 to 80 years on the throne of shit

Meeting Trump late diana

I have sins?

There is a way not to address the Queen?

Have you read Jean Jacques Rousseau quote to the last king of France

There is nothing like you

Means ‘nothing, to me

Sharing Knights to Bitches

And the list contains only a-holes

Please invite me

i must receive a letter that you can shake my hand after shaking down to Bozos

Bloody don’t let me say it Queen of Gonzos

What? What?? What???

Bloody fool.

50000years to the day of Popular History

Everything has a climax

Sex Booze and Tolerance of Racists aka Bozoz

50000 years to the day Racism will climax

Afroman gaining ground and George Floyd

Made all Muses lock up their songs into one

He was in the Beginning George Floyd

And ever shall he be

O another Bible for Egality

Are you sure we are on the right path?

You can go back

There’s no going back on the Trail of Tears

We forgiven you and you wont pay Reparations

A million dollars for every African

How much exactly do you think we are deprived of

That’s an Indian Problem we are Sioux

These people will see the end to it

If BLM is smart integrate and tolerate in Africa

You can’t even live with people of the same colour like you on African Soil. Sorry I’m not thinking anymore about you.

Only chance 50000years to the day…

Of freedom

the god of Ssuper Ffreaks says there must be at least one person remaining in Bozo land with Bozo

But these people won’t be enough

I would have done to a real Evangelical Church

To pray on this Bzozo prayer point

For a landslide loss

But what are the chances Biden will deliver


The Bozo Trump we know is he really better than the Biden Gonzo we don’t know.

I say it now Biden may win but has been briefed by those who brief Trump

His saving grace is like being a former VP and may the chances of Al Gore not be your

Gonzo please take out Bozo.