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Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Dead (And Their Honest Investors Know It) | by Jared A. Brock | Surviving Tomorrow | May, 2021 | Medium

Update: Comments insulting my (admittedly limited) intelligence while simultaneously claiming Bitcoin isn’t a Ponzi scheme will automatically be deleted unless you also disclose your BTC+ETH…
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EDUCATE, DO NOT CONFUSE Mr Wajahat Ali Vs. Rick Santorum

What is the big deal if someone says White European Christians created America?

Why do people have to bring in the murder and slavery part every time even though this class in control won’t pay reparations?

What’s the big deal if Rick Santorum compares homosexuality to bestiality? What is each to you and what is the difference, or what are the differences of any?

Looking at abortion from another perspective why kill unborn and call it anything else but murder?

Yes, I’m Man and Woman

We will build nurseries and high schools and holiday yards for unborn children that are finally born normally and not aborted.

Is that all?

The Beijing of Equality, sorry Beginning of Equality

I have a country and a Space Station in situ in solo

By hook or by crook I create Billionaires

Through nook and Crany I dribble Papua New Guinea out of the hands of Australia and air control I control Africa

What did Biden say?

Stand up to me?

U so dumb

China Executive Xouncil 1949


2022 Same old

Why do we negotiate with people who can’t use chop sticks and can’t defend themselves physically… how can they defend their country of olives country and pronces who never came vack

People are in shitholes

Africa is shit hole

Africa will be free

The way is open Ireland and Scotland want out it will be the turn of Africa to leave common sense and go for REFINED COMMONSENSE AND UNITE and bring back a connection with the Diaspora

On The Black Star Line of Marcus Garvey

I had a musical idea DJ Big Brother Sydney:

I know my late bro liked music and he played it in Stockholm

Before I was born

Naughty Bro

Dad won’t have it

He wants to be a DJ

I’m up for it

By conviction in knowing what I do about music

Basically African and Reggae to Electro

But we gonna play funk

Tim’s got da funk

With @DJMonicaBergmark in the groove all the way from Sweden

And back to back

Year on year

I got my social media bad so I get my PR on

In spite

I love being a CEO

It’s a paying job

Welcome to the funk 1 to 2 May 2002 in Stockholm

Again in Naija

Welcome to the funk in Las Giddy called Lagos in Naija where me and my Bro the first DJ in Sweden and Scandinavia was born

Late DJ Sydney Abayomi Onayemi (1937 – 2016) my Bro the Hardworking DJ of the World

The problem is Democrats never go MAGA

Good and bad Biden in defense of Marriage as well as the incarceration of delinquents

Tell you what humans beings wills nevers gets its becauses wes are always undecided like Kanyes West’s

Take a look :

Tell you what humans beings wills nevers gets its becauses wes are always undecided like Kanyes West’s

Joe Biden turns the tables on Republicans during national address – Raw Story – Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

President Joe Biden’s plans are ambitious. I know this because every headline Thursday morning after Biden gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress said so.This article originally appeared at Salon.”Biden Just Gave the Most Ideologically Ambitious Speech of Any Democratic President in Ge…
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I smell Communists Part Two

Why is there a fall out in Russi

Are you not all supposed to be communists

Billionaires gone Billionaires come

Sergei Lavrov and Putin stays

If I were Ukrainian I had give in and forget American and Europe helpers or allied forces that can’t even contain small Turkey

No one helped Uighurs

No one helped Burmese or Muanmari Mari Juana

Back to you

Who cares what happened in Ukraine

Make peace before you beg for peace

The End of Donald J. Trump and Murderous Language

Who bets Chauvin bet on it and Trump is not there to save you from being sent to jail

Lost your wife to ugly Trump and his freaking Nemesis

Lost your life to MAGA and no one tells you freaking Fox News and their side show wilt rot in hell except when they say Biden is doing Chicken Shit like Democrats do

More money for America Biden

I just read an article where Biden was referred to as cheaper than goat shit or some fuck like that cheap shit any shit

Why does he miss the fact that Obama didn’t help Africa so he just must burst African and American business because your greatest fans are in Africa

Resounding Vanity: Myanmar at ASEAN Conference

So as the police and judge and killer in Myanmar #innMyanmar

He had the guts to sit with ASEAN in their Indonesia

China is strong even I pity the rebels in Myanmar

The Colombia didn’t end well

Since we are not calling in as slaves and the books that killed King George of English fame in America where traitors roam will see you off since we support reparations

I just can’t help it

Reminding you of an African Armaggedon

You know things shift funnily these days

Vandals can enter roam again!

Vandals can enter Rome now visa-free plus or minus Corona

Who sang from the hills in Jamaica Burning Spear to spare Birmingham Birnin Kebbi as I want Nigeria to remain one for economic reasons duck the fuck the politics that doesn’t mean shit but a few appointed use the services our Royals must use reserved for whoever

Did u say foreign service

This is where education starts

Talk to the best

Myanmar talks to ASEAN

They understand murderous language

But Chj a if you slip

Approaching Sustainable Development in Africanus

So you poor students of Africa that are not Africans that made dollars and euros and engineering and Jesus Christ (I’m a Christian so it’s cool stuff to use Jesus Christ as an example)

Missed turning Africa into Europe Part 2

“Didn’t I always tell you, Jack London, you’re a poor student. Dump Ancient and Go Modernist that Black boy Got da Guts”, do you know what aside

He likes it in Scandinavia

He’s up there


Our resident bard said, “Who fell off a chair?”

I smell Communists in the future

Do you know all of Jesus Welfare will coincide at one point with Beijing

That Hongkongers who have escaped with the US and UK loopholes which has largely been left out of the reach of all Africans

Who cares?

We Care

Hong Kong And King Kong and Nigeria were all from the British Commonwealth

The Queen can testify to that

Speak up Bitch

You kicked Nigeria out because we want Mandela Free

Blogging is a great experience afterall

Because when Religions preaching Paradise and Freedom are forced to confirm this is paradise if I like till

Roll the Cam 2068

Did you shit Papa?😂

The crazy possibility from COVID-19

Considering the fact that the EU and the US and their cohorts of Nations travel visa-free most of the time and do not want to give same to Africans from 54 Nations

Imagine a scenario where COVID is so


That EU and US nations and their cohorts of Nations May start sending Africans on errands around the a world of like passepartout by Jules Verne

So eventually we too will be equal like Jews of Old who were everywhere and the only people who could go anywhere in the Middle Ages because they were stateless Jews

We will be stateful Africans looking for visa-free to 210 countries

AfroWorldAmerican Disbankment of Thoughts 2: Object vs Subject in Racism and why it’s bad for your genes

It does that which predicts death out of necromancy 😂

It’s weak that which fears death cowardly really?

It’s because what Racism has become is so cool people benefit from it and thereby it becomes an OBJECT TO THEM DESERVING WORSHIP AND PRAISE

While it’s hopeless meaning that must come to AN ENS HERE AND NOW IS EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND PROBABLY HARDER TO UNRAVEL Since the subject must be discarded it is discarded by sane minds but profiteering goes on among caught in the pro and con but you could just know how to think right and agree?

AfroWorldAmerican Disbankment of Thoughts 1: KAMALA LOTUS HARRIS, VP

from HOWARD 😳 OMFreakingGOD

To prove following the object and not the subject is a bad trait

When one and one are at Loggerheads, GA

When one and several are at

Confusion Break Bones, Ojuelegba or California: choose

When explaining is unnecessary and worthless that Men and Women Boys and Girls are created equal that we MUST be governed by the same system American never Chinese because a government who kills Bisons for 10years is more pragmatic than one that killed sparrows and mosquitoes in tow

The Four Pests campaign(Chinese: ; pinyin: Chú Sì Hài), was one of the first actions taken in the Great Leap Forward in China from 1958 to 1962. The four pests to be eliminated were rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. The extermination of sparrows is also known as smash sparrows campaign(Chinese: ; pinyin: què Yùndòng) or eliminate sparrows campaign (Chinese: 消灭麻雀运动; pinyin: Xiāomiè MáquèYùndòng), which resulted in severe ecological imbalance, being one of the causes of the Great Chinese Famine. In 1960, Mao Zedong ended the campaign against sparrows and redirected the fourth focus to bed bugs.

So we are not immune nor can we claim some campaigns like racism against Africans that has also always been Asian too maybe coming out now because they didn’t vote well for Trump or they were seen to be too harsh on minorities like themselves and can have a bite when things went sour to say for so-called Whites which has been defeated by the first so-called Black Woman VP from Howard OMG!!!😂

In short clap for Kamala Lotus Harris

So we can safely say the best way to describe this supremacy of Black Woman who could have beaten us beautifully if not for Obama as Gorman the Lady Laureate of the USA courtesy of BIDEN, is Kamala Lotus Harris


The ones we don’t write about even Biden is stuck

Our problems are finally social

They were political before the election of our selection to obscure our suffering so much that the torture is finally gone that FBI will accept the win of the Republicans for some simple reason the texts are now Democrat again even the posting ballot and the … don’t let me talk

I hope they let Africa stick to a Manual of Progress

Do you know you have to pray for Africa


It’s going extinct or just scoopy

There is no better time for End Time Prophecy

No matter the religion

It comes to an end in an height

Salvation or Nirvana

Don’t mind those people who let women expose their bodies in the shrine or church and claim holiness

Bad Guys

Good guys like us love God and always make Him happy.

Since the superpowers of the Worls have been at loggerheads in gold so the silver or Argentium Also called Euro will take center stage for inconclusive Peace Treaties

The Virus will play politics as a few people who were vocal against the government and our treatment under Coronavirus restrictions suddenly died of Coronavirus

I’m not criticizing this guy’s government again

Henceforth I will be writing elaborate satires like this guys chin

That doesn’t twitch nor show signs of shame

There is no time like now for end time because you have to pay in the end even when you don’t make it to end time to deny you didn’t do a day’s job in 100years

Even God spent 6days creating the Whole Wild World

How long do you need to make it a Pink Life?

I can’t stop laughing she checked in voluntarily psycho since 1977

Tell you what the Japanese Mama and Arrist Artist and Super Psycho she owned up after all the mushroom she got in NY or so it seema

Then there are 900 pieces of art in plastic and photos of naked women she painted on their bodies

I wonder how she painted the clit.stop

We are really bothered about wars and famine in Africa that people using and having access to art and the museums of Berlin and NY still carry the racist to Asians sting, stings and stinger but she 92 so we call it art before she leaves anyway

We won’t be better we Africans on top of The Food Chain because it is supposedly hilarious and evil

People are dying of hunger and they have to access to virus vaccines but death is free and we spent millions for the Mars Project

No way!

Every one working in the NASA must work for free there is no money to feed Africans. Get Out!

Bring back Fela Kuti

Imagine a voice speaking shouting singing

On the streets of Las Giddy called Lagos

Prepare the rights and duties of the citizens

Soldiers must not beat citizens

Teachers must learn to teach

Take away WAEC and JAMB

Give us Cambridge and Oxford


Where do you think we will go with rubbish?

Bring back Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

To tan and warm Muhammadu Buhari

Give us welfare cash and electricity in Nigeria

Give us Malaria Fever drugs and Personal Air Conditioners to follow us down the road and to bed with my honey

O she will last long

I will be hungry no more

Proud to be a Nigerian

Being Rotimi Onayemi

Bring back Fela Kuti

I love you too for reading about the freedom of Africans

These articles are poems lol

To usher in the golden age of Africans born before the beautiful ones were born all over Africa

Peace reigns

Viva Africa

Live for her

But African products

Fight for African GDP to get as high as in Switzerland

The Ass of The Queen

It is customary to set some prisoners free

When Kong’s die or called Consorts

To the arse of the Queen you will stand

So gracious is she you’re not a King of Greece but a Duke of Edinburgh

Such that you never went back to ease the pain of your subjects of November 17 but still a miracle how the Eastern Europe got into the EU and Poland Hungary could lift ideas like that then Syria where people forget the atrocities before the war

You must listen to people who hate the people you help

Just hear their detractors detail in sequence that before the war these were aggressors but the dead we pray Rest In Peace and make the living and maimed psychologically get Real Love, Real Life and even of the Blessings of God

We must pray for the people

May we not see catastrophe of this Corona in Africa

The way people live is an apology

You don’t want to see them buried in an emergency

All for the ass of the Queen that did not UPGRADE AND UPDATE THE COMMONWEALTH


Whole countries or country could be set free just because you passed away in Peace

Let these people determine their status by themselves and not live and die as in Papua or Vanuatu or Tuvalu or Timor or Solomon Islands and St Lucia for that matter when you kill or sent your kids to

Only a fool would have hosted Donald Trump in The Buckingham Palace when people who know his evilness would stay away from his business

The CIA still has duffle bags to counter the Queen

Duffle bags of votes for Biden and Kamala

How could someone insinuate refugee kids need duffle bags to be happy

Yes they do Lee Camp

They’re Latinos and like Africans can love their own bag to keep their own stuff but because you are an American critic you think a duffle bag is worthless when I used to wait 3 months for my Mom who went to Michigan or a year for my brother who was in Sweden to bring my duffle bag full of clothes and my friends said I’m lucky

How can you reduce a duffle bag to nothing


When that is the level being a part of the British Commonwealth for Canada and Common poverty for Nigeria and Ghana etc means

Shuffle countries out of

The Ass of the Queen

The Butch is killing people

The Bitch is eating people’s live like Poll Tax

In America the Queen makes police kneel on a Black Man’s Neck

In the UK under her watch they Africans used to choke on their vomit something unknown in Africa?

Didn’t Prince Harry wear a Nazi Uniform Shirt to a Disco Party during his spree as a bachelor and a prince of fucking England then turn round to tell Oprah jargons with Meghan???

It’s not a joke she has said some absurd things available on the Internet as heartless as her late Consul of Consorts😂😂😂

Excuses by Government in Africa and across the Atlantic Slavery

How would you feel when the President of your country answers a question that he has refused to answer ro



Dead or Alive

Children killed by terrorists when you know your answer can betray you now the paddy paddy want to put his paddy there as President making the people suffer for nothjng

But for something because people are dying daily from accidents we know that

From diseases we know even Corona 19 without 4

Making 15 of January that you call armed forces say when you are obviously an unarmed soldier of rag tag army fame in Nugeria

You are also not a force to be reckoned with even within ECOWAS

And always acting unilaterally because R. I. P. Derby because I don’t know if you told ECOWAS or The African Union you going to the war front ???

Is it possible for people to parade themselves as President of African Nations and you think the truth will not be settled by Corona

This time the innocent will not suffer but they do when bursting Oxygen kill people like 🐂 Oxymorons

Where is the sense in commanding millions for a burial and nothing was added to the welfare account in England with everyone licking the ass of the queen

And you think I will not come like a thief in the night to settle scores with Corona Vidruxxx still 19 and counting millions dead

I came back like a thief in the night

To smash all your ideas disguised as conwebs

To incise all your conditions commensurate with your golden age

I have many golden ages

The one most common is the enslaving of others

No no no

Slavery is not abolished

If it was I’ll be the first to tell you like Ralph Ellison like Richard Wright and do like Daunte Wright

Of course I will seek to getaway from a fool who still loves to racistically think because the victims of racism in Nigeria are now using the rules of racism to keep their colleagues at. Bay and commit atrocities against their fellow citizens even kill 700 at last count in Myanmar

Any military that does like Myanmar Military must all be castrated alive in Saudi Arabia

No no no

We have laws and you can be of good benefit to the law by staying in jail and fed by millions of dollars of people who are not as stupid as you to kill and call themselves the government

To be Voltaire’s Candide

Isn’t it just better to go farm one’s own crops maybe far from Turkey on East Timor

Don’t believe the hype though Indonesians still have a lot to pay and I don’t know why or Portugal left the East Timorese to their devices in the face of Dutch-Trained Indonesians taking kids away from people or even when you are matured how could you treat fellow human beings like that

Farming my farm like Voltaire’s Candide without remorse with a wide and kids and little trouble in a place without Internet once again in Salamanca or Samanyolu

Yeah I will be Uighur

We should all move to Botswana

Since King and PM Seretse Khama the first leader of Burundi married a British woman and made South Africa if Apartheid days mad

Well Burundi


Botswana leads and we can all move there

Believe this hype that it underwent the greatest transformation in recorded history

Viva Botswana

Viva South Africa

Viva Namibia

Very few can make the list

If any economist had common senses like us they will know in theory and practice or metaphor or onomatopoeia tufiakwa

That Nigeria is great but need excellence as in Botswana

Is there a place to build Africa?

I think we ain’t done yet, it’s not the climate not rocket science

That the other 3 poops of pimps with Derek Chauvin be convicted of murder

You ever dragged someone out of his car OMG A Benz ML

My bard says, “Hey George Floyd you must have been cruising some real cool birds of brods better in golf than those of Tiger the Liger Liar

Back to my blogging days

We ain’t done yet

Till nothing can keep them out of Death Row”.

Mooo Mooo Kayleigh McEnany lying for a living! Good job Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers takes down ‘shameless’ Kayleigh McEnany ‘who’s still on TV lying for a living’

April 21, 2021

Seth Meyers takes down 'shameless' Kayleigh McEnany 'who's still on TV lying for a living'×266&!2&fsb=1&xpc=M3qAMFGHdh&p=https%3A//

Americans just spent four years being gaslighted and lied to, and still, Republicans are still trying to do it, “Late Night” host Seth Meyers explained in Wednesday’s “Closer Look” segment. 

Speaking out on the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, Meyers brought up former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who is now working for Fox News.

“I mean, we just went through four years of bullsh*t liars trying to convince us that reality isn’t reality,” said Meyers. “They were like hypnotists, except instead of a pocket-watch, they used a meatball on a string.”

LISTEN: Special Comedy Exclusive – The Raw Story Podcast Interviews ‘President Trump’

Doing his hilariously bad Trump impression, Meyers said, “Coronavirus isn’t real!”

“Yeah, no, it is,” said Meyers in response to the fake Trump.×266&!3&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=JZrcjpu5mV&p=https%3A//

“Racism doesn’t exist,” the fake Trump said, swinging the meatball. 

“Yes, it does and, also, you’re like, getting sauce everywhere,” said Myers. “Also how does meatball hypnosis on like 50 percent of the country? In fact, if sh*t hypnotists still want to be on TV lying for a living like former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who was shameless enough to go on Fox yesterday and criticize President [Joe] Biden for supposedly inflaming tensions by gently suggesting that it would be good if the jury agreed that murder should, in fact, be illegal.”null

McEnany misquoted Judge Peter Cahill, who said that he wishes political officials wouldn’t intervene in the judicial process, which he said he felt Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) did. Neither Biden nor Waters addressed the trial until after the jury had been sequestered from news and television. Cahill said as much in his statement to the defense attorney. 

“Right, of course, we wouldn’t want a president inflaming tensions,” said Meyers. “Who did you work for again? Oh, right. President flame thrower. But, sure, Biden’s the one inflaming tensions. I mean, what’s he going to do next? Gather a group of violent insurrectionists dressed like werewolves and Call of Duty cos-players down at the Capitol and tell them to fight? While his no-neck pasta-goblin of a lawyer calls for a trial by combat? Maybe he’ll become best friends with a pillow salesman to claims the jury vote was rigged by Hugo Chavez and the CIA is part of a vast communist conspiracy. ‘I saw Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez down at the courthouse using CIA computers to rig the verdict just like how they rigged the Superbowl against DA BEARS!'”

Meyers confessed that he knows that Mike Lindell isn’t from Chicago but, “I don’t, what’s the word, care.”

Man Up, Show Up, Speak Up

From George Floyd to Merrick Garland

I don’t think

I don’t want no investigation into why African Americans and Hispanic Americans

are killed

were killed

We’re killed

You don’t do this in Minneapolis alone unless you want to play Trump

And still get Fox News on your arse

So every African American in the Nation of Islam, sorry Nation of Americans must be held perpetually or until 18 as a subject of the state to be nurtured as White Kids are

Travel the World

Get to see Bob Marley and Nelson Mandela birthplaces and struggle domes in physical or in reality

Mann Up!

Show Up!

Sspeakkk Up!

We need Reparations and no fucking investigation into why we’re killed sicker

Being the life of Africans and African Americans and African Europeans and African Asians and African everybody up to darw

Man Up

Which sex are you doesn’t matter

Just Man Up

Bring up laws and actions to welfare and business us up

Which language do you speak Mr Law Garland?

How do you understand stuff as Attorney General?

Man Up Men!

SS George and Floyd

You delivered Paul and Silas

You’ve just delivered the whole of the Black race from the hands of the wicked and even the police and even delivering Africans in the Army against the Police Peeper Pepper Spray and other Misdemeanors with small micro peeper like stork meaning the cops with dicks like day old African Boys or so it rhymes

You only shoot who you can’t handle in a hurry from the back sucker for a taser

We can even impeach ordinary citizens from the USA to CND to learn common ethics and common sense

Yes In Canada

An American Racist won’t do that again if you turn them into Canadians or CND patients

What the duck is CND?

Congress of National Disgrace is CND and sending a racist dog to CND heals their wretched souls that Amazing Grace and We Shall Overcome cannot even down south in The real and fake Georgia

Even St George can’t vote in Georgia hahahahahajajakaka 😂

Biden I’m Promise Land

Now for once how could anyone contemplate a better American President and Jury now we awaiting the Judge to fast forward it all to Death Row

Is that asking too much for Floyd’s?

I bet that’s the verdict if George was one of the Pink Floyd

That’s all

Lest I forget

I’m comparing all American Presidents and calling Biden the Best Trump and his bathroom cabinet were included and there was spam and 419 and cocaine on the and speed and dextrometh

Lets work

Let’s forget those we hate to mention who lives to never achieve a thing/ but gossip

It’s not a real beast

It could be a programme

An app of some likeness to do much for nothing

If there is a chip inside

We have to understand that 1000 plus 1000years after something is referred to as a beast

It’s just an app

Use it for skirmishes

Putin wants a war

Chinese man will push him

Rewind common sense back to the wise men of the East

Didn’t even know why the sun of smartness will set in the West

Better Jollywood

That day will come by CAPLETON

Equal rights and justice for all
Rise and never fall
Tell dem sey… Boom!
What dey gonna do, when nuff a dem nuh true
Say what they gonna do, dem get slew, yaaawWho do you think you are, we’re living ina small world
As wicked as you think you are, we’re living in a small world
As bad as you think you are, we’re living in a small world
As tough as you think you are, we’re living in a…

Da one ya name, alrightThat day will come, when I shall stand and see all those wicked men and the fiyah gettin bun

That day will come, when they will try to escape and there will be nowhere to run
That day will come, when I shall see, they hand in all the bombs and bayonnettes and bullets and gun
That day will come, when Emperor Selassie I shall rise di whole a di ghetto yute dem from outta di slum

And the day I would love to see their face
For the all those evil they do to the human race
And try to take things out of place

Run away to space, true dem inna…
Off you owna judgement, you a go get a taste
When dem find out sey dat dem caan escape
Sadness they send on the people dem trace

Smile on my faceThat day will come, when I shall stand and see all those wicked men and the fiyah gettin bun
That day will come, when they will try to escape and there will be nowhere to run
That day will come, when I shall see, they hand in all the bombs and bayonnettes and bullets and gun
That day will come, when Emperor Selassie I shall rise di whole a di ghetto yute dem from outta di slumWho do you think you are, we’re living ina small world
As wicked as you think you are, we’re living in a small world
As slick as you think you are, we’re living in a small world
As tough as you think you are, we’re living in a…
Da one ya name, tell dem!Escape today, you caan escape tomorrow
Mek sure you pay back anytime you borrow
Mek sure you dont leff no life inna sorrow
Mek sure you nuh lead none straight like arrow
Mek sure you brains nuh push out it nuh borrow
Mek sure you nuh mek dem coke out an parro, yeah!
Mek sure you meditation nuh narrow
Yo mi waan tell dem sumpn… Di world a one…That day will come, when I shall stand and see all those wicked men and the fiyah gettin bun
That day will come, when they will try to escape and there will be nowhere to run
That day will come, when I shall see, they hand in all the bombs and bayonnettes and bullets and gun
That day will come, when Emperor Selassie I shall rise di whole a di ghetto yute dem from outta di slumI will remain the same
Hailing Rastafari name
And watch dem going up in flames
For all the innocent going down the drain
You have to pay for the shackles and chains
And pay for these washing of the brain
And pay for these guns and cocaine
The sick and the lame, alrightThat day will come, when I shall stand and see all those wicked men and the fiyah gettin bun
That day will come, when they will try to escape and there will be nowhere to run
That day will come, when I shall see, they hand in all the bombs and bayonnettes and bullets and gun
That day will come, when Emperor Selassie I shall rise di whole a di ghetto yute dem from outta di slum

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Clifton George Bailey / Stephen C. Gibson / Nicholas ListraniThat Day Will Come lyrics © BMG Rights Management

Like Pandemix Im Histoire

Just like the invention of ducks

With f in the right place

Unlikely and unseemly bedmates will soar like eagles and never fall

I know it’s in the Revolution sorry Revelations of St. John not the Baptist but the Emancipator

Of Jude and brevity of holiness in the eternal

Of Biden nd Harris in Idk what to do

Is it this hard to make your dreams come true

This much I know that we don’t know the future and we are humans unrepentant pessimists just because he didn’t know there will be ether and leather to stand for prick im man und feel fille in woman

Be nice and she comes back

Male development go round

What cha talkin’ ‘bout? – Musical Youth

May it all be like my dreams

I’ve learnt to cut down my appetite for Paradise on Earth

I saw it coming as a young philosopher

I never knew the hidden part of old age is the physical body pain in physiological and neurological

That makes old age worth it

I don’t know about lighting up in old age but the study and work and life and hallucination or laws of regulation that you call it must now


One World Passport too lovely now and work around so we are all migrants because we can see the World before we lose it all

I pity pity pity Doctors who say Corona go go as in will end one day

My people say you can’t predict the end of the rain


You would think for Black People

In spite of Corona or the Chinese Virus who was made by people who need your planet of continent

They will let the virus mutates Ming you as you are seeing it now you won’t or the Chinese have passed the vaccine into the air for us

I trust Chairman Mao

His kids whether Confused or Buddhists need to learn about Jesus That we are still trying to teach ourselves

You would think we would make a vaccine that will protect us since the rich have taken the vaccine and they hold the 4 aces we are looking for in Shanghai by Kerry we can be resigned to fate without showing it

How are the meek fallen dead in Africa before making the Trans Atlantic Slavic Trade

If I were you

You know now

I will let my people go to America like the Hispanics

Afterall what’s the difference between South America and Africa

Except for Pablo Neruda

Evo Morales

Hugo Chavez

Che Guevara

Fidel Castro

The poorest President of Montevideo


The different Cacti and Animals giant for you and dwarf in our own context

It makes all the difference we must learn from you European lessons are confusing should we believe Trimp or Biden

The Embarrassment of Intelligence : For Lagerlöf and Soyinka then my humble self / Why sex?

Selma Lagerlöf I just found out in the needle of the haystack game that we call intelligence and wisdom of God shared to a very minuscule extent by Man and Woman… was the first woman to get the Nobel and she saved the life of another Nobel laureate Nelly Sachs who shares her own 1966 Prize with Shmuel Yosef Agnon

Then you gonna sign all over the World before you go Nuclear Iran if Israel used to give you arms before the rift

Why sex is we have the first woman and the first Male African from the Sub Sahara and then the first woman who got the Nobel saves the life of another laureate by approaching the Swedish Royals during Hitler

We don’t want Nazis

But many migrants had better show a flair for not going to change a foreign country to their taste because that’s the taste that made me know Aleppo and Mosul even though I should have known

Why sex?

The sex of a laureate is important

I’m from the Order of Melchizedek

The Lord Our God leads us to the path that sex is marriage between a Man and Woman

Are you kidding me?

The Real Embarrassment of Intelligence: Even God can’t tell me that!

It’s not the youthful that hates religion

It’s people versed in religion who couldn’t tell the Youth that they can’t understand religion, that it takes as long as their youthfulness last or as Mama lives to make them get it like iphones

Over to the Matter of The Day

All of a sudden during elementary philosophy and psychology class combined at some soon to be reopened high class high school meeting adjacent to the Statue of Reformation including Calvin and Knox even with Luther and Zwingli boldly written in act of lettering the new African Child said it I mean then he left Switzerland and ran away to France. Even Calvin ran to Geneva especially of Switzerland so that the French doesn’t lynch him like Joan d’Arc that we have to go to The Confederation of Switzerland meeting at Bern in front of my favorite park to smoke weed in Switzerland while being a journalist his family paid to reconvene and re-contemplate the Reformation at it we’re not verbally but by handing you an American Express by a grace that’s sisterly and a gaze that’s motherly

You can get a job or get drunk on where intelligence lies if not unadulterated Africa where the looters of public treasury roam free as we probably untrained in the use of arms and so weak we get versed in Prayers that God will catch them and not involve our innocence in their karma or Kamasutra which looks like ours though unfolded and ungolden like ours where gold flakes was our summer and we could take more people to America’s like Hispanics and Real Indians and we want the American Indians and West Indies to be lively and lifted like Joe Ward the true Black Pastor of New Jersey praying day and night that the USA doesn’t dissolve like the USSR no matter how much the Russian Federation and the Real China tries where Art-fixial intelligence like Arrifical Inrrelligence will so much make sense to Naija government so they build more soup kitchens and give us unemployment benefits even though they steal us silly but keep us safe and free to make our rugged lives in Africa less rugged as we expect people from Amnesty to help luck n lock out our Ambasadors worldwide even the ones who just died to be locked out of their graves just because our suffering has no meaning and why do they get paid for it when they can just tell us to buy knots of Knox for their Elephant Projects appearing pink and not white on acid or datura smoke what we want reopen scholarship in Switzerland to all Africans a really beautiful country here I come

Just because he said, “Even God cannot tell me that. Biden and Boris Johnson do so the needful.”

Where you will Suspect African Americans

Since it’s all about freedom and equal rights

Why are the current levels of Immigrants 90%Hispanic

It’s still not Asian nor African

When are you going to support African Immigrants to America supposedly the ones transported to the New World most cruelly but you quote Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World while Richard Wright’s NATIVE SON nor Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man is not even mentioned

Welcome to Africans the best example of Africans they want you to believe are laid back call me Kool Moe Dee and DMX on BIG straits in Stuyvesant and Brooklyn

What’s wrong with chu men?

You bore me in life men!

Freedom without Condom

We miss you freedom

We are from Africa

No matter where we are on this planet

It touches our bodies so we can as well say it from the Earth the Heart and vice versa

It’s painful so we say it from the heart like DMX Rest in Peace

It’s lovely too for Africans when we get a stroke of luck in a foreign passport

A foreign bitch

A foreign bastardized

A foreign force UN dollars or the Police the Hip Hop The streets the hustle the everything that’s not enough to make Africa live a good life

So start a YMCA for Africa this time for real… what you like is smartness welcome to knowledge and power Howards

It doesn’t matter Africans need freedom without condom

Peace out

By Tim of Nigeria

Dedicated with respect to DMX Tupac Shakur Notorious B. I. G. Coolio Rick James Wacko Jacks if you know that fall into my hall of fame

Take your freedom without condom

I said

She said

All night long

All night yeah ah

All night long

Freedom without condoms

That when I can feel the vibes of the Free World


You men an African like Komi Annan has been on top of this shit

Roll the tape

Re roll the tape

Did anyone think we will die

You bet someone want you dead if you have enemies

But only friends are what I got

Water no get enemy

Water he no get enemy

Freedom without condom

Naija passport visa free to every where

To won ba beere eni to sobę leti e Laetitia of Congo Jersey City big up

Downtown Dallas I gat you

Uptown Detroit you’re mine in the house music and on the spot


You give me the green light USA Canada France fraternity is freedom

On veux la liberté sans condom

Shakira Beyoncé Morrisette way it in Spanish too

What is acidic

Welcome to Sunday Morning

School 2 of the Old


I love my niggers after George Floyd

Naija sARS victims

Central Africa

South Sudan



Middle Belt

Peace out from Keats to Arewa

One love alone

God is love

If you love him like me on you tube

Peace Out

Shut them down and say the real thing

Freedom without Condom is all we want

Give us the bone and the beef we know the way home suckers

Money Girl (Everywhere she see Iyah she wants money)

Money Girl


Most famous for Joseph Hill (1949-2006)

    10, 599, 738viewers

Eh eha!
Everything gone up, food gone up,
Clothes gone up, gas gone up,
Car rental gone up, and everything gone up.

For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.

She wants ferlucchi pants and buckers cap,
Alter top and clarkes booty.
She wants ferlucchi, she wants clarkes booty,
Alter top and buckers cap.

For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.

Monday morning comes, she absent.
Tuesday morning comes, she don’t turn up at all.
Wednesday evening come out,
I eat a little fresh rice, ’cause I’m an Italist.
Thursday evening come, she don’t turn up at all.
Friday morning when I’m about to get mi pay,
And when I look her foot stretch out ina the way.

For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.

Monday morning comes, she absent.
Tuesday morning comes, she don’t turn up at all.
Wednesday evening come out,
I eat a little fresh rice, ’cause I’m an Italist.
Thursday evening come, she don’t turn up at all.
Friday morning when I’m about to get mi pay,
And when I look her foot stretch out ina the way.

For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.

She have gold round her ankle, gold round her waist.
Gold around her little neck and chest,
Gold in her ears and gold in her nose.
Gold round her headside and gold round her eye.

For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money.
For everywhere she see Iyah, she want money..

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The Fucking Job

We all know the World

Goes that way

We keep up with it

We do our fucking job to belong to our Survival Clique without any trace of freedom which we still fight for anyway and lots of people become millionaires and billionaires doing their our ducking fucking sucking job

“Mesmerized am I to see you dazed so early so we are speaking with Iranians even though we won’t and it’s not in the duckling fuckling suckling manual out here in Vienna

Why don’t the African Americans do their fucking job and go bring home an African Partner so we can expand this Prairie beyond minority African to Majority African American I mean how do you leave 26 European Countries to come in at will and none of the 54 African Countries cannot come in at won’t

“What a shame in this pity party George Floyd?”

Some have to do Super Mario job and everyone can do the job of the President of Nigeria so not say I told you.

Who doesn’t know this crap?

Hong Kong’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, is suspected of being seriously ill and wrote the “Sunset Ballad” on his bed he regretted that many things were realized too late.

He is 92 years old

Had been the richest man for many years

He was a workaholic, famous entrepreneur

Only announced his retirement in 2018

After retirement, he began to enjoy life

Now that he has free time, he wrote this “Sunset Ballard” to share with all!

We are born with nothing, no more and no less and finally to return to nothing. Be as natural, normal and at ease as possible.

2、晚年莫想富有余,来者糊涂走者迷。生前死后啥属你?应该醒悟莫骗己。Don’t aspire to acquire surplus wealth at sunset years. Those who have such intention are rather confused or crazy. Just consider what belongs to you before and after death. One has to wake up and stop fooling ourselves.

Be contented. Have fun and enjoy the sunset years. Do not be exalted if you’re rich neither too worried if poor. Take it along as naturally and savor the freedom.

Don’t forcibly demand, neither compete. Life is like a dream or fleeting cloud or smoke. Look at the vast and empty sky and land, we are just a tiny speck drifting within.

The sun is empty so is the moon. River water forever flows eastward (in China). Farm and house too are empty, continually changing owners.

Love becomes naught, relationships too disappear. Finally all will go into the crematorium. Even gold and silver, one does not grasp to take along after death.

Reputation, honours and profits disappear into sweet dreams once the eyes shut down for good. Whatever gains or losses dissipate, life is like a drama.

No more minister status, no more the power that came with it. No one can remain in the ministry for life. Rich or poor, the final is void. That is nothingness when curtain of life drops, be aware of that.

The four seasons will rotate, so will the high and low tides. Every family has certain difficult mantra to recite. Do not burden unnecessarily with worries.

Raising and educating children are responsibility and duty. It is a blessing to be able to help. Children and grandchildren shall build their own future, do not be duty-bound by them. It is far more a blessing to take good care of our own well-being during the sunset years.

11、朝到西,晚到东,世人如同采花蜂。采花酿蜜为谁甜,终生辛苦一场空。看得宽,想得通, 与世无争长寿翁。
Man hustle and bustle about earning a living like bees collecting honey. Just wonder the honey is made for whom, ever thought the life-long hard work will end up in naught. Be more liberal and accommodative, think rationally to avoid disputes.

From a distance hospitals are like heaven, curing so many patients. Viewing from close range, hospitals are like banks raking in lot of cash. Getting inside the hospital is like getting into prison. It is far better to take preventive measure well in advance

Health is an invisible asset, health enhancement is bank saving, contracting disease is bank loan and re-payment, serious illness can cause bankruptcy. These are earnest facts of life and to be regarded seriously. Do not let this happen, it will be too late to regret.

It is better to stand alone to enhance immunity rather than to lie down and be cheated. Love the family must start with loving own self. Loving own self is therefore a farsighted shot.

A life span is too short. Do not get bogged down with money worries. Tons of cash wouldn’t buy a sun which doesn’t set. Loads of silver and gold can’t exchange for health. Life and death is fated and wealth too. If it has been fated (in our Ming 命) that we will be wealthy, it will be. But if it’s fated otherwise, it is pointless to crave for it. A point worth reiterating is that the children and grandchildren will and should carve out the path for their future, there is no need to slog like buffalo and horse for them. A life span is really too short, it is advisable to take life plainly and light-heartedly. Fame and gain are just like drifting cloud, extravagance and luxury are momentary exuberance, in rapid glimpses of fleeting time, hair will turn grey to white, churning all past events into smoke and cloud, what for let them linger in the heart, to pester and bugger us deeper into the bull’s horn.


Here are ten reminders for
a cheerful and meaningful life:-
Be open-minded, accommodative, generous, close (issue), retreat, forgive and forget, listen and understand, let go, accept in good faith, conscience.

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Fox is Informative and No longer miserable / Obscure Treaties is Blinking

Americans never sign World Treaties probably even anyone treaty signed en masse by Nigeria who signs all and all posterial treaties if need be posterial must be invented for Nigeria that qualifies as a nation doing nothing

Probably Ethiopia has been doing too much like running her social infrastructure which includes an Ethiopia Airlines without a corresponding Nigerian Airlines or Airways

So to say to continue Why Fox?

If you can tell me why Biden is eager to fall in line with Iran and some obscure Climate Treaty which is practically unwritable talk less singable or signature worthy of any sane Secretary of State even blinking Blinken who can’t find Biden and Hunter laptop

Anyway Israel and the Revelation and Palestine is a course of concern but everything goes on

May Peace Reign because This is unjustifiable thinking Blinken

Nuclear Iran energy or oil whatever it’s not done this way if it’s ever done at all

Nigeria and US on signature on some obscure treaty

If I was Charles Stanley of Confrontation (1)

You bet theory of the Lord said to Moses is not a thing of the past but it is on now for sure in practice

There will come a time

There will come the End Times

And those who are not saved by reason

Will meet the ultimate downfall of all

So China and India are still in play as the one with no God per se but Confucius and India with many Gods

Gods are Gods and are not Reason

Take Myanmar because the repercussions are immense than Pinochet Battery kind of Atroce

This time it seems to be out of order and if I know God we’ll he wants to put in another order

Remember F. U. C. K Mr. Biden

Flicking under constant consent caricature of the King to duck you

“Terrance, read it loud and lousily. Put ‘f’ in the right places

That we don’t know who doesn’t like it on top

That the treaty says none like you from the past

It’s imminent

Low Europeans in America begging the Senate for Civil Rights 1964

Beedie is better and why do you not think so because it flows naturally even when things are not right in the beginning of the 1000years of surprises

Get used to the new wave

Something like Jesus in Law is coming you will know He from Burning Bush to Cavalry is in the details

It shall be well with us who do good

Africans vs Jacobites vs Israelis

The way the development is going in which part of the Messianic Revival im Continuum Angst in Postmodern Times

That you have the Holy Land Practically (my word of the week) practising democracy the dirtiest game every sane graduate of commonsense has been trying to get rid of

Off the record

On the record

That Netanyahu is guilty in Courts of Law

That Netanyahu is innocent of he wins the General Election of the Union of Judah

Now my question is this

They wither who hear your blasphemy

In Shekels how much is yte Glory of the days of Joshua and Elijah and Jehu in the Prayers of Jabez like Joshua’s and seeing Arafat bring on Mahmoud Abbas in your Nuclear Energy, Mr. MURKINGS?

Which lineage are you in the Messianic doctrine of Messiah where God is One with a son or without a son what are the grievances of your developed Israel against Iran that is unresolvable? unreasonable?


Unfathomable that educated literate all over the world believe you are not the real Israelites so you are Israelis?


Biden in ‘Laughing my ass off’ – Fear in Comedy 1

While Boulder was not a birch

While Robert Frost means so much to me and Amanda Gorman

While Boulder Massacre Raged 19 dead illegally

Biden called for a Firearm Reprieve in the Senate

“Which continental English do you speak Sir?”

We won’t want to leave it with you any further


How come the CEO of Pfizer makes you want to watch more of Faith TV?

Because he now practically gets to decide which Race lives or dies!


How bad was Trump?

Are you asking me and the historians died before they were born in America

Calling you our friend

Calling nothingness our hope


Faith for evermore

Which American English is this saving lives coming from

All fall down

Rumble in Dar es Salaam Samira wins practically

Rumble in Dee es Cee

Kamala wins all windslides

Who knows what’s on a staircase with wind be on top man climb behind a bling sorry Pac sirry Sboop

We ain’t all in your gang

Man up!

“What gives you that impression?”

I beg your pardon

Am I Anglican?

Right because we run things from a county with no written rules, I can support Catholucs from the ScottoWelshoIrisho Clique

No doubt the First Minister must go

No doubt Nicola Sturgeon must go

But what do we do about the Inequality Policy

Africa at the WTO again and every member must agree to a waiver to distribute vaccines to the underdogs you keep that way Gentlemen Phillip’s and Lady Elizabeth

Diversity in Unity

Looks more like Communism in Buckingjam to me and the UK wants to do business where it hasn’t paid reparations all because of Brexit?

Briefly you are still Bipolar

Give the United Nations Seroquel, my dear.

An excerpt from ‘The Embarrassment of World Citizens’ in Africa

Embarrassment of The Intelligent by Rotimi Onayemi

1. Rock of Ages
On our rock we heard there are beings ‘walking on their heads’. I can’t say for sure that they don’t move upside down. They can also walk with their legs.

We had Ovid and Stoics, my favourite. It’s with a deep sense of resentment for the bureaucracy and human relations that I’ve become independent. A freelancer to detail every scrap of our crashed existence in the hands of rogues posing as our government. What if I’m Myanmar? Would you set me free from the bondage of your low class citizenship and worship of the Devil which you come across in all parts of your constitution and dirt-rashed unrated currency operations that have ever seen the light of day as the most expensive currency that never was. Just as Obafemi Awolowo was the best President we never had or Murtala Ramat Mohammed was our Moses. I think his currencies can cut your ears that you have refused to use in local parlance as the one that is short one for the government however paddies and rogues as they may be and certainly un-useful in Esperanrantos comprising all World languages in which World Government is something that does not make sense as Vybz Kartel sang.

Skin Tight by Ishmael Reed

Skin Tight

Ishmael Reed

The internal organs were growling
According to them
They did all of the work while
Skin got all of the attention
He’s an organ just like us
They groused
Even the heart, which, a
Century ago, was the Queen
Of metaphors, but now
Was reduced to the greetings
Cards section of CVS,
Chimed in

They decided to call skin
On the carpet.
Skin arrived from Cannes
Where he’d been the subject
Of much fuss as actresses
Fed him luxurious skin
Food prepared by Max Factor
Estée Lauder, L’Oreal,
And Chanel
Caressed him daily
Sometimes for hours before
They made the red carpet

He was petted
And preened

Pleaded with him
To erase wrinkles to
Make them look younger
To tighten their chins

Skin tried to appease the
Critics, greeting them with
His familiar “give me some skin”
But his gesture went unheeded

Brain did all the talking
Brain said, “Here’s the skinny
Why do you get

All of the press
Your color
Your texture discussed
Nicole Kidman never

Did an ad about us

Cole Porter never
Wrote a song about us
Nor were we mentioned
In a Thornton Wilder novel
You’ve given us no
Skin in the game”

“What about the nasty
Things they say about
Me,” skin replied
“What about skin deep
For superficiality
Skin trade
To denote something

How would you
Like acne rashes

That astonish
Even dermatologists

I wear my blemishes
In public while you guys
Hide yours”

“Without me and heart
You’d be nothing,” the brain said
“That’s not true,” protested
The liver, “without me he’d
Be nothing”
“No,” the kidney said
“It’s me who keeps the
Body functioning”
The bladder and
The kidney began
To quarrel with
The lung twins spoke
“Without us
He couldn’t breathe”
Even the esophagus
And the thyroid
And the pancreas
Joined the outbreak
“What about us?”

The eyes said
“Without eyes you
Can’t see”

Their squabble distracted
When they looked
Up from their dust up
Helicopter was up
He was scheduled to
Address a convention of
Plastic surgeons at
The Beverly Hills
Escaping by the skin
Of his teeth
His opponents gave
But above the roar
Of the chopper
They heard him say
“Don’t worry fellas
I got you covered”

Copyright © 2021 by Ishmael Reed. Originally published in Poem-a-Day on February 26, 2021, by the Academy of American Poets

These Senators don’t know their jobs?

Only Africans are guilty in America

Only Wuropeans roam free

Considering the fact that I DONT MAKE RACIST STATEMENTS this is a fact

Imagine bringing back Obama and he wasn’t found guilty even for Affordable Healthcare Act

I know my set of bad guys in America

Now I know that apart from being bad guys they suck

Apart from sucking pussies and dicks in the GQP

Call this article on my blog my freedom of speech to call you a sick pussy of coward to be Trump’s lawyer and vote for non-impeachment bloody imps

For your info

1000years of Solitude has started

Did you read Marquez?

You dont need to

I didn’t being born with a soul to incite a riot and defend it anywhere

The Cowards of Law, Order and Faded Glory

So I boast on TV

So my son also boasted on demonstration of democracy

Stop the Steal?

Did you get the Demo Red handed


I dont have much to say anymore about Cowards who boast and deny prosecution

Now that you came and saw and didn’t conquer

Afraid of blackmailing law and order

Kicked in the Ass from The Big Apple to Coral Gables, sorry, Maralago into the butt of Faded Glory


Your fired!

Death and the King’s Horseman –

A Play by Professor Emeritus Wole Soyinka of Nigeria, Nobel Laureate 1986

It’s a situation

Where a wicked King’s Horseman

Or his Vice President

Silent in face of the King’s Treason

Flights and Fights for his life

When the King is Killed


Lost an Election for a 2nd Term

Or tries to be the Inciter on Chief extraordinaire

Trying to save his life after making people like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd lose their lives and justice

Or an apology

If someone robs your house

He told your wife lies

She moved out


Broke your stained glass windows

Threatened to hang you

Your name is Mike

You belong to the Senate

Would you let her go free

If she got away from your home, your palace, your Capitol Das

5 people died

Hang him is possible

He’s now a private citizen

Move it!

In lieu of Burmese Coup or Creepiness has a new meaning

Flashback Naija 2015 is good enough for Burma 2021

Short cut to Awareness 2015 Nigerian Style – My Version, adjacent to World Thought Today

In History, anyone supporting terrorism or racism et al is from a Retarded Society

In Religion, heartless terrorists are Devil’s Kids

In Pure Science, terrorists and leaders showing no sense of understanding are Sick, Schizophrenes and Borderlinish Bipolar Bastards too weak to get High and Cool, but low and out overboard with the bombs tied to their dirty asses

In Awareness, they are fools and you are smart enough to read this far and loving it

In Economic Practicals, they are poor and we rich enough to detest governments condoning it or people practising piss

In fiction, it’s impossible to make African leaders, Senates and Parliamentarians go for further terms since they never do much and we could try another style as we always do when we eased out missionary and colonial styles in our private and public lives

In general terms, the impossibility of a world standard in education, home economics, general knowledge and comparative enlightenment makes a particular term of generalising Africa as the bedrock of the world’s remaining woes from polio to malaria fever; from infant mortality to serious hunger business; from blankness to blandness and blightness a flimsy issue since the post-modern world has nothing to show primitive + or – 1

Let’s do the same exams based on the same lessons in = 1 World Q. E. D.

Cheers 😉

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A word for the wise in Africa to focus on business and leave politics aside.

To cut the long story short, it’s not about is developing from here to up there. The real cause and curse of our underdevelopment lies within us, therefore, IT’S RIGHT TO SAY I HAVEN’T SEEN A DOCTOR WHO EXAMINES SOMEBODY ELSE FOR HIS PATIENTS AILMENTS.

The issue is Africa

Let us look at Africa from a Robert Burns point of view: the most interesting Scottish Poet of all time.

Since most of the natural resources in use in the Industrial Age, for Optic Fibre or Trips to the Moon are from Africa like Cobalt, Bauxite, Platinum, Uranium, Diamond, Gold, Crude Oil of which Nigeria and Angola can feed Africa, then our DEVELOPMENT is not in the future and the people and countries buying our King Solomon’s Mines even sell it at a higher cost.


A new generation among us must live with the feeling that it’s the business and big business that we will do because the business of government is well taken care of, so we as Africans need to put our energy into the business sectors.

Moreso, business is shrinking, we are stuck at home and criticising or going after the government misdemeanors in Africa, personally is beyond ordinary citizens. The government knows the demonstrations are sponsored and they showed evidence too.

My advise is to our parents and entrepreneurs, mind our own business is what we must pass down for our kids.Edit”A new look inside Africa for Business”

Who has time for you? We do!

If Alan Dershowitz is not a crook, then he’s s a rogue!

How many Presidents have been jailed, and denied medical travel or have died in jail from Pinochet to Milosevic

Why exactly is Trump untriable in the Senate and not due for Capital Punishment since the result of his local action on the Electorate is overwhelming even leading his own supporters to commit crimes and die in the process; selling the States to foreign powers like Russia and Israel and Saudi Arabia

Who has time for Trump?

The critics do

Forget the cases

A bad precedent must be nipped in the bud

What if he killed someone on Fifth Avenue on Jauary 19, 2021 at 23:59pm

Ntoooon you are going to jail

Verdict: Mr. DERSHOWITZ, for ‘ders’ to mean ‘lesson’ in Turkish and ‘dersler’ means ‘lessons’ in the same language,; I think you need further lessons at Oxford or Cambridge or Lagos or Antananarivo since Harvard has taught you NOTHING

Maybe AFRICA WITHOUT MADAGASCAR IS NO AFRICA as in NO CORNER ON THE SEA can start meaning something to you as Judas is Carrot. You better steer clear of Weasels following Tropic, sorry, Trumpic Rabbit

You know those rabbits that fuck all day as Trump fucks your brains out with money

Wasted life of wasted space

“Muse Blyme OLOGBON ORI, he just said “Trump cant be tried. Let Pelosi hear you in the same vein, bloody fool”.

*OLOGBON ORI: MASTER CRAFTS MAN nickname for Masons in Yoruba Language

Never say never, crying proud loser wolves

Pride goes before a fall

We circumscribed as well as circumcised you infidels in November 2020

True to our calling we smiled at you on New Year’s eve because of John Lewis, Fela Kuti, Bob Nesta Marley, Malcolm X SHABAZZ and Rick James, that this is OBAMA’S MAN we gave Biden Obamacare and Mitch agreed to bury HATCHETS, MACHETES OF POLITRICKS used to kill and kidnap people and you wonder when PEACE WILL REIGN then we buried the WJOLE GAUNTLETS

But you un-proud losing fools tarnished your MAGA images and exploded at the Washington Avenue and caught yourself TOO COLD sorry, TOO STONED to THINK


Why are we impacting so late?

May I never be an elected official anywhere soon because everyone in touch with Trump thru out his Presidency from PEnce to ScaraMucci… by Place de Law Giuliani, short of capital punishment available in the States, who pardoned you

So you are even thinking of pardoning yourself

See you on the 22st

No, no the Juneteenth that you had to come and make popular

See you on the 32nd of December

Dirty crying losing proud bastard of falls and downfalls irredeemable as all who oppose you are infallible.

Who has time for you?

Burn the 25th. Gimme 69 or sumphin’ giid!

Someone has to teach Prof. Alan derßhowitz

So the VP must fire the P

But they all in the same gang

If he doesn’t invoke the 25th?

If Israel doesn’t bulge after the whole World bulged for it

Trump didn’t bulge after inciting an insurrection for 2 months and the dumb Prof. Of Harvard Alan Dershowitz said crap showcasing Rudidgers Joolani the Indonesian lawyer of him used to live in Staten Island.

The short sausage

We don’t like them

You don’t like is

Ghetto Favela Hood

Bug Small and Medium Class

You can accept but I can agree too

There’s no spirit

It’s not strong anymore

Robots are the Cockroaches

Of the past and this gloom

What has to be done for democracy we are doing but no one cares if we are vaccinated

Move it

Are you saying you count

Mr Navalny good luck but yes we are done short sausage passed back and forth

In fact, now, after the Quid pro quo with reference to your learned discourse before the unproven poison since Putin said if they wanted to they will but he lies a lot like the Nigerian Info Minister who is far from html 5 but called Lai Mohammed which fits the job because only a born liar can work for Nigerian government. If the money is okay I will also lie we say heaven but where

Bless my soul

This people used LIMO computers copters choppers sticks dicks dykes ships sheep sharps jvcs Ali Baba bit coin king orpheus and Queen also pink the woman is the same inside how dare you stick your short sausage in our social discourse sociopath like you tell me what makes you laugh and dance a yellow sissy I never had a chance with the toys of totes of yoyos in Amsterdam which was strange she wanna be married who doesn’t but cool down tou will soon be tired of the hits of boom a Gland-Morges-SembrancherAxis. Voila Au Chablais!

but I will not wait for nothing and no small sausage if not we stake the fucking demicracy now. It’s OVer

Why did you let him in?

Short sausage!

“I will even try you in the toilet”

Not only on the Senate Floor

” …bloody ingrate now you have to migrate and hide in Vamka!

Just imagine this piece of shit

I wish Doug was there when they attacked Mamala

First Blood pandoraboxoffice


Just imagine if they killed a black policeman at The Capitol

#BLM Part 2


I have an advise for The Olympian of DwarfyThoughtsVille

It happens when fools die in each other’s backyards. You were just like him loafers gonna d Olympics can’t change you… and you swim boy, all the practice your guts must have cooled down.. “You’re hot, to jail you must go”


She’s hot and coming with us, she loves Canadian big shot, young and saggy.

I have another nasty advise for the President.

Who do you love?

You threw your supporters under the bus

Can’t put it past you to help them on 3rd party basis

Who can put crime and cutting corners as in Quid pro quo past you?

Answer: Melanine, you must have had one.

Dershowitz said Trying you after you leave office is unconstitutional


Case closed.

We’ll try you in The Toilet of the Oval Office or Rose Garden like it’s the War of The Roses again; like Cromwell bullets for Charles 1 wannabe dictator like Smalldickville Domp Tromp


there are no bullets and guns used at The English Revolution!


Make France Great Again

We’re back in The Climate Change things

Even though our economy never changes


You never let us produce

China without production is a farce

Africa is fast becoming a farce

Working on what’s not worth working on

Scold us, complain for us

And solutions dream along we never grab it

Should we?


Viva la Guillotine, Marianne et Antoinette

One does to hell the other goes to Heaven

Not when you called bread cake

Like Tiffany’s

Dershowitz made you eat Polish-bred rabbits in Canada for nothing.

You will be tried for life

You have No Watergate連 fucking Blackwater apologist fascist


Are you dead ni?

The best Stock and Options

With wuthering wights of The Endless Laugh

As in last day in Patagonia

This is not the Common Stock Exchange. This stock is found in all races. Unity in Diversity. Sunkunmus Riranmus*

In the latest District of Columbia Sensational additional to Abortive Revolutions earning the Europeans a burn at the stake (they didn’t let us really write African history beyond Amistad so we didn’t know how we died) of course there are Rumours from people who love and gate Communists and Antifas or Fascists and The Royals otherwise called Conservatives coming out blossoming in the full house vermin jacket saying it has correlations in God and African Religions…

When we say we are the best stock – the best stock is found everywhere – as is well documented in the Greatest Books of The World, unlike Narcisssus or Nassau Royalty, Dutch Royalty, Rijks, Kroningen is NOT Oba or Obi or Shaka The Zulu culture.

{as in you dont go around taking oaths based on African Religions and Thunder wouldn’t fire you if you steal, as in African Presidents won’t swear with African Gods in this BLATANT ROGUE OF A SYSTEM CALLED DEMO-CRAZY. So dont ask why Africa is not developed because Africans have seen that both Democraxy and Christianity or Islam or Hindu or etc cannot nail the thief because in many parts of Africa anyone stealing the treasury blind will be struck by The Best LIGHTNING … TELL ME WHO IS THE BEST STOCK AND WHAT OPTIONS WE HAVE FOR TRANSPARENCY WHEN THE WHOLE WORLD SWEARS BY ŞANGO OR XAANGO THE GOD OF THUNDER… this one will act with a meteorite from another World.

When rain is about to fall say Şango a few times whether Thunder wont Fire you… he said it’s a joke OMODE O MO OOGUN ONPE LEFO*}

Of the power we wielded at the time… the human rights and free readers we shared led us into the temptation of colony and neo-colonybthat we are trying to get out of… I need Dershowitz he can prove Africans Case better than me… Go Get Him!

as at the time because you can calculate the power of the dollar in 1960 {that’s the powerbwe want for African Money Stock and Options} when we got our shabby independence, egalité like inequality constitutionalized; liberté of torture and poverty of having a passport but nowhere to go EVEN B4 CORONA YOU WON’T LET AFRICANS TRAVEL NOR INTEGRATE it’s coming full circle unless you are so freaking blind because The God of Super Freaks will move the cycle to Kamalas daughters and Obama’s daughters to be Presidential of course

Because I don’t know any FoOL but John Roberts who would swear in a President of Woes OR who would swear in A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT AFTER THE BREAKING WINDOWS and Courtesy for Yankee Amama or Ma Baker down the stairs after killing 5 compared to Africans and their supporters during PEACEFUL PROTESTS and we reject him blatantly like Peter Pan renounced growth in misery.

Let my people Go!

*Sunkunmus Riranmus – Yoruba n Latin = People who cry can see

**OMODE O MO OOGUN ONPE LEFO – Yoruba language means The child doesn’t know ‘the leaves of voodoo’ and calls them ‘vegetables’

Black Gran’ma Vs. White Trump

Granma; says why is he always in red tie. Does he sleep standing up? Then I said he sleeps standing like a horse even though fascists like him would be a wolf;

That was the flag off, that’s why they keep impeaching him aww.

He’s like my children born African and it seems they have The Darts Board of Yore stuck on them from heaven bless my soul Trump is forced raped used by

Michigander and Kentucky Fries Chicken … sorry she doesn’t know Mitch McConnell had a name apart from IMP TRAINER😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣

Becos he couldn’t be Bezos making money dashing his wife 30billion in any currency but Zimabawean and Venezuela makes sense.

Communist no more

I’m sailing on a Space Ship via Aurora and The Moon to Little China called Xinjiang or in popular history FREE UIGHURS FREE ASSANGE FREE

Post-Capitol Trauma and other forms of legendary stupidities

What would you think if you heard Africa is paying 2billion dollars ($2billion) for 270m doses of vaccines while she’s a PoorContinent with over 1billion citizens.

What would you advise as a layman or expat, doesnt matter:

A. Will you ask Africa how much Astra Zeneca uses for daily operations of the whole company or for the estimate in dollars of the COVID-19 manufacturing lab?

B. Say O Pity Pity like Shakespeare and forget it?

C. Hire Greenpeace, Amnesty and Transparency International to be Management Consultants for African Union because they like freebies from NGOs more than

That Africa should go fuck herself or himself

Release Money for African Water and Electricity NOw!

The boys you spent all the money of dollars end up showing shame imagine the opportunity we need to be in DC doing well blowing a Trumpet or Washing Dishes and Toilets to keep DC Clean or jet out to Virginia bootlegging Moonshine or chasing UFOs, sorry, unidentified fascist objects who you have spent money on but have nothing to show for it.. breaking windows of the Congress OMG as if there is nothing better to do in the States. Losers

Please next agenda is Africa Water and Food and Electricity you know we need everything eything

For whom the bells never toll

Biden/Harris will be sworn in on January 20, 2021

I’m already looking beyond their first term

The saviour of Africa doesnt look like them

They haven’t said a thing to help Africans or Even Anericans themselves

People working in the backgrounds to keep the status quo

Why attack Iran and Venezuela at The National Press Club

Venezuela is… is what?

Same Grand Ol’ Party

When the GOP lies low

The DEMOCRATS will do.all those things Republicans used to do

Current airline flight superstitions etc.

Have you heard it’s not ‘advisable’ for Mom and Son or Daughter and Dad to be on the same flight or travel in the same car


If there is an accident my Mom thinks it’s because the Mom and Daughter travelled TOGETHER…

Fast forward to The Capitol

It turned out so bad for every protester and domestic terrorists


A few people came with their Parents.

The benefits of mergers and acquisitions in politics

Comey say Trump must not be tried

If you arrest a drug dealer he  or she must be tried.

Trumo must be tried.

Merge a few redundant soldiers in all States

Merge National Guards willing to  Branch acquired solely to deal with Trump and his supporters

You have to expand

The traditional ones have withered after prosecuting #BLM unnecessarily

Move on




Jail him if you must.

“Sometimes I believe the election was stolen”

Sometimes I believe the election was stolen”

“Has anyone told you this lately?”

What have you done for me lately? – That’s Janet Jackson.

I told my brother lately

“Sometimes I believe the election was stolen”

“He said he feels that way too”

That’s my brother.

How about you?

Do you sometimes believe the election was stolen?

That’s the spirit.

It bothers on scepticism it may be true. Absolutely.

I mean when you cover deep State when Trump come in.

And we opened it up when we saw Biden coming.


Of Babylon: Fascists and Antifas

I really don’t know what’s happening to the best of worse

Maybe we are doomed on a ball going no where

That we forget all our sayings and proverbs

Quote Einstein

I will Quote Tagore

Quote James Hadley Chase

I will Quote for 1000 years in solitude the predicament of Man and Woman to be this or that

That I don’t know what exactly you expect from us than to shut up shit out of Manners till Fascists took the Republicans and we start hearing if an incident that never happened for 200years storming the Senate

Considering the fact that honest Germans after the Second World War told me that the power of the US is Mighty Super Power as The Russia is Same Super Power that a war will destroy them BUT one honestier German said The American Fascism was BIGGER THAN OUR OWN it can crush us but she didn’t it was the RUSSIANS who got rid of Hitler as it was May 1 anyway a holiday to which America will never subscribe except my lady friend if old Socialist of New York … people have hearts.

Fascists was Old and New America, watch even Utah Senator Romney what form is that and Paul Ryan OMG mitch can you stop now even your wife resigned.

Antifas was Old Russia

I know you were with we.

Dull children make Dumb Protesters… wearing black to The Pope

For coming to the Lincoln Memorial we can’t overstate that fact.

For the daily beating and killing of Black Men worldwide. Black Women please the ego of these dogs and Korea vs Japan on the Sex Issue Slave Sex during the Wars is a no-no

Check Trump’s records and the records of his followers. Till Twitter had enough. He should float his social media crap and see it crushed this us the age of reason and at 75 Papa you ain’t fat shit left to prove.

The Fascism book of Hitler you read with Pompeo and Ted Cruz believes that the Nazis took it under Hitler jlt Just Like That.

But it would have been worse.

Sorry Trump you would be in the Great Beyond if Pelosi was hurt.

Google it bitch!

Worse now because you don’t know which Republucans now see you want Power at all costs even over their lives and blood that people texted their family Goodbye?

I knew it all women do it too

How could the Queen meet you in person?

How could your wife and step daughter wear, sorry daughter wear black to see the Pope in Convent lol.

Listen good.

The last man who received the Pope in Black was Sani Abacha the late Nigerian Military Dictator who received Pope John Paul II just died of poison one night when he had planned to execute a former President by Firing Squad or Hangingvthe next day (my dear Pope just like the rest except Bernard XVI OMG d German Thing and he resigned too … hmm good job. Imagine John Paul II abdication as Bishop of Rome? You knew you don’t belong there and Francis should do more)

Since the heydays of CaveMen we know people like you don’t end up well and will drive the West Down.

It’s now not a matter of the West advising and pontificating when breaching US HOUSE is busy celebrating a fresh anniversary of nonesense politics and the Ivy League buit a new shrine to Fake Politics.

Just for Donald and Melania. King and Queen of BS in DC sounds like BDSM to me Men!

Jay Leno and Tyler Perry explained the possibility of MAGA inadvertently

Jay used to take his mic around LA and places like Hollywood asking simple questions that High School kids couldn’t fix or the jolly night crawlers. One used to say haha that Canadians speak Canadian. Many didnt know where Mexico or England was on the map.

Tell you what

I don’t know how the Nobel select their prize winners but I couldn’t believe how many Professors in Europe who either didnt know where Papua is on the map to asking where Papua is in Africa

When a French bring tall Senegalese to oppress medium height Mozambicans

When we need visas to go everywhere but the Yankees need no visa but they don’t travel but to destroy the symbol of their privilege.

The people holding advanced countries know themselves.

The people making countries shabby and poor with no day life nor night life, no good healthcare free to paid-for. Burn our NHIS I paid once and see it doesn’t matter. The nurses his because I wasn’t going to pay. It’s not like that everywhere you go to use Nigerian Government Approved Basic as in Cheap or Non-existent healthcare.

What are we saying?

Some Mama mixed up Joseph the Dreamer and Jesus in a Tyler Perry movie about African Americans.

Make No Mistake 3: If Trump is not impeached no one ever will

He denies the facts

He is filled with Revenge for being shit and accorded respect

He denies the election and made Al Gore look Presidential, Honourable a Saint even of The Environmental Paroles

He instigated a Mob to attack The Legislature

Let’s send a Mob

to break windows

And pull out Molotov Cocktails

to beat up Policemen

And throw a Fire Extinguisher into a group of Policemen holding back protesters

Then call it a witch hunt

He’s wrong

He’s not a witch

He’s a liar

He’s the Wizard we looking for

On this Hunt,  c*nt

The Congress and Senate Senate haven’t started

By the time I finish with Trump in The Court of Popilar History his filthy names will be blotted out from World History included is Yankee doodle’s.

Black Privilege if there ever was one

1. The right to be very afraid of the past, present and future

2. We have thinkers and writers and a Nobel Laureate is from my country with all his esteemed Black Privilege he organizes Book Fairs (sic) what does that mean.

3. Black Privilege to be heartless as Many Presidents and FUNNY ENOUGH THEIR AFRICAN SUCCESSORS SINCE THE 69s born in the 60s roll in the corridors and powers of Buckingham, Berlin, Champs Elysée of Ophelie Winter fame… a French singer I particularly like because I once did a stint as an apprentice photographer with Faruk Akbaş a smart one taking pictures for the Turkish government publications etc then we had tourists from France who we accommodated for 2 weeks or 4weeks and they talked about Ophelie Winter AS A SENSATIONAL JOKE that she even sings at Pantheon or Olympia whatever.

Black Privilege is the right not to be able to live with White Privilege

But don’t lose White Privilege to Q Anon as we struggle not to lose the little Nigerian Privilege we have to Boko Haram

We try to teach otherwise but the lazy couch potatoes dreaming Shamans in Arizona and Nazi Americans hailing Trump may change Black Privilege to White Privilege.

Could you imagine if they killed a Black Policeman?

Trump is sick with his Racism and his foolish pride may ruin his families future. He’s old and uncaring that’s sad.

How many years have I been telling you to impeach him. Good job!

Welcome to Israel!

Or you will be arrested, it’s not a Civil War lol!

Make No Mistake 2: From Bombay to Goa O Pity Pity Farmers!

The question is:

Considering the full extent of the Hindu anger has been on Habshi (African Lords turn Citizens suffering from Black Privilege and Dalit etc)

Why are Hindu fathers and farmers camping out in the streets and highways and dying?

Because of some foreign Multi National Business in the Information Technology Era?

If The Age of Reason caused The French Revolution what will The Info Rev cause… embrace civil rights and go get a job… the orange man denied.

His own children are not in jail facing Cop Murder Charges?

Listen to Stephen Colbert or Old Jon Stewart Videos

As this is a Black Privilege Blog so we must move on to the bank telling you to

Listen to Trevor Noah

Prime Time TV black privilege or not his comic got him a $27m house in Siuthern California?

What is Black Privilege getting me?

A Lot!

Mushroom Countries of Africa and Our Fucking Educational Systems

The United States will DEPORT 16000 Nigerian Students whose universities have switched to online coaching (as if they are Olympic athletes)

Not so good

What can you do when you’re from mushroom country?

The US Agency in charge released this statement:

There are over 36,000 students from Sub-Saharan Africa studying in the U.S. As of March 2019, there were 16,039 students from Nigeria studying in the United States with 54 per cent male and 46 per cent female.

This is an increase of 3,342 students over 12,693 students recorded in November 2018. Undergraduate students constituted 34 per cent; Masters students 36 per cent; doctorate formed 12 per cent; while associate was 12 per cent. Non-degree and others formed five per cent.”

Then without SHAME as a recourse to CRIMES AGAINST ONE’S OWN HUMANITY the President of Nigerian MUSHROOM Professors and Mushroom assistants… LOW GRADE… In essence said:

There used to be a time when US

The ASUU President said further:

“Of course, the ruling class that can afford it are those sending their children to those distant places in America and Europe. The children of the poor are left to attend universities that are without facilities, universities that are not adequately staffed, and universities whose capacity for research have been dwindling. We think this is an opportunity for the Federal Government to sit back and address the problems in our university education and indeed Nigerian education as a whole.”

Quote Dumber Professor:

Also, former Minister of Education Prof. Chinwe Obaji (no one could be dumber) wondered how courses like engineering and sciences that require practicals would be taught online.

Unquote Dumber Prof, italics mine

White Njiggers at Los Capitol di Lincoln und Schtroompttt

If we tell you we are all njuggers and njiggers

What would you believe

That Man is Man and would do The African Dance or European Dance when they are disguised as disgusted

The Birth of Tragedy – Friedrich Nietzsche’s first book if I’m correct write people are happy going to war. It changed my life and my first wife set me up for this. She knew I was soon fed but also a Communist and Anarchist and Stoic Scrabble Sympathiser . I hanged out with Gothics and some of them killed their friends in Istanbul in 1997 that she thought I should not like Gothics and People from Chechnya which I thought was Gross.

Yesterday made me know better. Anericans storming the Capitol. Fake News.

Swiss storming La Maison de House of Confederation for The Swiss State des Scary and Sacré Cantons in place of tiny State paying thousands of Swiss Francs to citizens and foreigners never gets mobbed. Fake News

Norwegians storming where? Fake News

The Saami would storm the Norwegian Parliament with a Simple Igloo to show disgust and wish for Basic Reform.

Thailand. True News.

Chile. True News.

In The States Fake News by the Inventor of Cloudy Fake News.

Imagine when George Bush used to talk. George Trained Trump. George was really rowdy. Trump didn’t do anything Special.

Trump is a weak President that’s why he need the Crowd. The State worked for George. Unfortunately.

Poor boy.

the people who made a

Welcome to Nigeria, A country that removes HISTORY like The States

Part 1

It’s obvious (my favourite word for 2021) that History as a subject for High School Students, and in particular, NO SUBJECT can be scrapped in Human Endeavour becos you will soon start seeing on TV and hearing on Podcasts and Radios: Professor of COVID+ Eradication.

Just like a Robot who we tell what we want to just do it faster our professor thinks he is more smarter than us now but we bankers pay his salary, chocolate makers pay his sabbatical, and Don Trump’s Show of Shame and Lies in the last week makes me shiver when I remember the Guillotine

Au Nom du Egaluté, Fartanité et Libaisseé… French has a separate grammatical conjugation. Learn French so you can speak English and understand it better. Now you’re removing History from High School Students. Shameless Idiot forever more. Amen. No Parole just like Trump he was Over 70 when he committed the crime. Bloody Idiot. Now he wants to forgive himself. Please!

I can’t stop laughing.

Nest in the Next for fun for it.

Part 2.

It’s foolish that the President asks for Mutiny of The Hopeless Senators °WHO CANNOT MAKE A SINGLE LAW TO PREVENT ANOTHER #GEORGE FLOYD; WHO DIDN’T WANT HILLARY NOR KAMALA but is bent on making the best of her as The Confederate Opposition and Mitch and Graham cannot deny that they have to stop being Fascists Anonymous.

Graham was like count me out because it is Suicidal and The Republican Party …

A Bunch of Democracy

*I don’t know how many times God has to bless us. We nailed him TWICE. KILLER MIKE. DUDE IS

If I was in school in The Middle Ages, adding ‘Demagoguery’, I will be and not to be stupid.

The little pimps we call mosquitoes here. Holy Lord bless their soul. This is beyond Kafka and his Gregory Insect because The Gate of The Law, even of Modern Babylon has been breached and I can see alter egos of Daniel & Co. When Daniel is involved. Watch.

There is another name for it. It’s not the definition with people because it killed Goerge and Brianna and Sandra and Tupac and Ali and Eazy E and Rev King. From my own perspective, I know you have a lot of people poisoned and sjlhot like fjord but it’s not the same and we in Africa consider it DEROGATORY to punish us with Democracy and Human Rights with Hollywood on top so we felt the connection you lost with reality and built Nollywood Gollywood Kannywood Bollywood I dont know if Costa Rica decides to wood up like Canada then its CaricaPapayawWood or simply San Juan by the sea to be invoked with St. Michael or Angel Michael (which one is it?🤣😇😅)

That the allwhatnot must be shared as a national cake for the masses at the Local Government. Even Wards and Constitutional Constituency where votes are cast to determine the MANDATE of the Electorate that our Prex and Senators use to shine like McConnell marry Taiwanese

who dashed Monkeys all these Bananas, is a song from Africa Again!

no wonder all those monkeys were climbing walls and FIGHTING the POWER of Trump the Liar and all those #TedCruz and #TuckerCarlson and beehaitch #CandaceOwens

A bunch of demicracy for us is that we won’t use US Demicracy like Psychosis without and adequately blended and effective schizophrenia to go with it

Give is another bunch of democracy that doesn’t break windows or I will just join Xiping Army


You never know what they want

They never know what they want

Quite surprised to be in jail


Iran is hosting Al Qaeda – Stale News


Pelosi opened the articles of impeachment

So what? I think Pelosi and Trump should go together.

IF Pelosi has that much Homeless what’s the Problem with Trump. Really?

A Problem in Africa

Without any solution.

Ever heard ‘Don’t believe the hype’ well, ‘Believe the hype with a few scoops of salt’. Dont mind your imaginary taste. We who write reality and no horror nor flamboyant extravagance with evergreen reference to how the people will GO.

The soul of Africa could not possibly attract so much misery and people who suffer cannot do anything about it.

Thank God for money and development plans, zero.

So what does the soul of his place want that it attracts in buts and pieces for so damn long too long like The Big RICK. Tearing all her girls, that French police on international campaigns go back with stories of scandals, ecstasy and death so that their colleagues never posted to Africa, like Georgia and Azerbaijan always holidaying in Turkey crave the cheap African Girls and Boys as we have found out that French Peacekeepers fucked Congolese boys for like 13years and I’m like what does the Soul of Africa get that even the French sent gay flics! to Africa.

There are so many that Africa gets a bunch of homosexual police and soldiers for a decade in Congo?

Then poverty stricken

Then polio (just Nigeria)

Then kill foreigners everywhere and listing especially will take a time but it’s out there for us to see.

What will heal the World?

Greedy GOP apologists even ask for more… when the life of so many Africans haven’t started.

How do you feel?

How do you feel Africa? Because it’s a different ball game that has to end. Hope someone who is not African will be our Messiah and Martyrs for us because we are not going to martyr for ourselves. Period.

“Obviously”, sang my bad and bard.

They never wanted American Independence from Britain / nor The Protest Revolution they wanna hijack

We were the African Americans who wanted AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE from Great Britain Empire… they didn’t want it because they are FAMILY with Britain and we wanted FREEDOM

We were the African Americans who wanted CIVIL RIGHTS, why would WHITEs busy lynching unabated want Civil Rights for VICTIMS.

Even the MLK Jr. who fought for Civil Rights was shot in the chin and the bullet came out from his back. R. I. P. Papa.

They never want a government of peace and popular consensus like Biden. They want one where Graham and McConnell would spew venom on the Senate floor.

I really need to tell you this

There are two people who usually tries to solve any given problem under the sun or the moon when they are drunk, jobless or carried away with empty cafe talk

1. Tries to solve with knowledge, wisdom, power, understanding and the wheel of good fortune

2. Tries to pick it up and break it or carry it away, try to sell it on or eBay or AliBaba no matter how white he wants Anrrica to go back to. He pawns everything he touches or join the forces and become a nationalist veteran. It’s all good from Arizona to DC. I dont think I promise much on your way back: jail.

The terrorists Trump sense use only senseless force that lands them 20years in jail anyway (I don’t believe that they are terrorists just like no one living or dead believes Trump won the election. He tried to. Obviously by arm twisting PELOSI = Mama Yankee

Mama Yankee o nigba = Mama Yankee won’t agree.

Trump, Pelosi promised to beat you with her handbag if you show up at the execution, sorry, inauguration of the To be or Not to be January 20×Maga÷BLM=Freedom under Biden.

Food grief. We are still hungry in Africa. WHO do sumphin’ he’s gone to Hell.

The Eternal Blame rests with Pat Robertson and the dumb Graham boy

Just picture how the Esteemed first King of Saudi Arabia in her present form, circumscribed the ascetic Wahabbis* to himself and the Royals in his quest to govern lands many times the size of his own Kingdom.


noun: Wahabi

a member of a strictly orthodox Sunni Muslim sect founded by Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–92). It advocates a return to the early Islam of the Koran and Sunna, rejecting later innovations; the sect is still the predominant religious force in Saudi Arabia today.

So is The 700 Club founder who endorsed Donald Trump and the Sex Scandals, backing off when he what idk…

So is the dumb Graham boy who his sister tried to silence in their magazine … wooo presidential evangelical without portfolio

So is Kenneth Copeland and wife

So is the hundreds of thousands of African Christian’s who think the President of America must be supported for being the Protector of Jews IF NOT DARKIES since NIGGER is banned

We will get there

We watching it

We working on it like Boo

Being first is not always the best

Keep smearing your pride

And the little faded glory you have left

Burn visa free and your passport

Herd Immunity is not only for Vaccines

Watch videos of Buffalos killing Lions

Reverse Aggression can be worldwide against Americans and Europe may surely revoke your final haven if you start a war.

All in all Europeans will have to leave in their entirety someday as French left Algeria and British left Nigeria

You have a big problem

I dont wanna be in your murderous shoes because your stand has been identified as scary, fascist and deserving capital punishment


For #GeorgeFloyd or #KobeBryant

For Geronimo

For Benjamin Franklin I dont think you know good American History January 6, 2021 Edition

“No one’s gonna love you the way I do” you think it’s breezing and freezing like Pfizer covid 19 more than Africans… yes we are poor and incompetent and indebted but we are talking about survival and elimination of Yaqyb

in your dreams.

Rehabilitate those boys and girls before they mess it up and you would be glad to dump the US Passport and go for The Vietnamese Passport.

Guess what?

You guys go a long way back together 1967 or/and 1974.

Its production for small businesses or food security NOT Climate Change… seriously

Whatever Trump did before the assault on The Capitol

Is what the UN does with years and decades of Youth, Women, Human Rights

I was in South Africa in 2001 as Correspondent of Times Publications to cover the UN Racism Conference; while checking out to fly back to Zurich from Jo’burg two weeks later, the lady said, as she handed over my boarding pass (2days after 9/11), “Why have you come to disturb us in South Africa with Racism, there is no Racism here.

I was like as usual,  even back then


Marked for Destruction or Jail

Do you know people with the whole world for them to take and they lose it…

Making America Great with Loafers.

Now that you are dead? R. I. P. It’s unfortunate people still don’t catch the drift and these guys are getting cash to travel…. have been in the armed forces and wanna do everything they can to stop Kamala.

Sleepy Joe is okay

They are family

Kamala is the common enemy and I dont know how that is remotely possible

Storm the Capitol when your lawyer is a jock!

/ God makes you deaf and loud

/ Trump makes you proud even when you have nothing

To think those loafers made up his crowd

Unhinged big talk /

If Sleepy Joe got your job?

Dreamy Don you are!

Twice Pelosi? I impeached the imp everyday!

I stand on record

I impeached Donald Trump every day for 4 years except when he blasted the WTO and WHO two arms of the UN making subjugation of Africa dirtier.

Imagine if WTO made us trade

Imagine if WHO gave us adequate healthcare

They could have brought down the Blackmailed Obamacare for Africa and we gladly take it.

Now Trump is always wrong

I impeached the imp everyday for 4 years

As In Europe not so In Africa, we’re pretty much used to it – Was that a joke?

If the Prime Minister of Israel or UK was the first or the Sweet Old woman from Oxford were the first set except America of all places with her demon of a joke of a President without any gumption like The President of Nigeria… anyway were administered the COVID-19 vaccine

That’s Europe.


Full Stop/

Here in Africa

Give it to Women and Children first because people in The Medical Profession WERE DISAPPOINTED by THE GOVERNMENT and They in turn DISAPPPOINTED THE PEOPLE so we have Covid and doctors and nurses in Africa can go to freaking hell.

Just give Women, Toddlers, The Youth. Dont start with no Fucking President or Prime Minister.

Are you Deaf or Dumb?

Abomination in Papasland and Mamasland

These people you call diplomats are always milking the Afeican Cow and we gave to go sing Ramadan Songs to get money to eat. They always clean up the Public Treasury . Don’t tell me you will use Public Treasury to buy vaccines and give The President of Nigeria first. Are you Mad?

Pfizer BioNtech or Sino-Are You Sure it’s a vaccine and the Chinese certified it. Wow!

Fixing, sorry, Giving vaccines to rogues first before the children.

Was that a joke?

My Law and Order

Actually, based on the fact that President Trump ordered the Siege of Capitol

A. After the General Elections ousting him

B. When his immunity is on the way out

C. We have only one President at a time therefore ONE POTUS IMMUNITY, ONE FLOTUS IMMUNITY.

D. This adulterated Immunity, meaning not really classified as IMMUNITY anymore but CEREMONIAL IMMUNITY

E. We can send him to jail on January 20.

F. Hello No we can’t, earmarked Doug

G. We send him to Guantanamo. A terrorist risk.

4 ‘Pastors’ convicted today in Nigeria for homo-raping an 11 year-old boy

Just imagine what has been happening to the girls and if that is a Church-operated High School.

Idk how to say that if you attend a particular church once. Fine. But if you keep going back to the Church you have a very funny problem unless they are paying your Bill’s which is true and the only reason u go back or they are giving you hope for Paradise like you think cannot happen anywhere else. Fool, literally.

Now the esteemed Founder and his esteemed wife running a church of millions using planes and not aware?

“See, this is simple (in Tony Montana’s voice in ‘Scarface’) everyone working for the Church and School gets shot…”

“Oh no!”

“Didn’t you say ‘Fire like Donald Trump’ or what da fuck we do with Paedophiles?”

“Life imprisonment with their leader just leaving the confines of Immunity”

Ruth had Obed and Obed begat Jesse, Jesse (Owens) begat David, yeah we do back a long way with Jews good and bad, then David begat many and Solomon who built the first Temple.

Why am I telling you all these history?

Solomon is the Preacher and King of Ecclesiastical so his submission in Proverbs on The Wicked can just be mot-à-mot interpreted with postmodern sense in sending all the founders, trustees and staff to jail. Then sending all the suppliers of those planes and food for the last 30 years to build all their Church a fine of varying amounts in thousands for this Negative Efrect.

I like my mind is my Church.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, we need more than 53

If that is your show

Wait for The Liberty Parole

I’m not a lawyer

But there are dire consequences

Like England can arrest anyone

If Trump had asked Walker Jr

Never go to England anymore for what you did at The Capitol yesterday

These ones don’t give a damn about incorrectly phrased phantomised paroles

I heard they will put you in jail

The White Era was redeemed by Angel Michael P for Paradise

Now that you are on your own

Bad boy Bad boy

Whatchu gonna do

When they come for you

The guys who dropped off votes working for La Poste

In The Commonwealth of Paradise, sorry, Pennsylvania, Adrianopolis, Minneapolis, Kenosha, Ferguson… I can’t count in English… you’re fired.

“Tucker, are you running?”

This is Country. Friendship Aside.

Someone just said in my country and not your country that he does not have to like the President and the President doesn’t have to like him. Adding That this is about country and not Rat Races like Friendship Games.

Later he said, “Critics are not Devils, we are here to warn the Youth to get out of the President’s School of Thought which may plunge this country in to further Nigeeianness in her Nature more than necessary of which the Poor suffer much… so make them rich!

Let my People Go! Please!

At least you let the people storming the Capitol go home. Find a way to send us the 6 January Capitol Police, Mayor of DC, The handsome Black Police Chief, the charming leader of The National Guard, some up and coming journalists looking like a cross among Dana Bash, Becky Anderson, Darien Abugarda, Katty Kay, Femi Oke, Rubadiri, Gabrielle Church and Latino Girls for Shakira to sing her World Cup Song Waka Waka

For the armed among them to take our President to the Hague Awaiting Trial

You can’t waste 5years like this Mr Prez, even Don do.

Racism Keeps Coming. You lost, loser

If this is the legacy of The White Race

To attack Congress that gave you 3 centuries of the good life on the life and blood of people like Biden especially, Kamala . You loses and most certainly Kamala stays 8years and Doug came to that if you attack his wife. In your dreams.

So this African American really pinch. Warnock won Warpath. Ossoff means Fix off. You loser.

Kamala, lead us out of Slavery

Don’t you know what you can do?

Good it is There Was Him before You in The White House


Just do the exact opposite of what he sissied and issued per veto showing us like a led new to getting Report Sheet with the tecaher signing off The Boy Is Good.

But this Barron is bad he must not sleep in the White House anymore. If not I will arrest him

For and Against Anxiety and Mental Health

I kind of agree with this article. But #6 is one to which I will like to add a clause. Anxiety and even Madness as I’ve witnessed can stop spontaneously. Literally.

In 1992, I started seeing a friend whom I met at Youth Service in Nigeria. In his neighbourhood in Lagos there was this Madman dirty unkempt who people said has been crazy for more than 10years. Obviously.

But one day I went to visit this friend and he and his brothers and sisters told me this guy is now so okay that if I see I won’t believe. All the while he was crazy dirty and rolling the streets he always came back home and he said he just realised he was crazy and decided not to be crazy anymore.

One day I was going to see this friend and I saw this guy, shaved and clean, so clean he had his hand on his new girlfriend’s shoulder, drinking beer, sitting on a chair in front of his parent’s house with the music loud, partying OMG.

But after a few years one day he relapsed.

I just wish he gets back on his feet.

Afro Look inside yourself; you learnt from the best

The undehandedness in bureaucratic channels which gave rise to the word ‘Oversight’ in pretty much everywhere shows these African Senators learnt from you.

You don’t really care Loefller

Jettisoned with her dummy.

That’s the same crap Senators do here… instead of forging academia and industry they are campaigning with their Trumps.

Biden is not any better mind you.

Africa look inside yourself but we sold the head of states and leaders to money and megalomaniacs with dollars and euros. Shame.

I like that one

Instead of forging Academia and Industry

Not leaving toxic waste by An Africa Ghetto in South Africa or people living on the Canals in Lagos.

Mother teach us to smile

We are children.

☆Solomonic Reviews of Understanding. Meth and Myth

In My Private Book of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

a. Pre-Anger

b. Anger and Ansgt

c. Post-Anger Disorder Therapies

A Turkish psychiatrist once said on TV in 2009 that you have to speak, sorry, sleep in my laboratory for me to tell you categorically if your dreams are worth it, meaning if they have the possibility of coming true.

He mentioned Cortex, Virtex or Cerebrum (!as I’m wasn’t a student nor one brave enough to study or crave The Neurosciences) I don’t remember, Worse still is if it’s your psychiatrist it’s me who forgot the terms of your neurological disorders, not you, them, them who, examples of people with solid inferences people with a Meth or and Myth are people stuck to land or issues… since as the saying goes they have opponents listening to them because as my friend even as we live the same politics I suspect as a skeptic the essence of humanity and if you are a part my Yorubas say you have lots of skeletons in your wardrobe if you have one or if its imaginary.

There are so many drugs worldwide.

There are so many lands being fought over like Jerusalema, apologies Master KG feat. Nomcebo.

In that land and our lands it affects the thinking of thoughts even of land and existing with people who are not of the same race, apologies to Babylon which used to force people to Integrate if a Superpower want to send foreigners home. Come on we all know your citizens don’t clean the toilets

Cut the crap

Cut the grass

Smoke the grass

Smoke out so-called Illegal Immigrants

Because the UN and the Advisory Role it Plays is killing people

Yes since people who work there want their salary in dollars because it’s the UN and money is spent recklessly after donations my ass

They be shouting Climate Change, what of The Immigrants.

I love love stories but the one where you have destroyed love as our national politics is a party thing so we scrap democracy an institution working against the people.

Even the UN born of democracy send our money to the Government of Stealers for want of a better word to ask Kamala Harris to come discuss US Government Finance after 4years. They be spending millions already and their spouses getting more.

Cohorts too lol.

They be asking if we deserve 2000 dollars because we are so sick to be ordinary people.

One World Many Countries

One World 260 kinds of currencies, educational systems, metric system, communist system.

Tell you what they are rogues who hijacked the Our World smoking to stay high n’sync with celebrities and ship builders posing as Game of Drones.

Ask Solomon who said it’s Vanity. Vanity+

Lol von Megyn Kelly / Didn’t I tell you Bidens are Dirty? – Preface

Megyn Kelly is not happy about the recent, “disgusting” media coverage of President Trump. Specifically in reference to Lesley Stahl’s 60 Minutes interview with the President, Kelly says the media has become SO blinded by ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ that they’ve lost their own credibility…and now they can’t get it back. And she explains how SHE would properly cover the stories unveiling Hunter & Joe Biden corruption — in a professional and FAIR way.

Biden and Sons Inc.

If I were the VP of your country, could I send my son, a lawyer to an OIL COMOANY IN ANOTHER COUNTRY


Where is the written Expat Rule that if you work for the government of another country, you’re considered a SPY in your own country. Rightfully so.

Now the VPs son, Mike Pence son working in an OIL COMOANYBIN KAZAKHSTAN OR KIRGIZTAN considering the ex-Soviet logos of this duo and Ukraine of The Quid Pro Quo

You run a network of bribery and corruption worse than Quid Pro Quo

Look at how Trump deals with Money for 4 years he didn’t given when the loser lost he wants to give

His racist ego even works better with Arabs just like Biden works better with Russians and Indians which is good and neglects fragile Central African Republic, Shashamani,  Kinshasa, Lusaka, Şangişa, Şaşamura, Şekunrunmeşeunşeun

A Senator for 47years?

8 as VP?

We cut many deals married twice. We cut many deals even with McConnell and Schumacher. We cut deals with our son in an oil company. Shutting down his ex-wife and rightly so to them since they won’t let a beehaitch spoil the Biden Family Presidency hmmpf

So Biden and Son Inc is real if not send in James Comey or Robert Mueller. They were not built to succeed as we saw in the end.

Biden is Corrupt unless you’re a two-faced lying pig

Here comes the show

“Biden and Sons”

They use the CIA and FBI and NASA but Fauci was too short to be intimidated or fired because it will show the uselessness of the boisterous ness of Capo donquixote Golfo con Maralagococa Floridadas DT.


New is England is son Ukraine. At least Hunter goes all the way. Even Bounty Hunters have to go in for the kill. It doesnt matter if they’re Lawyers as long as their Dad is the VP of the States then he can’t take up any job as they say in Turkey in Burisma

or Murisma

Hahahaha Biden, U 2!🤣😇

By this very fact

Trump = Biden

Unless you’re a two-faced lying pig

Quid pro Quo in situ – American Edition

Let me hear you talk when the people caught you

If there was ever anyone deserving of a swift impeachment in situ its Mr. TRUMP.

Here in Nigerian my Yoruba language, there’s a saying: They call her a thief and she’s dancing around carrying a goat …hahaha

Then maybe Mr. TRUMP just want y’all to know we are impotent


Poop is the call to Georgia

And why did Trump get an easy access to Georgia considering no evidence for and against him must be tampered with

If Trump can go to GEORGIA

Then there are a 1000 transactions of Quid pro quo still going on… he will try to recruit other Zelenkys and Elector of Georgia proper of rub me butt and I rub your back but he couldn’t bulge imagine if he could and many have gone his way have gone his way. So sad.

Coming up: Biden and Son Inc.

America is the New Paradise, at least that’s what Democrats stand for

I will like to see St. Rev. Al Sharpton

Sorry, Jesse Jackson, sold out, sorry, and thickened out

All yo guys and Dolls who wouldn’t let My Thumpolin sleep on

I wanna see you drop yahoo comments section and reddit and go kiss, sorry, piss off the Biden and Kamala asses because with no new bombs of welfare to make America really Great, no question to become the New Emgland it was supposed to be.

Headlines: Business as Usual with the Usual Suspexts who won’t Take No for an Answer or better still. They kill in these last days but not for Godspeed judgment but for his doom to the straight jacket league leaving the Leather Jacket behind.

And Keats and Wilde ‘Mothers become like their daughters. That’s the solution bring home new fashion to Mummy”.

Kushner still taking things home to Daddy and In-laws so that when his whole flimsy 4-year stint in the Blacked House is done and fried for he was fired for not making 8 out of 4 freebies with all the billions but South Sudan and Tigray need help too but they are too dann black for Jews why not during the Maize and Joseph as Guv in Egypt story

as well as Boko Haram

as well as policing India

Where everything should just turn out fine with farmers produce, farmers and Multi Nationals but we may wait permitting patience permits nature to hold back our resolve to Fire the Queen not led by Freddie Mercury.

As with Christ True Blood Son the AntiChrist can’t be original

Maybe Biden is he AntiChrist

No no no, its Kamala with all that Incense on Mama Side and the Weed on Papa Side no matter what Papa Kamala says.

Signing out.

See you in Paradise.

If Trump Made it Hell on Earth

The Biden of America will make it Paradise on Earth.

Don’t Watch Out!

This Paradise mystery must mock to you,  sorry, rock to you in SS Joe and Kamala Era.

Strictly Paradise Only is Good Enough to heal the Hell of The Other Ban-non Party.

Ghod bless the Crininals of Belmarsh Prsons

So the UK on Us borders tried to deprive St. Julian Assange of Coffee and Sandwich

So a criminal for up and told the warden to open the prison where Assange is being helped, sorry, held in sole confinement.

All the other criminals until proven guilty didn’t want to hear of the Judge’s orders or whether he’s afraid of TRUMP AND OBAMA’S who like their forebears Presidents always release criminals on their last day in office.

Max Rich for drugs and many others by Clinton who didn’t release Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal and Co

Obama released many others but not the Good MUMIA

Now Trump released people indicted by Robert Mueller Mumia was not released because they say he is cop killer. What of Country killers rigging with Russian Interference and indicted by a Federal Special Prosecutor?

Harvard agrees with me but it’s not going to happen soon

African entrepreneurship is something someone have to figure out?

Fix the schools, make it compulsory until everything stand erect or Cutie softens up to Johnny always.

How do you keep these guys off mythology and sect as religion

What time fo we have for owning a profitable business?

The government must do it… and people lived and died hopelessly

Well, Harvard wanna boost the sense of entrepreneurship in Afrixa.

You tried

Sensible Tech is mushrooming out government

At Xmas did you see the guy who used a mask and didnt put it off to drink his beer? He just pressed a microchip in the mask and Open Sesame

You know the rest

You know the drill

Sensible Tech are everywhere and since COVID-19 strategies look like Bad Winter Weeks Strategies then we can expect people to stay home working virtually with sensible tech that Kamala and Joe became live Presidents because no one could go out and Trump wished he was the Prez when shit turned bad and sensible tech took over from Mitch McConnel stuck in Kentucky virtually holidaying in Taiwan

Life’s like that we have to taste no government to know it’s better than the charade going on!

To Think There’s One Day That These Tantrums Terminate. 1: Rohingyas

I wonder what our best minds think about Optimum Capacity.

Because it’s better to bring Rohingyas to Somewhere in Africa than some obscure flooded Island

My bard says he will like to see their leaders to give them some advices or two.

We have to come to terms to establishing Racist Acts and separating people or mixing Rohingyas with Aborigines on Papua and Aussie Time… there’s a problem… why send people to a slit of a land that appeared out of the Sea because Global Warming for Global Hatred for Rohingyas.

To think Assange spent years in the Ecuador Embassy in London

Aside: I d k. I don’t think Ecuadoreans would mind having the Rohingyas but someone have to ask the right person? Ban ki Moon. Ha, sorry, Gutteres.

I knew you dont have anything cool to do in the UN when you brought that Man. Career guys make bad Secretary Generals of The UN just like Annan.

The news is very depressing – Seth Myers xxxxx I think you can trust me – Fauci

If we Africans haven’t the level of development you guys have, when can we start. It’s a new year men!

You don’t know. Like the Ragga artists sing. You don’t know. If Africans love science or love themselves or love their future

They will build shit.

You will hear of South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria being the biggest and what not within Africa of course.

We need a vaccine but this new year is when The African Union want to start the Free Trade Africa as in WITH THE CORONAVIRUS TO like go into the nerves, veins and bones of Africa. No way. That is the depressing news.


Since we have nothing in common than our flair for writing. I think you can trust my views on making Africa start the Asian Tiger Syndrome or catch the Virus of Industry. OMG!

Build and sell and live a good life.

Why academy or why not academy just get a label and sell and give your husband and children the good life. Or wife.

If we have the modern information age and a particular continent is Black and black out even in the tech and Tesla battery car Black market.

Are we thinking and doing it start now.

Where to start?

Marshall Plan A la Carte pour l’Afrique!

C combien?

Signer la!

On payer ici!

Bush Sr. lost to handsome Clinton but Trump lost to an Older Man (lol)

Trump thought he will repeat the White House Class in his lifestyle lesson learnt unlearnt by the second. But bow he has to leave the school so he cant say he never lost twice per month on Green Mountain that Presidents always spend 8years unless they have to contest Against Handsome Bill Clinton. But Trump in his 70s lost against an older man. Gimme a break!

That why I say The God of Super Freaks left Trump

You can see he’s not been freaky even his final veto didn’t pass: if you always wondered how shame overtakes a man.

This is it!

Survival of Hard Line Liberals: Biden Harris 2021

There is so much Bernie could have done but the enthusiasm. Better luck next time.

Obama’s liberalism to be continued

You better stop living in Washington DC if you work in a bubble – kamala Harris … don’t check this fact.

We are hard line liberals

It has to make sense and be faraway from Nonsense like… don’t put yourself in trouble. Who is the hard line fascists. Really can blame them but losing ground hurts. Sorry. Better luck in Another Life.

Have you considered been born again?

René Vautier and The End of Progressive Journalism in Europe 2001 A. D.

Is it a crime for latest journalists in Europe learn from The Past

The European Union is worse than a Mafia because they have diplomatic powers too. The ERASMUS is just a ploy to kill the soul of the European YOUTH because Warnock of Georgia thinks Europe is being recognized or fascisticized whichever is correct. See The Brits pulled out. It’s a hopeless game when you make The English sit with Slavs. Racism is a natural phenomenon. Even Brexit.

They keep buying everything the students do and out them on TV as students when they have no way to compete in the open job or blow job market as THE RED LIGHT DIDTRICT IS EVERYWHERE EVEN THOUGH AMSTERDAM IS THE ONLY MODERN NATION WITH TWO RED LIGHT DISTRICTS IN THE SAME CITY.

Meaning they dont have enough immigrants yet.

Can we cut immigration or sign a treaty to match standards not like UN people

A Real Treaty to make students proud to investigate Africa Slaves in Lebanese homes maybe Europeans too are kidnapped on holidays

End Slavery!

Abolish Povety!

For your own good humans!

The God of Super Freaks is FINISHED with PREZ TRUMP!

You know those days when you know you will leave school next year and some Bible-Sunday School Addicted or Weed Smoking Teacher just makes you repeat the course which is sometimes you repeat the class.

Trump thought he will repeat the White House Class in his lifestyle lesson learnt unlearnt by the second. But bow he has to leave the school so he cant say he never lost twice per month on Green Mountain that Presidents always spend 8years unless they have to contest Against Handsome Bill Clinton. But Trump in his 70s lost against an older man. Gimme a break!

Upgrade to Examination, Promotion, Repetition or Trying to Be Like Hitler in The White House!

Your problems are complicated buddy. I cant believe he didnt know Washington is the only country home that’s a capital of the souls of Geronimo, Mumia Abu Jamal, Pontiacs, Sioux New Generation as in Prince and The New Power Generation of Democrats to get N’SYNC with the learned colleagues on the other side of the aisle

Schuman is a bus stop in Flemish/French Belgian city of Bruxelles/Brussels since Belgium Lord it over Congo so bad and lost a bit of a reputation for Europeans to come Lord it over them too.

And I support Vicor Orban, why are they trying to make Hungarians mix. Like Turks they are descended from Atrila The Hun, to make Hungary, I really don’t believe The Hungarian Academy of Sciences doesn’t agree with the Fascist sympathizers in Budapest.

I love European Nationalism and American MAGA because

It’s time for we BLACKIES from around the World come back to REBUILD MAMA AFRICA.

Happy new yam.

All Lives Matter!

I wouldn’t appreciate your article because the issue of Slavery of Africans and unpaid Reparations is what you have to know.

Very good you noted Slavery was abolished in The States During The Civil War:

1. If so, why has Reparations for slavery not been paid?

2. Why is Affirmative Action like Obama Care to bridge the gap not Continuous?

3. If selling slaves made Africans rich, wasn’t it AFTER the slave Trade that the COCOA Boom, PEANUT Boom hit Africa and countless people in my family like my Dad built 33 houses in Nigeria before 1967 but the Betrayal of Africa in 1980 when GHANA and NIGERIA aided with ANC to free MANDELA and closed the SOUTH AFRICAN EMBASSY in Lagos, Nigeria made the BRITS turn the WORLD PRODUCE MARKET, COCOA MARKET ETC to a BUYERS MARKET plunging Africa into recession till today

Coupled with our thieves and rogues who are Presidents yes Africa has an image problem

When Trump said MAGA we say BLM what’s the big deal people like you have to write a blog about ALL LIVES MATTER.

Shame on you because you know that is RACIST when I say MAKE AFRICAN-AMERICANS GREAT AGAIN!



This Girlz Life

Isn’t it interesting how Satan is the author of confusion? I used to wonder how that was, but the answer is very clear to me know. It is easy to rule in chaos as long as you act like you have the answers. I want to discuss one of the newer works of confusion that has been cooked up. It all started with Covid-19 and now we are here with this said, “Black Lives Matter” and the rioters.

I wish to discuss with you that (all lives matter). Not just the white, not just the asian, not just the European, not just the aborted babies. All lives matter! This new movement is hurting so many people in more than one way. If black lives mattered you would think they would show love but instead they are destroying things that do not just belong to the white man. I am sorry…

View original post 742 more words

ÉRIC BARET : AIMER VRAIMENT — @divinepagaille

Andree Boulay Blogue

Image par Alejandro Tuzzi de Pixabay

Aimer vraiment quelqu’un, c’est un concept.

On ne peut pas aimer quelqu’un. C’est un fantasme. La personnalité ne peut pas aimer.

Aimer, c’est ce qui est essentiel, ce n’est pas quelque chose que l’on peut faire ou non. Quand on arrête de «faire», il reste l’amour. On aime quelqu’un quand il correspond à notre fantasme. La personne que vous aimez s’il fait ceci ou cela, vous ne l’aimerez plus. Un amour qui commence et qui finit n’est pas vraiment un amour.

Aimer, c’est écouter, c’est être présent.

Aimer les enfants, c’est ne pas leur demander quoi que ce soit et tout donner. Un jour ils disparaîtront, ils ne seront plus en contact avec vous. Demandez à votre fils de vous donner des nouvelles, ce n’est pas de l’amour. Le fils fait ce qu’il a besoin de faire ; il ne se demande rien à…

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Our Collective Madness 1: The World Food Programme begs for Food (lol)

Have you seen Etharin Cousin or David Beasley?

Do you know or do you want to know who they are?

They are the ancient and modern heads of the World Food Programme begging for Food since they joined the job like a Nickel of A Joint… beau… beautiful beggars earning $200,000+ per annum and begging us for food for the poor.

They do shit and ask for donations from People. What happened to NASA and Airbus? Cant they feed everybody hungry in this fucking World when they spend a $100billion for research every year.


How much does the WFP need?

Tell David Beasley to call me and I will teach him how to build farms and farm buildings so he can stop begging for food after getting the Nobel.

My Bard to WFP: Build your own Food Factories like China and Thailand. Stop making us ashamed of giving fool like you a UN job

Fact and FRiction from Africa on Free Trade

Considering the fact that Africa’s 54 countries signed a Free Trade Agreement on New Year Day or New Year’s Eve. Still a fact.

Considering the Fiction that “This deal has been acclaimed as the biggest ever signed Worldwide” and you know that is NOT TrUE, because of the Broken Tooth.

Considering the FRiction that Europe and Asia and America have gone through this Free Trade Things,

1. Africa could just copy as usual Copy Cats all the agreements signed to make NASCAR what it is, sorry NAFDAC, sorry APEC or EU and get on with it.

2. Free Trade in Africa them you know they taking us for a ride again. Now Britain need a Partner. Or some more sinister friction as we gonna find out soon.

As if they create anything tangible in Africa.

I’m sure they know what they want but half-knowledge and semi- blindness combined with Full Blown Greed…

Only the God of Super Freaks can save them from impending doom, that why they do shit.

[13/09, 11:06] Rotimi Onayemi: Then I personally think Robert McGee and UNDERGO or UNESCO are out of their f***ing minds bcos WE all know Muslims support terror attacks.

Have visited Bureau du Change or Kara or Hausa and Yoruba Muslims neighbourhoods, websites during Al Qaeda era and ISIS height of archaic brutality?

If so, they hang ALMANACS of Bin Laden and Miyetti Allah etc

Pls e ma fi opa polopolo pa ejo.

My late Mom stopped going to Arab Mosques in Detroit when she found out the money they were contributing went to Mujahiddin in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So you mean people who walk around as peaceful Muslims in the US and Nigeria but send money to blood thirsty Muslims beheading run of the mill Ethiopians in Egypt and Tunisia? Rewind to 2014 and 2015 I worked with Turks in Nigeria and they sombrely watched videos of those beheadings BUT I haven’t watched any in 2019.

Please please please
O pity Pity

When did any religion in the World become peaceful?

Even the US Army and Brit are an extension of Militant Christianity so much so Naija boy freaked out and killed a soldier on the streets of England?

What are Allied Forces doing in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003 – it’s certainly not Sustainable Development Evangelism; and what of the strict retaliation from Muslims? That’s not Peace for God or Allah sake.

In Switzerland during the hot era of Al Qaeda Muslims preached freely – extermination sermons in The English Garden in Geneva a place much like as in Hyde Park.

Next topic.
[13/09, 11:15] Rotimi Onayemi: Furthermore, did anyone ever think of why Mutallab the Underwear Bomber from Nigeria landed in Detroit?

If you don’t know now you know.

UNESCO declares Islam as the most peaceful religion of the world

PARIS: In a major development that should silence critics of Islam who have been blaming it for terrorism, UNESCO has declared that Islam is the most peaceful religion of the world.

The United Nations body released a statement earlier today that revealed that UNESCO had partnered with International Peace Foundation six months back to study all religions of the world and find out which was most peaceful amongst all.

“After six months of rigorous study and analysis, we have concluded that Islam is the most peaceful religion,” Robert McGee, head of comparative studies wing of International Peace Foundation declared in a press conference that was attended by UNESCO officials too.

When asked about the terror attacks being carried out in the name of Islam, including the recent ones in Dhaka and Baghdad, the UNESCO official denied that it had anything to do with Islam.

“Terror has no religion,” he said, “Islam means peace.”

To document this official recognition, UNESCO will issue certificates to interested Muslim bodies, which can choose to display them at various places like madarsas, Islamic study centers, mosques, halal stores, slaughterhouses, etc.

Junta Ka Reporter was also given a copy of certificate so that we can display the same to our readers. A copy has also been put in the office of our founder Mr. Mofat Javed.
“Right Wing organizations should stop maligning Islam and Muslims at least after this certificate from UNESCO,” our founder editor Mofat Javed hoped

Dat lesson

A true friend is like a penis, he stands up for you in times of need. A genuine friend is like a bra, she supports you at all times. A faithful friend is like a condom , he protects you from all harm. A loving friend is like a vagina, she accomodates you fully despite the size of your problem. what kind of a friend are you to me? Penis, condom, bra or vagina friend?
Do u know that the penis is the greatest breakfast ever? According to doctors it has a mushroom head, a sausage body, two eggs and milk which provides nutrients. Thus making ladies healthy and full for 9 months. Besides it has 3 good manners too. 
1. Its very courteous, it stands before it performs 
2. It is very emotional, it weeps during performance 3. It is polite, it bows after performing.

Send to ladies 2 laugh and to men 2 make them happy and proud of themselves. ⭕1. Kamasutra says : If you suck one nipple, the woman herself offers the other one. And that was the origin of “buy one get one free”!

⭕2. Did you ever notice: everything on a woman’s upper body starts with a “B”. Blouse, Bra, Bikini, Boobs & lower body with a “P” Peticoat, panties, pussy… That’s origin of “BP”!

⭕3. Before sex, you help each other get naked. After sex, you dress only yourself. Moral: In life no one helps you once you’re fucked.

⭕4. Success is like pregnancy. Everybody congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you got fucked to achieve it.
⭕5. Life is like a dick, sometimes it becomes hard for no reason.

⭕6. Practical thought: A husband is supposed to make his wife’s panties wet, not her eyes. A wife is supposed to make her husband’s dick hard, not his life..!

⭕When a lady is pregnant,
all her friends touches her stomach ad say “Congrats!”.
But none of them come and touch the man’s Penis and say “Well done!”.
Moral: Hard work is never appreciated: Only results matter.

✅Now that I’ve educated you, go ahead and educate someone else.🙏😃: ..
…./ / /””’\\
/ / / ⌣ ⌣|\
\_/ .. / 
_’ `-. / / /””\\
/ \| / / _ _|\
/ \ / /) _’ |\. 
; | _/-‘)\ – /’ \ 
| | | _.-‘ ` -‘( |
` `\ •/ _, )/ \
`\ \ \ \-‘. . . \ 
: \ | |\ \ | \ \ \
`. `\ \ / \ ;’ •) •) \
| \. `”-._\ \`.__.’__.’ \
| “-.__ \ \ / \ \
) / ,\_./’ \ / \ \ 
.’ | .’ <//::\ \ `,__
/ #’| </ ||\ |/–\\\
| \#.-\ `’ \
| )_.-`\ \
| |( `\ |
\ | | | \ \
\ | ‘ | \ \

Men are born between the legs of a woman, Yet Men spend almost all their life trying to go back to dat same place cos there’s no place like Home. Now my question is: when last did you visit your home?

Scrapping Democracy. Using My Democratic Machine.

I always knew Africans were up to something when they didn’t do Democracy like no other. China is more democratic than ALL African Nations. If you want to find out offer any African an immigrant visa to Hong Kong or Macau. Not even Beijing or Mainland Chaina!

We are not losing sweat over the World Super Power Status on the World Bank Scale. I heard the US sends any report the UN wants and the UN quietly incorporates it.

Three. COVID-19. China is making and distributing vaccines. Until proven guilty you can’t say… but he hosted the WHO … what evidence?

4. Scholarship. Since the 60s China has been offering scholarships to African Citizens.

Five. Bridges.

6. Telecom. The Moon. Jailing activists just li

Scrap democracy let’s put it in My Democratic Machine.

We don’t have to go out anymore. I will serve you and protect you Democratically from home.

Vote Paradise!

Better than them all.

The End of 20/20 Fission is today or The best story I ever thought of

All those love songs and war songs of how Britain, France, Turkey, Germany and Nigerian wars lost and won could not have described the bitter taste of bitter leaf called 2020 which ends today with a sweet taste

Sweet smell

I always remember my dear

I always listen to love songs

With her and the same when she’s away

She never spends a night without me

Talking to me the woman talk of love

Like 2020 she has been angry in the past and will feature in my novel titled ‘Angeria’ a paradox of its beauty because it’s my work and a parody of my country Nigeria.

To 2021 the angel we don’t know except for Aucklanders who already in 2021 we have yet and I’m waiting to explode with my love at midnight in Church like Madonna a Tribute to Britain which made my love and to Eli.

This brief intro into African cuisine is well appreciated by my love from the Midlands.

Bitter leaf is sweet.

Water is thick just like spermatozoa

It gives life and it’s what the love wants because you have it all and have to ejaculate.

We should care less about worries

Millions would love to be alive and we are grateful even for people who usually think it’s natural

But they know we are real just because of COVID-19

If so could push for more kids from Africa to travel the World irrespective of good at studies or not

Would be nice.


Now we know Pandemics can teach us a lesson for Ages and we used to think it’s an exciting phenomenon of Fusion

Tribute to George Benson the singer of Jazz 20/20 Fusion

In college we roll

If I knew by then what I know now, if I understood the what when why and how but it seems to me that you should have known

It’s 20/20 Fusii

Happy New Year African Union… is it still a JOKE out there bunnies!

Yea, the time comes when you tell something more overzealous than you in friendship to steer clear of you

Your wife

Your sons

Your daughters

Your immediate and extended families

Don’t you ever speak to my parents again when you were the one 4years ago who told your Mom to make sure she had Gravy and Mustard, swine and wine from The Syrah Region because you were bringing your friend

That’s how much we really want the African people and their governments who hijacked our precious mandate to say we have African Union as if we ate Europeans… suckers go home in union without taking Africa with you.

Isn’t there a sane President from Europe or America who can stamp this shit out as it’s sure the UN props it up.

The Nonsense creating misery for born and unborn Africans.

Beauty and Truth by Aziz Nesin (1916 – 1995), Turkish humourist, Writer per excellence

Beauty and Truth
by Aziz Nesin*

*Aziz Nesin (1915—1995) was a popular Turkish humorist and author of
more than 100 books. His works have been translated into over thirty
languages. In 1972, he founded the Nesin Foundation with the purpose of
taking, each year, four poor children into the Foundation’s home and
providing every necessity until they complete their education. Aziz Nesin
has donated to the Nesin Foundation his copyrights in their entirety for all
his works. This story is from a book of stories for children published in
1985 (original title “Güzel ile Doğru”).

Translated from Turkish by Ömer
Eğecioğlu for his daughter Alisa’s 4th grade GATE class on poetry at Isla
Vista Elementary School. October 2007, Santa Barbara, CA.

From what he heard at home, Murat found out that his grandfather wrote poetry.
But he did not know what poetry was.
A spring morning after breakfast, they were sitting out on the balcony with his
grandfather. His grandfather was reading the newspaper.

  • Grandpa, do you write poetry? asked Murat.
    His grandpa looked up from the newspaper
  • Yes, every now and then I write poetry… he said.
    Murat was curious. What sort of a thing was poetry? His mom and his dad did not
    write poetry. But his grandfather did. That meant that not all people wrote poetry. Why
    didn’t everyone write poetry? Maybe they did not know how to write it. Was he going to
    write poetry once he started school and learned to read and write? Murat’s head was
    filled with many questions like these.
    He could not overcome his curiosity.
  • Grandpa, what is poetry? he asked.
    His grandfather again lifted his head from the paper, looked at his grandson from
    over his glasses and smiled.
  • It’s difficult to explain.. he said.
    -You tell me, I’ll understand.. Murat said with confidence.
    His grandpa said:
  • Of course you’ll understand, but it is difficult for me to explain..
    As always, Murat started asking question after question:
  • Why is it difficult?
  • Because everyone defines poetry differently, that’s why…
  • In that case, tell me what it is as you understand it.. he said.
    There was no escaping Murat’s questions. His grandfather sat him on his lap and
    said to him:
  • For me, poetry is saying something that is true in the form of beautiful sentiments.
    Murat did not understand anything from this explanation. His pride was hurt
    because he did not understand, and he kept quiet, not asking any more questions of his
    A few days later, around nightfall, Murat was again sitting out on the balcony with
    his grandfather.
  • It’s getting dark, it’s almost nighttime. Let’s go inside.. said his grandfather.

For some time now, Murat was wondering what day and night were, why it was
light during the day and dark at night. He used this opportunity to ask:

  • Grandpa, why is it dark at night? Where does darkness come from? And how come it is
    light during the day?
    His grandfather said:
  • I’ll tell you.
    After thinking a little bit, he said:
  • If there is anything you do not know or understand in what I am saying, be sure to
  • All right… Murat said.
    His grandfather started:
  • In the sky, there is a very handsome young man and a very beautiful young girl. She is
    so beautiful that she is surely the prettiest girl in the world.. That handsome young man’s
    eyes are coal-black, and his hair jet-black. Moreover, his face is covered by a mask
    made of black silk. His clothes are made of black velvet. On his feet he has spotless
    shoes of black leather, and on his hands he is wearing black gloves. On this young
    man’s back is a wide coattailed cloak, the cloak is also made of dark black velvet.
    Murat asked curiously:
  • Why is this handsome young man dressed all in black grandpa?
    His grandfather replied:
  • Because he is in love with that beautiful girl. He is constantly after her, following her
    around. He wants to catch up with her without being seen. Secretly he is chasing her;
    dressed in pitch-black, his clothes, cape, and mask all made of velvet, silk and
    satin…His gloves are of the softest leather. The coattails of his cape are so incredibly
    wide that they cover half the earth. It is because of this then, because that handsome
    young man runs after that beautiful girl, and because the coattails of his dark cape
    sweep over all he comes across, darkness goes with him. In this way, on the other side
    of the globe it also starts to be nighttime.
    The handsome young man is dressed coal-black, but on his costume, on his
    cape, there are buttons of gold. On his lapel and his wristband are gilded silver threads.
    He is wearing gold and silver decorations on his chest. His cape’s coattails are
    decorated with glittering sequins. On his waist he is wearing a gold and silver studded
    belt. The belt’s buckle is a huge diamond. His boots’ silver spurs are adorned with
    The stars we see at night, the constellations, the milky way, all of these are
    the ornaments, decorations; the gold, diamonds, and brilliants he is wearing… As this
    young man runs after the beautiful girl, he carries with him the darkness. In this way,
    night follows us around the globe in step with him.
    Murat asked with excitement:
  • What about the daytime then grandpa?

His grandfather told the story of the day as follows:

  • This girl that the young man in black is trying to catch.. What is she like? She is so
    beautiful, so extraordinarily pretty that there is no girl fairer than her in the whole wide
    world. All who regard her beauty are dazzled by it. Her hair is golden and soft as silk.
    She is wearing a pure white silk dress. Her long cape is made of white satin. On her
    neck is an embroidered white lace scarf. A white gossamer belt is curled around her
    waist. Her shoes are of white velvet… She has soft white leather gloves, and a white
    silk handkerchief. She is adorned with a bonnet of unblemished white flowers; she
    sometimes puts this bonnet on, sometime she takes it off. When she takes her bonnet
    off, the tiara that frames her golden hair is visible. And what a tiara it is! The precious
    stones in the tiara are so bright and brilliant that no one can look at them. This all-white
    clad beautiful girl’s cape and its coattails are so amazingly wide that they cover the other
    half of the globe. Just as the half of the earth covered by the black cape of the young
    man is in the dark and it is nighttime there, the other half of the globe, covered by the
    coattails of the all-white clad beautiful girl’s cape stays in the light, and it is daytime
    The young man gives chase, and the girl runs away. The night chases and the
    day runs away. In this way they keep circling around the world one after another. As they
    go around, one side of the earth becomes night, and the other side day.
  • But grandpa, nighttime is not always pitch dark.. Murat said.
  • You’re right, said the grandfather, some nights are blue or indigo. Just as you take your
    clothes off to clean them when they get dirty and wear other clothes, that young man in
    the sky wears his blue and his indigo outfits when his black cape and black clothes get
    dirty. When he puts those clothes on, the sky turns blue or indigo. And sometimes the
    sky and everything around us it gets pink or scarlet. Why is that? It’s because when the
    young man gets too close to the girl and is just about to catch up with her, the beautiful
    girl gets excited and bashful, and her cheeks turn pink and red. The color of her cheeks
    are reflected in the clouds and reflected all around you. And if the young man touches
    the girl’s hand, she turns bright red, and the sky also turns bright red.
    Sometimes also during daytime it gets reddish. That is the time when the
    beautiful girl is troubled. If a shadow crosses her face the clouds get dark, and
    everything seems to close in on us.
    Do you understand now what day and night are?
  • I understand.. Murat said.
  • What I told you is the tale of day and night.. his grandfather said.
    Murat loved the tale of day and night. After that day, at each opportunity he made
    his grandfather retell this story. He listened to it so many times that he had it memorized.
    Sometimes he himself would recite the tale of day and night to his grandfather.
    One day at school, the teacher explained what caused day and night, why
    daytime is light and nighttime dark. The earth continually revolved around the sun.

As the earth turned, the side that was towards the sun received light, and it was day
there. The parts of the earth not seeing the sun were left in the dark and it was night in
those places. In this way, every place on earth was in turn in the dark and then in the
light. The reason for the succession of day and night was the revolution of the earth
about itself. The earth also took different positions relative to the sun and thus received
more or less light accordingly. Because of this, in the poles days and nights each lasted
six months. Around the equatorial regions, day and night were always equal. On the
equator nights did not become longer.
The teacher not only told them this in words, but also made a sketch of the earth
and the sun on the board with chalk.
Murat listened to his teacher in amazement. The teacher’s explanation of day
and night was nothing like his grandfather’s tale. The tale of day and night his
grandfather told him was much more beautiful than the teacher’s explanation of day and
The teacher saw the disbelief in the eyes of her good student Murat.

  • Do you all understand? she asked the class.
  • We do… they answered.
    Murat was silent.
  • Don’t you understand, Murat? the teacher asked.
    Murat hesitated. He said,
  • I understand, but my grandpa had explained day and night to me differently.
  • How did your grandpa explain it to you? Why don’t you come up here and tell us your
    grandpa’s version… she said.
    Murat got up and went to the board. He told to his friends the tale of day and
    night that he heard from his grandfather, the tale that he himself often recited. His
    narration was so perfect that his classmates were spellbound. You could hear a pin
  • Which one of these explanations do you believe? asked the teacher to Murat.
    Murat was faced with a difficult question to answer. His teacher had always told
    them “Believe in what is true, what seems true to you!” For this reason Murat said:
  • Whichever one is true..
  • Which one do you think is true? asked the teacher again.
    After a little thought, Murat said:
  • Your version seems more true to me, but still…
    and he stopped. When the teacher said:
  • Well?
    Murat continued:
  • My grandpa’s explanation is more beautiful. I wish my grandpa’s tale were true…
    Then his teacher told him there was not much of a difference between the tale of
    day and night that his grandfather told him and her own version. The difference between the two was in the form of the telling.

Murat’s grandfather had embellished and beautified
this phenomenon with metaphors and had turned it into a fairy tale. He had made the
night into a handsome young man dressed in black, and the day into a beautiful girl
dressed in pure white.
On the other hand, the teacher had told them directly what happened in nature.
When he came home from school, Murat immediately went into his grandfather’s
room. He told his grandfather how his teacher explained that day in class the way day
and night actually happened. He told his grandfather also how his teacher had told him
that his grandfather’s tale of day and night and her own version in class did not differ in

  • Yes… his grandfather said, it seems your teacher explained it in one way, I explained it
    another. But we both described the same thing.
    After a pause, his grandfather continued:
  • Do you remember, one day you asked me “What is poetry?” You were very young
    then. I had told you “Poetry is saying something that is true in the form of beautiful
    Yes, it had been three years, but Murat still remembered his grandfather’s words.
    He understood now the words he could not understand then. Poetry was saying
    something that is true in the form of beautiful sentiments. His grandfather had recounted
    a fact that his teacher had taught him as a fairy tale with beautiful sentiments. His
    grandfather was a poet.
    From that day on, Murat also tried to write poetry.

Insane governments in Africa and their codes that never work

The bitch issued a code

For all citizens to tap

Into on their phone to have

A National Identity Card No.

Blow blow did you meant your country is just sharing IDs

Yeah, today is the end of our 70years of Nightmares

Are you sure?

No, they say our deadlines are the best, IN THE WORLD, they never keep coming to an end they justify the means of an extension.

In no other country in the World would you find endless deadlines but in India, Australia and Canada and Nigeria and Ghana just like PM Boris Johnson wants us to believe he sealed a Brexit Deal before deadline 32nd of 12th Month of 2020.

But Hell No!

Fishermen and Trucks Druvers if you will Haulage Companies or Business hailing hood to fro EU said there is still much to be discussed.

So much of British Mentality.

They leave all the beers on the tables and skeletons too.

Let this matter die.

Whatever happened

We speak English in this God blessed country and use the remnants of Brit Admin but we ain’t going nowhere even if we used French or Latino Tech.

None of these can HEAL an insane government x 54 a la frikana

Those robots dancing at NASA should do something Spacey to take our government of Nigeria off dusty land full of pot holes and that word again… misery

Where and When only Hot Air comes from my country

It’s obvious all other countries know African countries and Senates are joking or a junta. We are the usual suspects of Laughing Stock and we must tune it down or off but we are practically incapable in unwilling terms to do anything about any sort of tropical doom or utopic dream nor dystopic reality which is most probable.

So as usual we write a brief about the unfortunate incident of being humans from this continent and why innocent bystanders are grittier, grumpier and guiltier than our own nation.

When our Senators steal money they hide it in Anerica and 15years later the money is discovered an returned to our, SORRY ThIEf , your treasury of the State since we are always dumb and elect innocent bastards whose upbringing and siblings are an eye sore, more so, our innocent ignorant called experts are no less ignorant than they are listless and innocent but we must not think we have any obligation to a traitor taking money on our behalf, saying nothing.

It’s a norm to think of progress (both pro and con) but retrogression is a real phenomena, some countries keep going back… but of course, not to the past which is in their dreams… off course of course they go to nowhere.

Stephen King of Moderns can’t match the Ancients of Turks who coined a tit for that proverb to show the heart of THE IDLE MIND IS THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP when they said THE DEVIL TEMPTS ALL MEN, THE IDLE MEN TEMPT THE DEVIL.

Hahahajajaja blow my mind idle mind… I’m guilty of all crimes but not the one of idle mind which means I gotta watch out for nothing.


We do nothing.

We run around.

It’s sort of a Rat Race.

It’s sort of a Race of Human Rats

That the Roads are Deplorable.

Our Engineers and Senators know they have their Dusty Roads… apologies to Dusty Rhodes, one of my favorite wrestlers before WWF.

Wait a Minute! I never knew I could deny Climate Change as BS

The Republicans smirk of smartness on this one and this President is given up already

I want to write a dialogue between Climate Change Union President and the CEO of a company denying climate change.

This is commonsense.

President: You have polluted the environment. Pay up?

CEO: You have always collected some money or taxes or levies or development fund for developing countries while telling us to sell cheap. Tell you what, why doesnt the government enter every sector because they have people in their stupid political parties who can’t get a day job as an electrician now controlling; now controlling the Treasury buying ideas from the mushroom universities you regulate to say you are advanced (touching his flying ears to show the apostrophe) and now since you have done nothing good in planning, research and development of education or trade over these developing countries you want us to pay more for… aren’t you just ashamed of yourselves talking Climate and Change when you never feel the climate of this garden World we go bless in Church every Sunday while you watch TV in the Pool… pool pool you. Get out of my office and my life.

Next we are gonna scrap Demicrazy and Democracy too.

A case to end all misdemeanors

If the quid pro quo of famous fane was indeed a witch hunt, wizard chase or the Inquisition of Spain and the EU re-enacted why cant you just impeach him for this ongoing misdemeanor Prlosi Chief Schiff

Further and more, if there is anyone planning a political assassination in future as we can’t really get rid if conspiracies in the Worls then let this racket kill the political husband and the wife too… she said in Bukowskique, Arabesque Libanaise, Kafkaesque and Soyinkisque or Eco of Umberto fame kill the wife too as you cant jump out of the window and jump back you land head first and come back up with your legs if you lucky. For mental health in politics once and for all our Spokeswon is Kanzlerin Angela Merkel if she cant do the job to fuck the Orange bud that looks like a balloon baby out of the White House.

I’m to be blamed.

Don’t blyme.

We ease the kind of Trump out of the contention for the house the White House we let the monkey run away with the proud boys and antifa in a rat race because Biden is president and kamala made history what do you have to show for it.

Joe is President and Kamala made history what do you have to show for it?

Now you know the uncouth and why we say it all began in Africa is a song of electro genre from The Chemical Brothers, the first to make music and video rhyme b4 Royskopp as in Little Richard to Wacko Jacko and I can’t help becoming a James Brown fan all over again when he played with Pavarotti.

These are firsts, respect them like Trump, at least there will be noise because human beings are here and some so dumb do not know how to talk.

What do you have to show for being a Democrat?

All hot air!

Check back here in 4more years he ain’t doing shit!

Yeah Biden! Not Trump that keeps a Clean Slate you all know they lost together.

Just hope Biden keeps the Faith!

The Worst American President in The Great ‘Hobbitt’ Gatsby by Walt Withman and F. Scott Fitzgerald

I will design your legacy

I will mud and rotten eggs

I will drink myself to stupor

I will drink because you lost!

I’m the winner, sucking loser

The ancient mariner of the golden clock

Would call Mark Knopfler’s

‘Imelda Baby’ a feminine eyes wide shut of you

To stick fingers in the cunts of girls

So many men are guilty we didnt ask you

You suck Mama Africa and Mother Idoto

Make you lose even if you run in 2023

You are running out of brains

And with dyslexicus as the watchword of your kiln and in-laws

We call you the worst president potus obama ever heard

Even an African American with a European mother excelled before excel was out to fashion

I’m not related to hate and everyone who supports death and malnutrition on the heels of the sons and Daughters of slave traders without dragging children to Paris and Berlin I Manhattan of Amsterdam in NEW York would keep their trap shut on important issues as we build the new Anerican Government

… Pioneers of the 1000years Project and starting on Jam. 2020 Jesus comes.

When it’s not yet time, don’t force it Kamala?

The Nature is the Mother Nature

Droves of poverty competing with luxury

Laws against disunited n lawless people

It seems so we thot of Obama

What is this thing that don’t make it sound superficial as 2 African Americans whose parents came from overseas have ruled in the last 13 years?


Mother Nature will alert you

When you all go back and rebuild or build Africa

Sorry Kamala, Charity Begins at Home so back to The Roots Jamaica, Indoooo!

Alo France! I will be repeating what Albert Camus said, like dawgie dawg etc.

You can’t publish pictures of a revered prophet who went to Heaven 1500years ago; butt promulgate laws like archaic primogeniture to prohibit publication police pictures comme penis au porno, par example.

You can fight away Hitler’s Nazis with The Might of The Allied Forces of Uncle America, Great Britain and Mother Russia and win, then turn around bolte face comment dit? And use France might to continued the subjugation of Papa Kabylie Algérie Cezayir and Francophone d’Afrique partout passe partout candidement diplomatique mais non.

As in we cant help you to fight away tyranny and you turn around shamelessly like France to subjugate countries around the World.

It’s not done


Don’t do it

I won’t hear nothing from darkness

Ignorance is bliss

This bliss will pass

It persists because it like smoke

More like Marijuana smoke

Not like any other smoke

That comes and fade like smoke

It’s toxic and cancerous like effects of smoking

Not that I will see it on you when you wear Smoking

It’s better to do it and reduce or stop slowly and dont die without smoking

Let nothing be much to explain for you in the eternal state

From purgatory

How can you know a judgment of a decision to deliver

On smoking out the darkness

As if they know when the light of Joseph The Dreamer shone on the Dreamer Generation

All of us

Darkness gives way to the light when they all die

We are the Disco generation too just like they are fascists

We all die hard

But theirs is harder

A fake life to say the least

Intentionally feigning ignorance of knowledge and commonsense in order to access Republican Funding Scheming Harridans and Viragos of Money remnants of Saddam Hussein’s loot or AAladdin


Without bringing them to Justice

I’m so sure no relative of the UN Sec. Gen. was ambushed and killed among the UN Peacekeepers in Bangui.

Nest Time

Don’t argue with Warloads

When it says No Elections

What are we supposed to do?

Too few Peacekeepers

I always told you about the Advantages of Consensus. Avantage Avant Garde! Vas-y!

But when there is nothing African democracy splits up and the National Development Plan is waged by some and neglected by others.


Let my people Go or The difference btw Economy and Afronomy

The very essence of ‘life with a meaning’ is forever lost in Africa. Any pretence to sustainable development (only God knows what it means) would mean Africa is back to 15th Century standards when sanity was common and Racism hasn’t arrived to shape our lives forever.

Absolutely lost is the future, unless the Japanese and Korean Americans strategy of learning in America and going back home to build Sony, Toyota or Samsung and Hyundai would also come true for Africans, through the children Africans had in America.

It shouldnt be too hard to nail Donald Trump on Immigration

The very essence of ‘life with a meaning’ is forever lost in Africa. Any pretence to sustainable development (only God knows what it means) would mean Africa is back to 15th Century standards when sanity was common and Racism hasn’t arrived to shape our lives forever.

Absolutely lost is the future, unless the Japanese and Korean Americans strategy of learning in America and going back home to build Sony, Toyota or Samsung and Hyundai would also come true for Africans, through the children Africans had in America.

It shouldnt be too hard to nail Donald Trump on Immigration

The EU losing to China

It disgusting when the Europeans talk of losing African Markets to China

From Marco Polo to Merkel Polo and Boris Yeltsin, sorry, Johnson

For 500years you pillaged and plunged Africans into debt and misery

Avant garde Poverty is stuck in European Mentality

They flag better when they remember Africans and Latinos are Poor

Just like the Caucasus and Everywhere around them thinking they are better because they are also White even if not British White or Berlinische Butte Blanche

Advise for the EU: Pull Africa closer just like a Man approaching old age, because if you don’t marry An African Now you wont find a Wife in future.

You know what I mean – ABBA

Africans: Misery and our Race, looking inside ourselves

The extent to which hundreds of millions live in the most deplorable and miserable, ignominious imbroglio is uncalled for and unparalleled after we entered the Global Village… the more we harm ourselves and it’s very common in poor Africa


On this continent

People hurt themselves more than they love themselves

If we are in the same country with our compatriots we must understand the same conditions go for all of us but Hell No some people think you could be Afrixan and having it better… OMG You have a blog?

Dozens and hundreds are massacred everyday we have these lengthy economic and monetary statistics based on geo-polity and narco- camouflaged since most of the rich are on more qualitative drugs than the poor’s quantitative or initiative artificial alcohol… therefore the public servants and states people who have ruled our Nigerian Nation have been worse to us than Trump to the United States

Just imagine President lol Trump signed $6000, sorry $600 for $2000 on blessed Sunday but the devils in the hearts of the Presidents of Africa are older and more experienced than All of Trump’s Yankee Devils! These are African Devils only Jesus Christ can deal with them hahahajaja halleluyah

O God of Almighty ●SOS○

Today na today,

You don’t even KNOW anything.

Afrixca: The Perfection of being Grounded in Incompetency

I wonder what the US sanctions on Iran, Russia and China (in ascending order of importance) is meant to achieve = Zero!

I wonder why African Nations never get UN sanctions even when they feign Incompetency and nonchalantly that they do not know who Boko Haram are or that the girls bring back babies not books = Zillions of Zollars fia Multinationals.

I like consensus but Africa must get scientific or democratic and both because one must be psychotic and symbiotic with the hallucinatory disease which has created a back and forth alternative to logic and parallel to the Equator ( Where most poor nations are found. Too much Sun and Mercury? No Delphi, the Girls are Hot we hate to work

There is a particular tendency to think Africa is moving… yes, backwards and most Nations and the fake international community selling guns and Rose’s and drugs just stays like I don’t Care

You may care

You know how to read

To suggest the Confuser in Chief reads is a bane

No wonder Africa sleeps when teachers and quality go low…

Higher higher

Higher Jesus Higher…

Trump and Cheap Sheet ($#^+)

If you had no home training at least you are supposed to know when you embarrass yourself in Public.

An Executive Order will…


If you have ever worked for money you will know you are were not never a champion of the PEOPLE for $2000

Come On!

You fight China everyday!

I reserve my blog for comedy but the birth of tragedy by Nietzsche is a plus so we roll with. Yes, the book itself

Yep! Between Kanaki, Kanaku, Xanadu and Chrysanthemums or whatever it did to the Chinese Psyche. Nothing.





Whatever, you must learn to be and Average Student, Sit on your fat ass and keep your filthy mouth shit shut shot when it comes to obstacles to the Inauguration.

There’s no arm in trying more tricks in your cheat sheet

But when the rest of the International Community zone your ass to Saudi Arabia or Die like Idi Amin Dada, the SELF PROCLAIMEDAND ACCLAIMED since he was President of Uganda when he promulgated the Decree IN WHICH HE WOKE UP ONE MORNING ON THE GOOD SIDE of the bed and declared himself Conquerors of The British Empire and Empress Lizzy



I’m sure the Miltary will put you down but How?

Barons are Proud Boys and we can only ask you to be good to the Minorities.

Can’t forget a billionaire so stingy he locked out 20countries from America’s Dinner Table, the biggest market in the World then suddenly want to give the POOR $1400 more!

There’s more where that came from but you

Aside: you could have started earlier in your career as Prez before the Spirit of LOSS AND and AND shame SHAME. As in losing the only election that mattered in your rotten tomatoes of a life.

Wondering why the Free World made us very UNHAPPY even when we know the CULPRIT supported proven guilty y self and lawyer…

No Vaccines but Heroines and THE PILLAR OF SHAME

To crown it all

Throughout this COVID-19 period

There has been no shortage of Heroine

There has been a shortage of Vaccines

All over the World.


Do you know I used to cover the WTO for a magazine?

Do you know what I heard from a Canadian journalist?

Even WTO can’t do  shit

These companies are bigger than Europe


The WHO cannot even command the WTO or ask Pfizer and Bastardos in Oxford too for free vaccines for those Blacks in  Afrixa licing on less than a dollar.

Shame on you in The Shaming Game

Kudos to Jon Stewart for the terms of criticisms involving ‘SHAME’

Here we go!

Dr. No

The World’s richest are not rich @Anand Giridharadas … they are just taking us for a ride

No matter how fast lies travel, truth meets up in a jiffy

The importance of being earnest (not the book) is to make Europeans say ‘Yes’ to clockwise or anti-clockwise development in Africa. The UN can go to Hell with their their sustainable shit and Amnesty International count up when people just die and become numbers and you can’t do shit when they kill journalists… freedom fighting my ass

Make Europe say Yes for once.

Let my people go bloody suckers!

The Eternal Hatred by Europeans for Africans

Any so-called intellectual in America and Europe is a dumb fake

When Slavery, Neo-Slavery, Colonialism, Neo-Classic Colonialism, Proto-Racism, Hyper Xenophobia


The World Health Organization figure head paid a Visit to China… who wouldn’t I used to think Communists were excellent now I know they are better than Capitalists

After Slavery

You don’t want to pay reparations

You bounce the descendants of slaves who used to enter freely saying No VISA No MasterCard No McDo

No Vaccines

Shameless Idiots

Call my number I will tell you all more than enough

The Inaugural Speech of The President of Skeptics (on Hell, Purgatory DC and Heaven)

Since the object and subject can be deciphered in ‘DC’ and there were human remains, this is where I kiss Tudors and The Plantagenets, Norman’s and Zulu’s, then we can roll on with the speech of a skeptic currently resident somewhere in Tennessee licking Southern Comfort in the home and the bank. Our President creates a problem and many of them in Africa because you must be both insane to go to war, without waging war we were worst. What would your war do but make worst worse

If you dont gbabè

You must to gbabenshi

That the explosion came from Outside Sources as the BBC will tell you so the FBI could look among the Usual Suspects. Even a rookie Burundian and a rookie Fijian Police could just solve what happened in Armchair Research Policing without calling Old Battle Axes pissed off with not being able to travel to Santa’s Town to feel Tsar Nicholas in St. Nicholas.

Imagine what the Bolsheviks did to the World and someone said there was no Atlantis. Is there a fake Truth or Philosophical lie. Seas have consumed a few cities and in my Elementary Geomythology the day Global Warming started as in Antique Climate Change Things washed away Atlantis.

So you will be in a bubble when you die.

You cant escape your heaven or hell


The Presidents of Pardons are Rogues from Clinton to Trump is just normal

I remember reading after the Clinton Era that “HOW COULD PRESIDENT CLINTON PARDON MARC RICH. One Time Bon Jovi Manager convicted of drug trafficking with planes etc

Wiki says of Marc Rich today…

Wire fraud, mail fraud, racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, criminal forfeiture, income tax evasion, trading with Iran in violation of trade embargo (as charged in 1984 superseding indictment)

Has Trump saved a drug dealer like Clinton?

A Tribute to Stella Tennant, Model

Who would have thought

You lived an exemplary life

Too short cut short at 50

Like a candle in the wind

Like a beauty for short

Like the best Tennant of the World

The only one who had the right to die and leave for home heaven

A Tennant in the World

Who agrees to be a tenant and bore the name to death

A tenant leaves anyway

Even for heaven

The only one tenant is gone.

Mafia, EU, Brexit and our fucking heritage

In every country there is n age-old Mafia and you have to belong because they have day jobs.

Have you met people who disappear from your lives?

Like a spy!

Like a spy working for the KGB and simultaneously for the USSR and matrixiously as a third job is his original place in the Mafia that served and protected only their own when Tsar Nicholas was shot by The Bolsheviks!

This was a BangBang or so Aleksander Solzhenitsyn called it in ‘The Gulag Arxhipelago’. If you guys are sleeping that Trump is a Russian Spy. I’m Not!

Even commanded to see the eternal doubly in the annals of American information recorded as coming from where the buck stops: Russia is not responsible bloody bastard!

I’m the one responsible for your dumbed ass born to only work for the Mafia because you are not a Science Student that can decipher stuff like Prof. Cornel West. The best President America never had.

Fast forward Brexit EU talks and the deadlines swooping past as Douglas Adams the British writer rightfully said deadlines pass I know them so where is the cut of the Mafia in the talks beyond Macrom and Merkel or Merkel and Makron because they are not both married to the same old … sorry that’s none of my business.

Where is the underground money in Europe delaying the talks?

Because before you know it England alone will become bigger than the EU lol!!!

The defunct Empirical Load

Have you ever felt your people were smart or stupid about some decisions made before you were born?

I mean if there are Rohingya people in Asia, being moved,??? Wait, wait, wait, I don’t wanna MOVE. I wanna LEAVE!

You bet they dont have Pastors?

You bet they don’t have passports. Not passport photographs or laissez-passez. Europe is full of papers and why they claim Drucker Organization hosting Apple and Biting Huawei lol

How come Europeans are setting a very bad example with Brexit!

Then give Sport Personality of The Year to Lewis Hamilton.

He’s so handsome he reminds me of the Indian Muslim boy in jail for marrying a Hindu beautiful woman like his set of beauty and handsome ness (Loch Ness if Frear, not Fear, Trump emanates as a coward and yelled…) intertwined before the People split Jackson and Prestley.

Priestley and so was Elvis , I dont know if Trump went to Graceland but he’s not cool been posing in front of a Church he doesnt attend and the Pastor of the Church snarling like a Tiger and her Cubs as Tiger and his cub at The Prez

It’s all good from Diego to The Bay Trump didnt get a vote.

The Republicans are fried. I wish the horror stays dead.

O Boy, you gonna cry like a cold hungry wolf, Kamala is gonna run and the deep State will make Hillary Prex and Kamala still Vice


Let’s say it’s over

The Love of Hate From Washington is going to No home, you choose for him FL or Afghanistan

Birds of the sane feathers, dictators hang out together negotiating with T

You should attack someone else, I will treat you worse than Ernest Hemingway

Your crimes will last forever

You’re beyond rehabilitation O Nigeria Government

What is it you want to ban now, to shew your Eternal Colonial Incompetency…

You got The Nobel and The Booker

You got the Grammy and The Olympic Medal

You have fake professors… (mind you I will never withdraw that statement)

How many professors do we have in Nigeria? Who the heck is CERTIFICATION them and why is Bad Governance and Poverty GENERATIONAL


O dysfunctional man

Do you remember the Ginger Bread Man?

Our children and youth die or live in abject poverty but you build your houses with cranes…. where were the Sociological Professors even if the Nigerian Scientist is a wild joke

If you’re not, show your colour

Mind you our professional professors of occupation to keep quiet as the juanita and political thieves fuck us silly daisy daily WILL GET THE VIRUS BEFORE WE DO, SORRY, THE VACCINE BEFORE WE DO!

I just don’t know what Doctors do in this country to get vaccines before I do!

Call me a Trumpist-like protester but boy you didnt like in Africa for 500years!

Commonsense will NEVER be common. Don’t believe the hype! (read the postscript)

We have so many conflicts within friendship, inside getting down on romance himself, herself, we dont know for sure!

If commonsense wasn’t common would you act like THE Crown Prince of The Saudis and China or like The King of Thailand… come on commonsense it’s your strongest beat… The commonsense of Donald Trump always travelling by Fantasy in Utopia to arrive from Russia to China’s Beijing as Medusas Mystery of Eternal Pain in Dystopia because they are Communists “… cut the Latin Tim”


If Chiang Kai-Shek won Beijing too, China and the US will be like Bread and Butter just like B&B Bed and Breakfast

Commonsense ‘Rumble in Brighton Tonight’ – Stray Cats

Finally, I saw French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Austrian, Belgian and Swedish Rumbles then I knew what a rumble was even because Punks own The Rumble.

Reggae owns the Dancehall!

What of Acid Reggae, with speakers taller than taverns on your mountain colony dawg!

You think Reggae and Ragga is a Black Thang? Come to Aarau, Aargau in North Switzerland… I went to listen to Reggae in this North of Swiss and when I arrived in a taxi I couldn’t come down but the old woman driving this taxi at 11pm just shrugged it off as what you want is what you get!

Zi znow was zaller zan zi car OMG…

So when I hurt my ankle twisting, swirling like a Dervish as I like to in my First year of Nirvana after Bombay to Goa… I had to go put my leg in the snow outside and people said how come you survived they were racist but for me they were cool. They didnt talk to me . They just started and wondered why we Black men would drink coffee in North Swiss by Baselland or Zuricherland, Luzernland or Lausanneland where I would forget commons sense and agree with it if they would serve me their Lasagne every evening so I won’t write why evilly racist they all were.

Post script: You can’t thank Switzerland nor France and the US, Turkey, Cyprus and Denmark if you heard what they did to me was against commonsense. Sorry! They didn’t know who I was: an ordinary writer of commonsense no more no kess

The story of Jesus Christ to feel cool

Lol… even from a country in Europe / Middle East citizens believe Africans are the only ones God did not appoint as a PROPHET hahahaha!!!

And if that’s not all I add mine😅😇🤣

To cut this long story short.. Jesus Christ could be from the Middle East but he was also living in the Roman Empire and sentenced to glory by a Roman. They know each other well and most of his disciples died within the Roman Empire.

SS Peter and Paul were executed in Rome. And St Peter lies in glory but crucified upside down and hacked to pieces in Rome. That why the highest church belonging to the Bishop of Rome is called St Peter… am I right? (Don’t check on me)

So let’s Agree formally and finally that Jesus was a Roman by citizenship… He’s WHITE after all… hahahahahahahajajajaja lmao lol

The Rookie of BidenTown o The First day of Xmas

I’m not so much worried about COVID-19 because I’m in a place in Africa where visitors change but we are the same breed…

Aside: Balck Adses.

So, as with children who always play with their food except Tiger Woods’ cub who’s already swinging high to have a crush on swing low and swing so low as to stop swinging low. I never was a Viking and never want to know more about them with those tall peaks, cold as in coldest snow of Prehistoric Mammoth time to God who made me. They discovered Iceland and then Greenland making Christopher Columbus look like Nut Job, which some people will have you believe @GeorgeFloyd or a Tiger Cubs work in the kill as in The Applause Club of Africa where you will find me there and only for the Right of Africans to Unemployment benefits… come on… never? Ever thou shalt behold!

Social Insurance

Health Insurance

Youth and Girls KitUp

Cold slaw cold snow cold all year round thinking Aurora was the Gods watching TV… O myth, O Vikings

Low fjords of Björg are giants in other climes… haha, whose consumption of music as damatura is as to me as music as a weapon is to Fela Kuti singing ‘Power Show’ to show Viking need Mushrooms. Wouldn’t  you being so cold… so don’t mind the details of Peer Gynt… to make a statement.

Peter Abraham’s, Dennis Brutus’ Gabriel Gbaingbain Okara, Okonjo Iweala, Enahoro, Oba Adekoya the King of Idowa, an International Organization and Governance icon.

Haba Baba RIP.

That a rookie would think is ordinary that Biden of President has by now taken a trip to Jamaica with the VP to have a solid because of the job ahead.

Even though, 2x vaccine for every African is not on the Agenda

A Nigerian American in The Treasury

This literature is so real

That the UN is the mouthpiece and cum-on-face neighbourhood butch or bitch selling Africa so cheap as to say the first set of vaccines will be for the vilberable

1. Nurses and Doctors etc in the Medical Profession

2. The Elderly.


Take Note: Europeans are just as incompetent as Africans

That’s why Biden cannot see vaccines for the whole wild world but y’all see him being a good President.

Presidents are. The ones who missed the point and think their name will ne somewhere forever forgetting we dont care even about Henry Fielding who was a lawyer in the 17th Middle Age and created the World’s and London first Police Force to deal with criminals paperwork and hold them till they appear in Court.

It’s this INCOMPETENCY that we feel about the ancients that future generations will hide us somewhere obscure like Christiaan Huygens who was a renowned Dutch scientist and write ‘The Sacred and The Profane’

The incoming President and VP are just

May this Blessed Sunday heal the soul of Man

It obvious we all know a bad students won’t make a good leaders ..). lol

Best example so far was George Bush Jr. His randyness was more than that of Clinton or Trump.

His Dad the former Prez was alive and the Barbara first lady too so he wasn’t over-reaction… so was the Press who detailed all crazy and bad Words in supposedly English George Jr was adding to the dictionary, called Bushisms Bushisms hahahahaha

Read a bit from Jacob Weisberg who collected The Bushisms, who people criticized for hating but he loves W for the jokes and the income he generated…

“I started gathering Bush’s verbal slip-ups while covering his first presidential campaign. From the first one we published in Slate in October 1999—”The important question is, how many hands have I shaked?”—adding to the collection has been my main pleasure, perhaps my only pleasure, in watching the man.

Since then, I’ve collected—with help from Slate readers—more than 500 Bushisms.  What follows is a list of my 25 favorites. There were many to choose from, but in my opinion, the greatest Bushism of all was delivered on Aug. 5, 2004, when the president declared: “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

Hahahahahahababababababan!! True!!!

People often assume that because I’ve spent the past nine years collecting Bushisms, I must despise George W. Bush. To the contrary, Bushisms fill me with affection for the man—and not just because of the income stream they’ve generated. I find the Bush who flails with words, unlike the Bush who flails with policy, to be an endearing character. Instead of a villain, he makes himself into an irresistible buffoon, like Mrs. Malaprop, Archie Bunker, or Homer Simpson

So much so I don’t think I could like Trump again, not like in the 80s when he cruised with Wacko Jacko Mike Jackson and Mike Tyson wooo!

But now, Trump shows how rotten the soul of man could be that when they didn’t refine the tabula rasa they took to school it will be disastrous on the society. Teachers have to work on Trump. They revenge on us for not teaching them the book and for being Man or Woman and growing like A Monkey. Ignorance is not bliss. It’s painful to your tranquility at least in the Information Age.

Ignorance was bliss when the Wise Men haven’t discovered The Industrial Revolution or At Nurnberg or considering Nigeria, Ignorance is still bliss in some parts

Like in the most unknown known but uncharted about conflicts like one in CAR killing 100s and the people wait… I mean, leave never to come back if you know they are planning another war.

That’s why I pity Anerica who likes War to steal people’s resources by camouflage desert what warp speed operation my ass you dont know you will lose someday like Emperor Nero… if Babylon went extinct and now resides in us Quid pro Quo what’s gonna Stop African Americann and European going home. Can you just imagine Biden of all people mentioned a gay secretary before the first ever Native American Deb Haaland who is to be watched she may well be snatching it before Kamala.

Everywhere you turn Man on Man when they are not even Homos but God will bless. He has to bless before other people’s fearlessness and disjointment from our case makes them offer porridge reserved for when Europeans and Americans will be refugees to people from Tigray.

Aside… you ask UNESCO for the list of food Tigrayan people have been eating for the last Millennium if you are the World Food Programme. The Scam of the UN? Because how come food is not enough on this planet.

Hmm, what’s gonna happen if humans have to share food intergalactically like Star Trek on Star Wars in a 5020AD pandemic

Asking for a friend… bl

Of bringing vaccines with Semiconductors

Basically saying some vaccines without approval will be taken to 90 vulnerable developing countries. Of course, dont get tired of the White Race helping you out.

Have you ever known a citizen of a poor country that’s not vulnerable? No, of course not, anyone must be insane to be looking for vulnerable and not miserables among us

Thrird and finally, in every rumour there is an element of truth. Not always but why isn’t the WHO just gives us a jab.

People get oxycodone and methadone and heroina jabs daily.

I mean all you governments and the UN cannot give us a jab to save our fucking lives.

You know what?

You’re fucked up beyond the eternal, suckers.

How many NobelPRIZES in Political Economics will eradicate African Poverty… SOS

We have to grade things without Libra

We must use Commonsense Communication


As in Back to Basics

Like Christians Today imitating The First Apostles and Congregation , fair enough

I just prefer to be a Christian like King Henry VIII and King Protectorate of UK, Northern Ireland and The Colonies Oliver Cromwell

Christianity is like this to be compassionate so if all the Rich Christians today are in North America, Canada x Great Britain, Africa x South Korea and I don’t really write about Islam or Buddhism because I am a Christian

But why are African Christian’s poor dirt shithole poor and why do these call themselves Christian’s using planes but Christian children did die hundreds of millions of times and ongoing


I’m me

Something is not right and the UN OMG!

If Britain had been ruling China it will be like Old and New Hong Kong not China

Be careful what you wish for.

I million innovations may not end poverty in African still counting prof… see why I dont believe you’re a Prof.

Even Kamala Harris’ Dad advices Caribbean Governments.

I will like to see a few of those advises I order to reframe them.

The African Union and why Union Capitals must be Man-Made Islands

You can’t betray African people more than The African Union

Chubby cheeks in contrast to Jared Kushner who as vacant as his job is, is more productive than the African Union as a hole!

Now Ethiopia was made the capital of Africa in 1964 since Haile Selassie was the only African King ruling a country in the Africa and the World

Just imagine that his name is Ras Tafari

For me an eternally honourable who the changing dynamics did not favour just as it didnt favour The Shah who took a French valet as a Swiss Valet back to Iran to live in the Palace with him… just as much as Swedidh history reveals this crazy stupid idiot thing of wealthy people using the advices of the poor.. idk . I wouldn’t.

What’s the African Union Worth and what is it worth doing for us…

No Comment.

The Poor Man’s Revenge: “God will punish you” lol

We are Africans I I don’t think thought that we don’t want Trump money, Trumpcare

Trump tweet


Trumpshithole (That’s Africa anyway sucker!)

Trumpjoys when ever he sleeps the whole World turns to happiness

Trumphell or Trumphal when God will literally send Trump to Hell but keep his jokes and speeches for future generations of humans coming to the World as babies to be aware of what they shouldn’t do as adults on Earth!

I’m outta here

The cops must hear this!

The HyperTexts Jared Kushner Nicknames: The Clown Prince, Javanka, Vanilla ISIS, The Good Boy, Nimrod, etc. Jared Kushner Jokes Jared Kushner Quotes

This page contains the best Jared Kushner nicknames, jokes and quotes that I have been able to find, and some I came up with myself.

Jared Kushner nicknames have been created by Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, Alec Baldwin, Steve Bannon, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Colin Jost, Ana Navarro, Rex Tillerson, and the White House staff. Related pages: Donald Trump: 666 Mark of the Beast, Is Donald Trump the Antichrist? What’s up with WhatsApp?

Have no fear, Acting President Jared Kushner is here! Cushy Kushner makes all the major decisions while Truant Trump tweets, poses for photo-ops, gropes women’s genitals, cheats at golf, throws temper tantrums, shuts down the government, and brags about his “accomplishments.”

Kushner has been described as the Main Artery leading to Trump’s clogged heart. Kushner has also been called The Prince of Everything because, as he is happy to explain, “Everything runs through me.”

Now the COVID Kid has been made the Coronavirus Czar. Friends, have no fear because Jared the Unready is here!

Together he and his father-in-lawlessness are Bratman and Robbing, a team of DC Comics super zeroes. We can all breathe a sigh of relief because Jarhead Kushner is at the front lines, using his real-estate negotiation skills to counsel our enemies and console our troops! Trump’s youthful Aide de Kampf will never rest until WWIII is well underway! There will soon be a remake of Full Metal Jacket starring Jarring Kushner in Full Dinner Jacket (and Tie). Little Lord Fauntleroy will also star in Ralph Lauren of Arabia, The Shilling Fields and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (then Whines about the K-Rations). Jared Kushner Nicknames Human-Coronavirus Hybrid #666 The COVID Hominid The COVID Kid Kid Corona Kid Corona has given Americans a very good reason not to vote for Donald Trump in the next election: “What a lot of the voters are seeing now is that when you elect somebody…think about who will be a competent manager during the time of crisis.” In other words, don’t vote for an incompetent like Trump! The Human Sump Pump (er, better make that The Semi-Human Sump Pump) Donald Trump’s A$$-Kissing Son-in-Law The Outlaw Son-in-Law Donald Trump’s Junior Partner in Grime The coronavirus pandemic is a global catastrophe. What makes it worse for Americans is having the mushrooming crisis managed mismanaged by two bankrupt real estate salesmen. Kushner’s alleged “impact team” has been nicknamed the “Slim Suit Crowd” for its sartorial elegance. But do any of them know what they’re doing? In the meantime, the United States lags far behind nations like Singapore and South Korea in rapid response to the coronavirus. Vanilla ISIS The Good Boy (Donald Trump) Little Boy Blue (Donald Trump) Donald Trump’s inner bully came through loud and clear as he watched his son-in-law on TV: “Look at Jared, he looks like a little boy, like a child.” Muscle-less Jethro Little Prince Daisycakes What a Girl! (Donald Trump) According to Michael Wolff’s book “Siege,” Donald Trump now calls Kushner a girl, as if that is a terrible thing to be. Sparkly Princess Jaredella Her Royal Highness Princess Kush The Money Launderer (Steve Bannon) Steve Bannon told Michael Wolff: “This is all about money laundering … It goes through Deutsche Bank and Kushner and all that shit.” The False Profit Lucifer Incarnate The Son of Perdition Channel 666 Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump purchased 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion or 6+6+6 billion. Prince of Darkness (Daily Kos) The Crown Prince of Babble-On Nimrod (Nimrod, the son of Kush, was the founder of Babylon) Son of Babylon The name Jared means “descent” so he is the “Descendent of Kush” or “Son of Kush,” the patriarch of Babylon. The Suck-Up (Donald Trump) The Sycophant Ralph Lauren of Arabia (@ChannelTrump) The Lily-White Supremacist Aide de Kampf (Michael R. Burch) Trump’s proposed border wall deal, with all its white supremacist support and implications, “had Kushner’s imprint,” according to The Washington Post. As Greisa Martinez Rosas of United We Dream pointed out, Trump “has repeatedly used negotiations over the pain he has caused to immigrants and federal workers to demand billions more for his wall, more detention camps and mass deportation.” The Holocaust began with white supremacists demanding walls, detention camps and mass deportations. Thus the lily-white Kushner is traveling down a very dark path. Coup D’Tot (Michael R. Burch) According to The Washington Times, Kushner had been feeling “ascendant” after getting John Kelly fired. But Daddy Trump was not happy with Kushner’s advice after his public defeat and humiliation at the hands of Nancy Pelosi, an adult who actually knows what she’s doing. Little Prince Prissy Sissypants Little Lord Fauntleroy (Duratti on Daily Kos) The Power Toker The Washington Post described Kushner as “the most powerful White House adviser” during the 35-day Trump Shutdown. But after the failure of the shutdown he helped engineer and prolong, Kushner seemed more like a power toker than a power broker. The Neophyte Boy Dressed for a Funeral (Colin Jost of SNL) Jared the Unready “Apparently, Jared has become an expert on immigration in the last 48 hours!” Trump raged after his son-in-law pushed him to continue the Trump Shutdown when it was obvious to the entire world that nothing good would come of it. Done In-Law Is the president’s son-in-law now his done in-law, after the fiasco of the Trump Shutdown? Babe in the Woods The Political Non-Entity (Newsweek) Kushner has allegedly touted his relationship with powerful Democrats he worked with on the bill. But Democratic aides told The Post his prowess among the party is overblown. “He is totally a nonentity,” one aide told the newspaper—Newsweek Pocket Tool Pocket Money Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has boasted about having Kushner “in his pocket.” Dude Collude (Stephen Colbert) The Turncoat (did Kushner betray both his liberal values and his country?) Mr. Insecurity Risky Business Risqué Business Security Risk Security Clearance Sale Blue Light Special As CNN reported, the White House calligrapher now has a higher-level security clearance than Jared Kushner. The Cush (Matt Gaetz) Cushy Kushner Little Cushball (Alec Baldwin on SNL) Little Cush Toy (Ivanka Trump) Ivanka’s Boy Toy The Good Little Son-in-Law (Melania Trump) The Boy Blunder The Preppie Neo-Con Jared “Dumber Than My Daughter” Kushner (Allan Ishac) Allan Ishac was predicting what Trump will say when he finally fires the Boy Blunder. Together, Trump and Kushner are Bratman and Robbing (Michael R. Burch). Meathead (since Steve Bannon called Trump “Archie Bunker”) Complete Fucking Idiot (Samantha Bee) The Weak Link (Sam Nunberg) The Preppy Schlep The Red Queen (“Off with their heads!”) The Secretary of Everything (his White House nickname) The Prince of Everything The Fresh Prince of Hell Air The Clown Prince of Queens Madame Secretary Kushner Acting President Kushner Chairman of the Bored Smoothie Operator PEN15 (Seth Meyers, pun on “PENIS”) Credit Risk Jared in the Red (he has a $1.2 billion loan payment coming due) Blackmailers’ Bonanza Freelancer for Hire Kushner has been accused of “freelancing” U.S. foreign policy in order to pay his enormous debts. Graft Spree New York Pork Dork The Influence Peddler and The $500 Million Dollar Man The Starched White Collar Criminal The Defendant (Steve Bannon) Steve Bannon said Jared Kushner was “taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared.” Jailbait Jared (Robert Mueller) Flapjack (because Kushner will “flip like a pancake” when interviewed by the FBI) Flipper The Canary (because soon he’ll be singing like a bird in his gilded cage!) Mueller’s Bitch Domino II Chris Matthews predicted that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be “the next dominoes to fall.” The Air (Steve Bannon, because Kushner glides in and out like a puff of air) Fluffy After Kushner was denied a security clearance, an insider said the White House was “trying to fluff him up again” like a flat pillow! The Exfoliater The ultimate yuppie, Kushner discussed “exfoliating” those who are not supportive of his work with the president! The Upwardly Mobile Nerd The Ultimate Yuppie The Real Estate Princeling (Nicki Swift) The Outré Embracer Kushner once gave his polar opposite, Corey Lewandowski, a public hug. Prince Alarming Prince Uncharming The American Dauphin The Son-in-Law King (pun on Sun King) Putin’s Protégé Putin’s American Viceroy Putin’s American Vice-Boy Putin’s Cush-Toy Putin’s Puppet Putin’s Poppet Putin’s Putty Putin’s Proxy Fratsputin Comrade Kushner The White Russian Russian Rim Job The Prim & Proper Prussian The Easebroker The Piece Broker The Piss Broker The Grease Broker Main Artery (Washington Post) Jared the Pallid The Paladin The Shadow President The Shadow King Haunted Ken Doll (Stephen Colbert “alter ego”) The Prim & Proper Fascist The Nixonian Nerd “Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I did not collude with Russia. Like Sgt. Schultz, I know nutthink!” The Aloof Poof The Air Kisser The Optic Nerd Revenge of the Nerd Fully Transparent Boy (He claimed to be “fully transparent” on Russia.) The Eager Beaver (“I am eager to share any disinformation I have with investigating bodies!”) Poor Little Rich Bitch Little Jared (Ana Navarro) Baby Boy (Ana Navarro) Nerd Boy Jarhead Jarhead Jared Jar-Jar Jared Jugghead Jared “the Red” Kushner Jarred Jared Jarring Kushner Jar-Jar Brinks Jar-Jar Hijinks Jarring Jarhead Jared, aka JJJ and Triple-J Cuckoo Channel Channel Kushner Back Channel Boy Back Door Boy The Collusionist Collusion Fusion Trump’s Lawless Son-in-Law The Illusionist The Delusionist The Arrogance of Ignorance The Warlock Mr. Cash-for-Visas The Chinese Checker JAG (Junior Apprentice Gerrymanderer) Cadre Kushner The Swamp Stocker The Reacher from the Black Lagoon Ivanka’s KKKrush Javanka Jarvanka Jiveanka Jerkvanka The “Jar” in Jarvanka (Daily Kos) Peace Treaty Barbie (Ivanka Trump) and Collusion Ken (Jared Kushner) The Royals and The Royal Family (Rex Tillerson) Kush Kushy Hush-Kush Lush-Kush Shush-Kush Douche-Kush Louche-Kush Trump’s Other Girlfriend (after Ivanka) Luxury Toothpick (Seth Meyers) Ivanka Trump Nicknames Ivanka Wanker (I Wanna Wank Her) Ivanka Spanker (I Wanna Spank Her) Proxy Wife Nordic Goddess Norwegian Wood Inducer The First Lady-Daughter The Acting First Lady The Real First Lady Princess Royal Royal Flush Royal Douche Mrs. Kushner Kushner’s Crush Kushner’s Cush Toy The Smart One Michael (after Michael Corleone, “the smart one” in the Godfather movies) Please click here for all Ivanka Trump Nicknames Damien Trump and his Stepford Wives meet Pope Francis, who is obviously uncomfortable in the presence of such Darkness and angles his cross slightly to keep them at bay! Trump family nicknames: The Stepfordians, The KKKardashians, The Brooklyn Hillbullies (Michael R. Burch), Donald Duck Dynasty, Four Norsemen of the Trumpocalypse (Michael R. Burch), The Cold Ones, Children of the Corn, Poor Little Bitch Kids, The Bitches of Eastwick Marco Roboto hugs the First-Lady-Daughter, Ivanka Trump … talk about uncomfortable! 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We can all breathe a sigh of relief because Jarhead Kushner is at the front lines, using his real-estate negotiation skills to counsel our enemies and console our troops! Trump’s youthful Aide de Kampf will never rest until WWIII is well underway! There will soon be a remake of Full Metal Jacket starring Jarring Kushner in Full Dinner Jacket (and Tie)Little Lord Fauntleroy will also star in Ralph Lauren of Arabia, The Shilling Fields and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (then Whines about the K-Rations).

Jared Kushner Nicknames

Human-Coronavirus Hybrid #666
The COVID HominidThe COVID Kid
Kid Corona

Kid Corona has given Americans a very good reason not to vote for Donald Trump in the next election: “What a lot of the voters are seeing now is that when you elect somebody…think about who will be a competent manager during the time of crisis.” In other words, don’t vote for an incompetent like Trump!

The Human Sump Pump (er, better make that The Semi-Human Sump Pump)
Donald Trump’s A$$-Kissing Son-in-Law
The Outlaw Son-in-Law
Donald Trump’s Junior Partner in Grime

The coronavirus pandemic is a global catastrophe. What makes it worse for Americans is having the mushrooming crisis managed mismanaged by two bankrupt real estate salesmen. Kushner’s alleged “impact team” has been nicknamed the “Slim Suit Crowd” for its sartorial elegance. But do any of them know what they’re doing? In the meantime, the United States lags far behind nations like Singapore and South Korea in rapid response to the coronavirus.

Vanilla ISIS
The Good Boy (Donald Trump)
Little Boy Blue (Donald Trump)Donald Trump’s inner bully came through loud and clear as he watched his son-in-law on TV: “Look at Jared, he looks like a little boy, like a child.”

Muscle-less Jethro
Little Prince Daisycakes
What a Girl! (Donald Trump)

According to Michael Wolff’s book “Siege,” Donald Trump now calls Kushner a girl, as if that is a terrible thing to be.

Sparkly Princess Jaredella
Her Royal Highness Princess Kush

The Money Launderer (Steve Bannon)

Steve Bannon told Michael Wolff: “This is all about money laundering … It goes through Deutsche Bank and Kushner and all that shit.”

The False Profit
Lucifer Incarnate
The Son of Perdition
Channel 666

Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump purchased 666 Fifth Avenue for $1.8 billion or 6+6+6 billion.

Prince of Darkness (Daily Kos)
The Crown Prince of Babble-On
Nimrod (Nimrod, the son of Kush, was the founder of Babylon)Son of BabylonThe name Jared means “descent” so he is the “Descendent of Kush” or “Son of Kush,” the patriarch of Babylon.

The Suck-Up (Donald Trump)The SycophantRalph Lauren of Arabia (@ChannelTrump)
The Lily-White Supremacist
Aide de Kampf (Michael R. Burch)Trump’s proposed border wall deal, with all its white supremacist support and implications, “had Kushner’s imprint,” according to The Washington Post. As Greisa Martinez Rosas of United We Dream pointed out, Trump “has repeatedly used negotiations over the pain he has caused to immigrants and federal workers to demand billions more for his wall, more detention camps and mass deportation.” The Holocaust began with white supremacists demanding walls, detention camps and mass deportations. Thus the lily-white Kushner is traveling down a very dark path.

Coup D’Tot (Michael R. Burch)

According to The Washington Times, Kushner had been feeling “ascendant” after getting John Kelly fired. But Daddy Trump was not happy with Kushner’s advice after his public defeat and humiliation at the hands of Nancy Pelosi, an adult who actually knows what she’s doing.

Little Prince Prissy Sissypants
Little Lord Fauntleroy (Duratti on Daily Kos)
The Power Toker

The Neophyte
Boy Dressed for a Funeral (Colin Jost of SNL)Jared the Unready
“Apparently, Jared has become an expert on immigration in the last 48 hours!” Trump raged after his son-in-law pushed him to continue the Trump Shutdown when it was obvious to the entire world that nothing good would come of it.

Done In-Law

Is the president’s son-in-law now his done in-law, after the fiasco of the Trump Shutdown?

Babe in the WoodsThe Political Non-Entity (Newsweek)

Kushner has allegedly touted his relationship with powerful Democrats he worked with on the bill. But Democratic aides told The Post his prowess among the party is overblown. “He is totally a nonentity,” one aide told the newspaper
Pocket Tool
Pocket Money

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has boasted about having Kushner “in his pocket.”

Dude Collude (Stephen Colbert)
The Turncoat (did Kushner betray both his liberal values and his country?)
Mr. Insecurity
Risky Business
Risqué Business
Security Risk
Security Clearance Sale
Blue Light Special

As CNN reported, the White House calligrapher now has a higher-level security clearance than Jared Kushner.

The Cush (Matt Gaetz)
Cushy Kushner
Little Cushball (Alec Baldwin on SNL)
Little Cush Toy (Ivanka Trump)
Ivanka’s Boy Toy
The Good Little Son-in-Law (Melania Trump)
The Boy Blunder
The Preppie Neo-ConJared “Dumber Than My Daughter” Kushner (Allan Ishac)

Allan Ishac was predicting what Trump will say when he finally fires the Boy Blunder. Together, Trump and Kushner are Bratman and Robbing (Michael R. Burch).

Meathead (since Steve Bannon called Trump “Archie Bunker”)
Complete Fucking Idiot (Samantha Bee)
The Weak Link (Sam Nunberg)
The Preppy Schlep

The Red Queen (“Off with their heads!”)
The Secretary of Everything (his White House nickname)
The Prince of Everything
The Fresh Prince of Hell Air
The Clown Prince of Queens
Madame Secretary Kushner
Acting President Kushner
Chairman of the Bored
Smoothie Operator
PEN15 (Seth Meyers, pun on “PENIS”)

Credit Risk
Jared in the Red (he has a $1.2 billion loan payment coming due)
Blackmailers’ Bonanza
Freelancer for Hire

Kushner has been accused of “freelancing” U.S. foreign policy in order to pay his enormous debts.

Graft Spree
New York Pork Dork
The Influence Peddler and The $500 Million Dollar Man
The Starched White Collar Criminal
The Defendant (Steve Bannon)

Steve Bannon said Jared Kushner was “taking meetings with Russians to get additional stuff. This tells you everything about Jared.”

Jailbait Jared (Robert Mueller)
Flapjack (because Kushner will “flip like a pancake” when interviewed by the FBI)
The Canary (because soon he’ll be singing like a bird in his gilded cage!)
Mueller’s Bitch
Domino II

Chris Matthews predicted that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be “the next dominoes to fall.”

The Air (Steve Bannon, because Kushner glides in and out like a puff of air)

After Kushner was denied a security clearance, an insider said the White House was “trying to fluff him up again” like a flat pillow!

The Exfoliater

The ultimate yuppie, Kushner discussed “exfoliating” those who are not supportive of his work with the president!

The Upwardly Mobile Nerd
The Ultimate Yuppie
The Real Estate Princeling (Nicki Swift)
The Outré Embracer

Kushner once gave his polar opposite, Corey Lewandowski, a public hug.

Prince Alarming
Prince Uncharming
The American Dauphin
The Son-in-Law King (pun on Sun King)

Putin’s Protégé
Putin’s American Viceroy
Putin’s American Vice-Boy
Putin’s Cush-Toy
Putin’s Puppet
Putin’s Poppet
Putin’s Putty
Putin’s Proxy
FratsputinComrade Kushner
The White Russian
Russian Rim Job
The Prim & Proper Prussian

The Easebroker
The Piece Broker
The Piss Broker
The Grease Broker
Main Artery (Washington Post)

Jared the Pallid
The Paladin
The Shadow President
The Shadow King
Haunted Ken Doll (Stephen Colbert “alter ego”)

The Prim & Proper Fascist
The Nixonian Nerd

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear: I did not collude with Russia. Like Sgt. Schultz, I know nutthink!”

The Aloof Poof
The Air Kisser
The Optic Nerd
Revenge of the Nerd
Fully Transparent Boy (He claimed to be “fully transparent” on Russia.)
The Eager Beaver (“I am eager to share any disinformation I have with investigating bodies!”)

Poor Little Rich Bitch
Little Jared (Ana Navarro)
Baby Boy (Ana Navarro)
Nerd Boy

Jarhead Jared
Jar-Jar Jared
Jared “the Red” Kushner
Jarred Jared
Jarring Kushner
Jar-Jar Brinks
Jar-Jar Hijinks
Jarring Jarhead Jared, aka JJJ and Triple-J

Cuckoo Channel
Channel Kushner
Back Channel Boy
Back Door Boy
The Collusionist
Collusion Fusion
Trump’s Lawless Son-in-Law
The Illusionist
The Delusionist
The Arrogance of Ignorance
The Warlock

Mr. Cash-for-Visas
The Chinese Checker
JAG (Junior Apprentice Gerrymanderer)
Cadre Kushner
The Swamp Stocker
The Reacher from the Black Lagoon

Ivanka’s KKKrush
The “Jar” in Jarvanka (Daily Kos)
Peace Treaty Barbie (Ivanka Trump) and Collusion Ken (Jared Kushner)
The Royals and The Royal Family (Rex Tillerson)


Trump’s Other Girlfriend (after Ivanka)
Luxury Toothpick (Seth Meyers)

Ivanka Trump Nicknames

Ivanka Wanker (I Wanna Wank Her)
Ivanka Spanker (I Wanna Spank Her)
Proxy Wife
Nordic Goddess
Norwegian Wood Inducer
The First Lady-Daughter
The Acting First Lady
The Real First Lady
Princess Royal
Royal Flush
Royal Douche
Mrs. Kushner
Kushner’s Crush
Kushner’s Cush Toy
The Smart One
Michael (after Michael Corleone, “the smart one” in the Godfather movies)

Please click here for all Ivanka Trump Nicknames

Damien Trump
 and his Stepford Wives meet Pope Francis, who is obviously uncomfortable in the presence of such Darkness and angles his cross slightly to keep them at bay!
Trump family nicknames: The Stepfordians, The KKKardashians,The Brooklyn Hillbullies (Michael R. Burch), Donald Duck Dynasty, Four Norsemen of the Trumpocalypse (Michael R. Burch), The Cold Ones, Children of the Corn, Poor Little Bitch Kids, The Bitches of Eastwick

Marco Roboto hugs the First-Lady-Daughter, Ivanka Trump … talk about uncomfortable!

End of Story.

Italics mine from…

From Bard on Strings and Harper:

The Son of Kush, The Patriarch of Babylon… that’s the way it is!

Tra-la-a-la-lalala-la-la-la-la-lalaaaa ⅖

“Together, Trump and Kushner are Bratman and Robbing” –

Tribute to George Floyd and Taylor and Bland etc

Now it would sound somehow if I criticize Africans for missing several European Ages but vice versa na-na

What’s more in Moreland, Jamaica? A Indian-Jamaican VPrez Kamala Coomala Kanmala whatever is the person who would root out corruption in Washington and Restore Reparations for Africans

Men, Europeans are heartless apart from building Boeing, Airbus, Asimov, Jedism, Afro, Latina and Chinkos and Aussies and the problem is we just have to treat you according to standards we set for people like you and your continent unless you’re stinkingly rich or a bloody thief. Preventing Entrepreneurship to embellish and bejeweled stealing also called embezzlement when it happens in government. Pity humans O piti pity.

“Together, Trump and Kushner (or Jarhead N Ivanka) are Batman and Robbing


If you criticize Trump you may have to shoot all Presidents in Africa

Just imagine a sitting duck  of a President

Holidaying in his homebase

Then 400 boys were kidnapped on his doorstep while in school

A mushroom school befitting Nigeria

The reason why I vex when Nigerian politicians and especially journalists compare Nigeria to America

I dont get it

Is it because Nigeria speaks broken English?

Is it because you are deaf and dumb that you compare and African country to the only Superpower?

I know your ignorance and dullardity is pro-legendary

A 3 pointer?

Of course

Then the boys are released after a week

But Prez is still in hiding

Under abnormal circumstances like I was born into in Africa and the reason why the very best of us can be clumsy unless they practice in Over Sea country as Overseers

Ignorance overseeing intelligence

The origins of half-baked societies preferring solutions for other clime when decay is the only kindest word to describe their progress

Beyt di TGoSFreaks will smile on Africans one day and we will be transformed and transfigured to Paradise

Make no mistake

If you think God will contact Man in Africa

I will forgive you for Moses Orimolade

Any other is a counterfeit!

The Temporal Man with blinking eyes and why all his ideas are just bunkers

Imagine spending 50-70-90 years





Intelligent prof taking decisions as Secretary of Transportation

When humans know Ministry of Scholarship is different from the Department of Education

Why would I respect you as President when it’s not written and we commit unnecessary undiscoverable offences that the Rule of Law sound like a joke when The Rule of Might goes on unchallenged in Boko Haram and Haifar’s forces that

Korean companies advertise with white and black only, but it’s insane because Racism is more of a crime but who doesn’t feel affinity to his own and gate the other as a matter of survival

Because I would love Lions to speak and tell us how Paradisitic is the World and why we rarely come to the Savannah holes up in Manhattan? Lagos? Mumbai? Sidi Abouzi? Aleppo?

The temporal man with blinking now serves us ideas he learnt in school and in the wikipedia and write a new novel based on another one and gets the prize for being an academic so many of us write better shit and better this and that than any fool who ever got a Nobel or Booker or what’s Pulitzer got to do with a book denigrating Nat Turner?

As in are you all out of your minds?

Blinking eyes man too smart to be true cos he got millions then his duck and brains look bigger than anyone who belongs beyond the human frontier. Trump rejoiced in out poverty calling is shithole but we love America as ‘In luvvy duvvy’

We go for the impossible and write a report about it advising UEFA to stamp out Racism when it has been here long before UEFA and Orban is more like a duet with Trunp to campaign against Racism in the World because the individual mentality of freedom which really doesnt exist since the imaginary boundary of countries and aspiration based on citizenship status of ordinary or diplomatic?

There are some amounts of money individuals cant collect so why would Senators and First Ladies give a damn we don’t have food nor electricity

Waiting for 1000years to develop when you can do it now before your eyes stop blinking and you finally give up to say your children will do what you didnt do for 71 tears but yeah they will do shit since every thing in the universe purified eventually.

The Existence of God and The Blowback of Empirical Reality

We are all humans

The fact that Africa is always ultimately underdeveloped and suffering Racism everywhere else is a blowback of Empirical reality mo one wants to do anything about… even different groups of Africans can’t work on this together because of the fake sense of superiority complex when they have citizenship on the Western Hemisphere which blows down as you approach China or Fiji depending on the strength of your search, research, goals and humanity potential.

Yes God exists that’s the hope of Africa

Even 1ml x 2 of vaccines are outta reach

But would you seriously inoculated Drumpier than Drump?

Christopher Ruddy: What the heck did you just say on BBC’s ‘Hard Talk’?

I’m thinking I’m having a good day

Then I decided to watch Hard Talk on BBC

And I had to go and empty my bowels when Christopher Ruddy of NewsMax NY started talking.

The question was framed by Stephen Sackur simply as ‘What do you have to say about your White House Correspondent denying Climate Change in a tweet on for that matter and “What do you think about this and other staff and comedic politix pundits on NewsMax commentary after Rudy Giuliani showed of shame?”

Well, if anyone living or dead had to tell you what positive commentary on Trunp position is I think you heard Mitch McConnell relishing his return to head the Republican Party as Lordship pleases cos he smiled showing people from Kentucky are happy when they smile in Congress


Clinton lost in recent times but not like this

I wonder why they called Kushner and his team the Slim Gang because of their daily wearinhighzarion of expensive suits

Based on

If anyone had to tell you on International TV, shame, they had to tell you that your maximum news of NewsMax saw Credence and Clearwaters in The 58 Federal Cases launched by Don Trump and thrown out by Federal Judges including 3 in the Supreme Court appointed by Trump, in quick succession even when you were taunting Martial Law within the most respected democracy I know of then you are bonkers.

Let her go by Rosenberg the Passenger

Let Her Go


“Let Her Go” was released in July 2012, the second single from Passenger’s third album, All the… read more »



[Produced by Mike Rosenberg and Chris Vallejo]
[Video by Dave Jensen and Tavic]

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go…

[Verse 1]
Staring at the bottom of your glass
Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last
But dreams come slow and they go so fast
You see her when you close your eyes
Maybe one day you’ll understand why
Everything you touch surely dies

But you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home
Only know you love her when you let her go

Well you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home

Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go…

Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh
And you let her go
Oh, oh, woah, oh, oh
When you let her go

‘Cause you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home

Only know you love her when you let her go
‘Cause you only need the light when it’s burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know you love her when you let her go
Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low
Only hate the road when you’re missing home

Only know you love her when you let her go
And you let her go…


Produced ByPassenger & Chris VallejoWritten ByPassengerRelease DateFebruary 24, 2012EXPAND TRACK INFO 

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this song makes me so sad every time i hear it because of past relationships but it is good i am not the only guy who feels this way+127 UPVOTESmarib1  1187 years ago

i like this song+106 UPVOTESLosena6 years ago

I cried all the time when I hear this song.Its remind me of my mother and my hubby his having liver cancer and fighting for it right know!!+69 UPVOTEScreepcrawl12  3,3606 years ago

This song is great!! The meanings are so deep and the tune is great. “You only want something once it’s gone.” I totally agree.+56 UPVOTESNessaTheRapper  3227 years ago

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The Five American Wars for Slavery

Didn’t I tell you about the Betrayal of Africans?


By Robert Smith*

The slave owners won the first three

Plantation slaves and workers during a break at noon
Plantation slaves and workers during a break at noon | Image from Wall Street International.

September 2020 (Wall Street International)*There have been four wars for slavery conducted by the USA: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War and the Civil War.

When American children like me were taught American history, we were told that the Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in the rebellious states of the Confederacy and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution freed them everywhere in the USA.

View original post 8,366 more words

Welcome to No Credible Nation

If there was one

For Assange and Ruhollah

Journalist who supported the demonstration


If there is a credible nation

Send home their ambassador

Till they can resurrect his soul

So what of Trump vs Soleomani vs Nuclear vs Iraq

You arrest a refugee living in France in Iraq and tried and executed him in Iran then support a minority multi millionaire cleric since jailed in Nigeria for disturbance.

How can I blame Trump?

Biden is a No No. You can regulate relations with Tehran.

On second thoughts you can.

Birds of the same feathers.

Please help me to think for The President of Nigeria

6years ago during the tenure of the former President happily named aptly Goodluck, hundreds of Boko Haram gunmen came to cart away 300 girls or more. Young girls of 14 and 15. This is what is called insane and the government did much like nothing because people protesting against the Nigerian government actions are still protesting daily for 6years. Yes! Even though Covid 19 so I’m an armchair protester writing daily about this injustice and callousness of wickedness and impunity in a President and The Senate and the Representatives and The Governors even of The Central Banks and their tailors

As if we have nothing to do than to tell you about the sickening stench of your incompetence among The Black Race after The Betrayal of Blacks in The Arab Slave Caravans and The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade where human being were rubbed with honey and left tied to a tree in the forest.

I’m coming.

Fast forward 3days ago another group of gunmen came to cart away 200 students.

Trilogy of The Emperor of Enjoyment 2021

1. Naissance
2. Renaissance
3. Psychedelia

1. Naissance
When it boils down to the substance and appreciation of life, I, The Emperor of Enjoyment on The Seven Seas beat all odds. I was born in Africa to a billionaire that will make Coming to America modest in a jiffy.

When you are born in Africa, you’re like people who only went to First School as my wife puts it because she spoke better French than English. She crossed me out and blended me well into European Aristocracy afterwards.

So it was indeed like Coming to America, the film. We met in the Press Room of the only English language newspaper in Azerbaijan. That is my equivalent of Hakeem the Prince taking a job as a waiter but I was quite modest at the time but the background shocked many people who even said with the luggage I packed on my first trip to Europe, itself hard to believe that you have socks and gym shoes and you just bought gloves because you feel cool. Wait a minute, have you been here before, because I’ve been here for 5years all the way from Sudan and I don’t think I would buy gloves after a weekend holiday in Istanbul when first in from Africa.

2. Renaissance
Well I thought Dad was God and this is not the simplest riddle of life I couldn’t crack during my first years in Ikoyi Island of Lagos before the Mayor and The Executors said we must move to Surulere on the Mainland after Dad died and started I and I the slow decline into ordinary life of a Mainlander and have been so ever since. If I never left the Island. If I never went through the Eastern Sea to The Azeris and Turkish hospitality. If I never met the Australian of Sellerstown who gave me a job. A journalist without experience. I think calling me a journalist made me Matured almost immediately it coincidentally happened and I became one of those words I used to check and relish the meaning ‘Muse’ to the World and a Teacher too in Asia which is a feat of sorts for an African.

3. Psychedelia
The Emperor of Enjoyment lifestyle is intertwined with my evolution as a man as Dad paid till I was 10 and the Estate and my Sisters paid through what I call a spell in Europe that was more like as one of them said, “another money losing scheme”.

But I spent money. I earned a lot and I couldn’t earn enough I had to quit the European stage because when I lost my job and my wife asked for a divorce 2 years later it’s not a shock that I had to come back to Africa and His Grace and My Sisters carried the days into months and years for the Emperor of Enjoyment. Still going strong.

These views are not ordinary they are the works and words of God as a Freak like me and I love Rick James and Charley Pride.

It gives me pride to say if someone born in African can survive a trip through 23 countries and still going strong.

The World of luck is everywhere. I wish you well as you gather the gold coins of nature for your life as ai do everywhere I turn.

The Grace.

Let’s joke with things 1: Thinking for the wicked, according to The State and The Religion

Most religions forgive the wicked but there has to be a few who castrates them and those are the religion to my taste I beg your pardon

For all I care there are elements of The French Empire and those who are victims of The French Colonies

I still dont know where Le Canard and L’Hebdo get their cues from…. if I had never worked for a newspaper nor worked as a journalist in Paris on two spells

The Traite de Noir a book I saw in a girlfriend’s house in Versoix, Switzerland was shocking to say the least

There are documentation, several uncountable about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and how it was the Portuguese Colony of Brazil where people suffered the most… for your info the writer of this book about the popular history of Brazil was also French and writing about a Portuguese Colony from a French perspective still thought and taught that the Wicked as colonists or looters of Public Treasury or thieves working within the UN system earning more than the Foreign Direct Investments they bring into poorer countries.

Talking about poor

No country is poor

Only wicked leaders acting as poor make poor citizens votes and take the mandate then fuck them all.


There is no forgiveness for the wicked and you can see what people will do to them and why they need body guards and escorts. If you were clean cast the first stone and walk downtown Dallas naked like Erykah Badu if you got nothing to hide. Mrs Biden.

You guys are horrible Democrats unless you change your ways.

The wicked Biden has been naming Secretaries and au pair for US democratic machine in his version of White and Black House but has not specifically made declarations on free health care and free scholarships meaning with no strings of racism attached but no.

They are mean.

70 years as Queen and Nothing to show for it.

Presumptive President and VP at 78 and 60 with what but a name to make for themselves and the Black Lives Matter of 4000AD could just uproot Biden and Harris for your liking. Just as the Confederates go Buddy!

Do More for Black People Suckkers!

The God of Super Freaks on Africa: Animal Farm School 2

Just about now

I was reading The Beauty of thoughts,  a blog on wordpress

And it struck me to think

What if the dreaded and backward and animalistic  Animal Farm was set in Africa but not Russia, UK . Us and EU, Brexxxittt notwithstanding

Who is who in Africa!

Who’s fooling who in Africa?

What animal would each country represent and which ones will statesman and woman them?

What would be the economic  importance of letting or give the chance to animals to run Africa?

Who would be the President of Nigeria: A vulture without neither ethics nor culture!

This is my revenge on Dante Alighieri and Boccaccio

The President of The United States would be from The Family Coyote, hating g the public loving the family, tearing everything down in the process. If you cant call them that , call them Tasmanian Devils or Very Fine Cannibals, eating everything that’s none of their business so they can be number one they know nothing about

The PM of England would be a Gazelle, always on the ring from lions cos he can’t think on the job for a Manager of 5000 or a Centurio  of The Early Christian Days which will always be to tear down the wicked. Not one shall remain that does evil. So says the doll of truth.

The President of South Africa would be  snail, slow and incompetent who sees your speed at work on tour fee, destructive. Thank God you dropped her

And the Queen of Englanf would be the Queen Bee

The Pope would be The Praying MATTIS

Your clan would be up for suckers

Call then what you want in the life.

Just to think for a jiffy that water is not a right? Is a crime against poor humanity

Dear Friends Who Think Water is not a Right, unfortunately you have no idea what you are talking about. Sadly. Come and live in West Africa for 50years believing water is not a right. I’ve had running water for less that 5years of my life. I paid a 1000dollars to put a borehole at home and lucky to share the bill with 4 who don’t even live here anymore. You were probably born where water runs daily. For your info when the electricity is switched off daily WE HAVE TO BUY PETROL AND RENT A GENERATOR TO PUMP WATER AT HOME since we dont have a generator big enough to power the water pump pumping water into our tank. What a shame people think water is not a right. What is a right in itself next to life? Water, sorry.

Japan will not arrest peaceful protesters, let’s see BidenHarris

As expected in the annual report of police brutality for 2021


Look where you are going!

Can you read 2021 Xmas end of year

Biden will be man of the year and he would have sent not a few Republican policemen to beat up and maim not a few Post-MAGA

Who is coughing there?

Can’t you hear me?

You won’t be a good President if you dont handle the Republican Ghetto warriors

Bike warriors

Horse warriors

You will protect the antifa with your secretary of defense

Good job

Sweet taste of power


The African Gang in America has come of age

Not Buffalo Soldiers no more

Get yop Stand top

For your rights

Learn a cue from Japan stop arresting us the peaceful bloggers

As dumb as American probes really are… I can’t laugh

Trump probes!

I can’t laugh!

Biden probes

Hunter Biden probes

Department of Justice probes Hunter Biden because of Biden and not the State fyi trump didn’t get to the deep state. He thought it was a joke

Enquirer into Mueller and Comey now

Inquiry into the The Department of State under Pompeo

What is supposed to be the function of all these people Biden is naming


No wonder scientific aficionados who study mainly Theoretical Physics and Rocket Science above all else after a briefly long spell on Rockers Island, NY and San Francisco to Vancouver Pleases means pleasure the Canadian way

Borrow us vaccines unless you are not probing shit Mr. BIDEN.

When are you supposed to know there are no vaccines in Africa and no plan to do so until Xmas 2021

Just say officially you want Africans to die

See bro

After what you guys did to AFRICAN Americans you are what in fact?

Shame does not catch you

Or the Hunter Biden Probe will heal the World in fact as stupid as you are

The Unknown African

“The bottom line is, even if the illegal American visa trade is going to help you get out of Africa; they probably prefer you to be a convict, a victim or if your life is practically in danger because they dont believe you want an American visa since you have probably grown used to liking Africa anyway; moreso, it’s only when an African is in danger that his story is easily believed and that it’s true that he will keep his side of the bargain and pay up when he or she gets to America. Otherwise? Whatever you give him is his payback from the Natire, God, Ancestors, the unseen dividends of being a good citizen has been paid.

Pennsylvania or die

So my take is

In case I was your Prez

I will give a Press Conference

I will call Joe Biden his real names

Not ‘Sleepy Joe’

Not ‘The American Prez that got even or a kisser of black ass

Opps pops oops?!

Why do I have to believe you

Argument in Italian American English

“Come gigolo pronto arrivederci files di putana How come there is a rigging when you win and when you lose?

Hahajajajajahahahaba Trump was cheated… I can’t laugh

Where the fuck is Sleepy Comey?

Can you see how the Deep State did it for us  or Sorry Outest Eastern Sea +/_ 2hours Cardinal cardinal Corona is still going strong

Instead of curving favours from Trump and flying to NY to congratulate him

You were blacked Comey

Working for a Black Prez

Always blacked

Always good

Life sun tan for life!

When Biden is not good enough nor the UN or Didn’t I tell you they don’t care about us- MJ

Now the vaccines have been hoarded

O Mother Idoto tour children are wailing again

The white man sickness and the black man death

9 in 10 of Mama Africas Children and Mama Chile and Papi Chulo,


Mame Caliente, Pape Manyana

Send us to Patagonia please

Then we know we are at the end

Here, there and everywhere as if we are in Argentina I will Maradona you

As if we are in Venezuela

I will use my Powers as circumscribed and Cardinalized in The Bishop of Rome

Tear drop from my eyes LOL

Teardrops are falling from my eyes

Yesterday – Rick James

For all I care why does the UN want me to lambasting them again

You own the UnESCO

And you dont know ethics of a pandemic cannot be for profit

Call the Pope to beg them

AstraZeneca Oxford Pfizer BioNTech Sputnik 5 Tutti Frutti Avengers Episode

Shame on you

Black Man die hard

I want to tell you about Prime Ministers of England

First of all, it’s not totally impossible or unwise to get a job or get a salary without any sorts of qualifications in the English Speaking World.

While it’s not totally impossible that until 1999 you won’t get a job as a journalist in France and Italy unless you pass through the Journalism Department of a University. Hopefully, these countries have not been starting the Faculty of Journalism which is over the top. But that is what citizens of Italy and France told me when I posted to the United Nations as a Permanrnt Correspondent of Times Publications of London, England since I studied Banking and Finance.

Well, would all doctors writing for the Medical Journals have to pass through blah blah blah

Fast forward 2020

The process of vaccine approval in England is impressive and I have seen a few people in the Anti Vac Camp of England willing to get a job without qualifications but unwilling to extrapolate the whole English scenario out of the Health Sector.

Food for the gander

Is good for you

He may not take the vaccine himself

Like his compatriots they work with businesses accused of thieving

Like himself in other countries selling arms and sending refugees to the gallows

You wonder the curse they as the incompetence and high racism of their positions even makes them condescend to have been foolish enough to legally arrest and jail only one official from Nigeria

Sorry why didn’t we do it oirselves

We are incompetent and never mind

You have to do the scout and police jobs and research and distribute it

We are Africa we say it what exactly do we do

I dont know

so enjoy your positon

Waiting for Godot, Rasputin and Biden

The accounts are popular about enemy of The State

When they fumble with the sacred public we employ many tactics

They must not stain the place further with their bloody ignorance to lead a country on a death path and claim to be scoring diplomatic points. Don’t be deceived these guys are used to paying for advanced and original western rackets treaties and presence and the like so why would you let one slip by 2months before leaving office and topping it with the cold icing of a judge like winter the queen in Narnia with Summer gone always bliss but nowhere to be found.

The flower of good things

We now have a real cabinet

We are bored of kitchen cabinets!

Some have skeletons in them

I have seen these skeletic metaphors

That the World is One you treat it as such.

It’s not contradictory to have the different species of the human race in Biden’s Cabinet which I must say is the only cabinet in America without blemish today since he forms the new government.

I don’t know how Mitch will fare not when Graham is joining the Greyhound outta town.

So many brown faces and we don’t mind whom so if you do if you MAGA?

What wouldn’t Carlson and Petersen on the one hand have in common to try a nail on the Biden Cabinet…

Here’s the 411

How come Republicans feel the State ditched them?

You’re nuts!

They know now

Injustice somewhere diversify

Likewise the Swiss Scientist born in Bulgaria keeps thinking you have to make your problem bigger with The Apprentices of The Baron Mobe. Irish vs German it’s a central part of western thought only Stoics and Semiotics bother.

The God of Super Freaks know who is serving him.

The Pope and the State

Biden is Catholic

The Ghost of Obama in Obamasophy Politricks.

President Again.

Do you want Hillary or Mitchell

If it’s a derivative of Michael which is a common denominator of how far…

Look at you

Look at the flower of good things

Who dropped those bags full of Biden votes and why is Russian and Chinese not clashing ?

Cheating is English

When it happens at home in the Yankees

Even 1000 Robert Mueller cannot come out with a smoking gun without serving time

It was handed back to the last sane President by popular consensus

Apprentice if you had respected those you trampled on the way up you wont be calling a post US election pity party in an abandoned dock yard full of legal and political junkies like Rudy and Giuliani Familia Grotto and your unfortunate lawyers

And your unfortunate tailors who made you show up like that at a rally just like that just like you are an imp.

Trumps gone. THE GRACE.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the LOVE of GOD and the SWEET FELLOWHIP of the HOLY SPIRIT be with us now and forever more. (Amen)

“Don’t pay too much attention, I’m from a small town everywhere”

Just feel we wanna grow bigger just like a guy with a small dick except when he’s fucking because by some miracle it’s still big enough to do the job and she comes back.

I’m from a small town

Everyone thinks it’s enough to go round, everything

I was born in a small town

I just wanna grow bigger

When we have a casino bigger than the bathroom in Blue Banana of Pretty Woman Julia Roberts and they have so much going from small town outta blue banana to the commonsense of treating the World like a small village without visas and protocol laissez-faire laissez passer citizen sous blood or land.

We want big town status and doing big town things


Always remember we are small town we just wanna have money and fun before we leave this neighbourhood

So you stop making us think while watching wild life that we use motor bikes as taxis.

Don’t you have a plan for small town?

From Vandals to Professors: British Empire to British

As far as I’m concerned

The vandals destroyed The Roman Empire.

That’s why it’s good to read both good and popular history. You have to read the history written by liars too and fake experts like Milton Keynes and Adam Smith, Samuelson and Lipsey or Obama and Trump, very tiny differences. One is not necessarily better for being perceived as old school and not fetish like Bush Baby Trump just like a bicker extraordinaire.

So professors have come down from Southern California to London

I don’t know if they like both Leary and Laing

But she said, “if the british empire was indeed the most singular important decisive popularised like jingo in the history of britain in this Millenia, why has it disappeared, racist tailing it Make Britain Great Again which Boris Johnson has made Trump and The Pope know is not a ball game like MAGA.

While Vandals of the 5th century used hammers and chisels pointed at statues of the city, Roman and state of rome we have professors now who have dismantled Racism and western hegemony which brought india and Nigeria and Aussies and made in radio canada and Charlie’s of ghana into the pot pourri of Pakistan and some Afghan some Egypt, some turkey some singapore sone Caribbean some Rohingya and some Tibet and Auckland that is why some of us are brown white and black just imagine if the british empire didnt kill the green and yellow people of Cuba.

You will take a joke bloody bastard.

Or maybe you want people to do you a physical in the way you have destroyed the history of the human race and withdraw the passport of the british empire from them all when the british empire and northern ireland gone bankrupt. If Trump knew good money losing schemes like you then china will not threaten lazy europeans who are stuck in the past and are not even 6G wise.

Keep separating people as you separate yourself from glory because I dont know what you do with a British Commonwealth that separates and segregates since no knowledge is lost.

Last King of The Europeans

Remember when some people call Jesus Christ tour king

And you fight tooth and nail

To find where they come from

And why Jesus is not their king.

So does Trump make you feel

What can do about arguments?

This is case closed

This is the last king of the europeans

Being last

Trump is not a good king

Those who the kingship concerned not

Casted a vote

To rid the maggot of king status

When it’s okay to deny A Republic and Embrace Anarchy in the Empire

It sounds funny

Make America Great Again

Makes me think again

That calling for a return to the origins in Afghan history

Why are you laughing

That’s why I don’t want to tell you things

You may think this is a Repubic Now!

Taliban bombs everyday because they say it’s still an empire

Where do they get reinforcements and always keep your tabs on where it comes from?

Instead of doing it

I will come and do it myself

I dont trust you with such things

You calling Republic a common empire.🤣

Letting the good guys give you the bad guys news

CNN gives your double strokes, different strokes but never too much of white Supremacy history. Africans are handcuffed in London and Geneva before being beaten but BBC cant get the news. Sorry!

Al Jazeera let’s you have American and French and Rissian and English shit in history like slavery in America and Australia but today the number of kidnapped and incarcerated Africans whose mouth people shit into practically or the number of dead migrants in Arabia remains unknown but they dont go that far telling you Mr. Marwan is Political Chief Newsmaker with Arabian and not journalistic leanings.

The Chinese give bad Aussie news and The Aussies and Blacks of Anchorage, sorry Adelaide and Canberra of Ridjamiriril Fame know how to give us bad chinko news.

Turkey and Azeris know bad Arnenian news and Armenians and Russians know mad Turkish news they give it like Rohingyas must be saved and there is no one in the World looking into the extinction of a Race.

Rohingya Now and Forever.

Please dawgs don’t eat Rohingyas okay?!

World Government ( Nothing else make sense) lyrics by Vybz Kartel … in jail

I love Vybz Kartel, sometimesnits the only ‘good shit’ I listen all day. Whenever he becomes World President he will GiVE EVRRY YOUTH A HOUSE AND A BENZ… MORE I

World Government

Vybz Kartel


And Addi Di Teacha, di one don

Why di yute dem hungry?
Why di gyal dem still a sell fi money?

Di people wah World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Everybody happy, all who a chop grass
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Landslide victory


[Verse 1]
WorlBoss step inna parliament
Every ghetto yute a get a house and a Benz
Child molester dem a get a rope and a heng
Juvenile nuh sleep a road, we a put up all a dem
Set up di elderly dem is di root not di stem
Black woman a mek money like di day na nuh end
Education it affi free, nah fi spend
Nuh crime nuh gwan again mi link di shotta dem
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Everybody happy, all who a chop grass
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Landslide victory


[Verse 2]
Nuh police couldn’t tell lie a court
Squady weh do dat affi divorce from di force
Nuh more Chiney couldn’t come in, lock di coast
Foreign nah buy a just di weed dat fi smoke
Stop extradite, stop dat by tonight
Slavery use di ship, nowadays use di flight
Same thing, nothing change, fight fi we life
World inna power, unu alright

World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Everybody happy, all who a chop grass
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Landslide victory

[Verse 3]
After school program
Knowledge addi key, a wi slogan
No man can say him owe man
My cabinet mek sure ghetto yute get rich like di boss dem a Portland
Everybody neck have on ice dem a wonder a where Jamaica get snow from
Bauxite factory mi build inna Clarendon

Di people wa World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Everybody happy, all who a chop grass
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Landslide victory
Di people wa World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
World Government, nothing else mek sense
Save ghetto yute, everybody get help
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Everybody happy, all who a chop grass
Weh yuh vote? WorlBoss, WorlBoss!
Landslide victory

Bomborassclaat!SHARE THE LYRICS 


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Trump Must Go! For Biden to make Africa great again

Wally Adeyemo has been picked by Obama and picked again by Biden as Asst Treasury Secretary

Aside: the muse to the people of Nigeria:

Hmm hmm

Muaah xx muaah xxx

This is the best thing that ever happened to Nigerians

That we cut a blue collar job

Right from the Jaws of the Great White

A large chunk of a shark was eaten by another shark

I will never support cannibals and those who want to abolish the death penalty

Sorry it doesn’t hold water with me. Manslaughter hiiiin Haaaan but Murder, cut.

That’s how we roll.

He knows so much about it you must give him the capital punishment for being so daft to kill he must be killed

To say the least about Nigerian finance since Nigeria and The USA supports and uses the Death Penalty. Aside: it’s called death penalty in Nigeria but in America, being on death row through the Green Mile on The Green Mile, last meal and testament to be recorded in a history book involving Asimov and Saturn, saying shit to be recorded and no one has patience for a Nigerian on death row. What a shame?

I heard from a legal executioner that some of them shit up money because they would have to keep their money in their asses in order to keep it safe since the remainder of their existence was at the behest of all seasons hot and cold, idiotic and silly ascribed to his person as the greatest of fools in a dungeon where the worst of all imaginable atrocities to the human being is being perpetrated is the Nigerian death row.

The people outside are suffering mercilessly but he or she is waiting to die for killing wives and killing husbands in Nigeria those are cruel to people already suffering and smiling.

Any way back to the matter from suffering ti grace that Wally Adeyemo came with his Mom, some Dads need redemption from The Curse of Polygamy, to the US and now his achievements have made us all proud as if a Nigerian is going to Mars or volunteering to be on Chang’e 6 to make us proud.

I’ve tried my best, what do you want to do for Nigeria?

His achievements and honour wont be really necessary for us as we are a different breed of humanity. Let the United Nations keep deceiving themselves.

All I ever wanted was freedom

To imagine I have done anything

During my poor existence in the richness of the World

Would be to overestimate my birth and presence is not a Waste of Space

But Waiting for Freedon

Where was I born?

It wasn’t on the moon

The forefathers people

Who have subjugated the World are still on the prowl

If not you wont handover the country to a 78 year – old and 92 in some rare cases of the longevity of ignorance and prejudice that we have divided the World with Inaginary Lines

Stronger than our minds and lives

Imaginary Lives

I’m just waiting for Freedom, Liberty, and Equal Rights and Justice

Call me Luton Jamaican

Call me French Jamaican

Call me

A binding Science Fiction for Biden and Harris

That these guys gave us IDs

We creditored them in Africa

For being The Writer

Of Our Doomsday Book

And even Our Own Self-Inflicted Spanish Inquisition

Which is the singularly most important action anyone or anygroup ever took for African Development

There were no words of mouth just pure action

Burning our Witches and Wizards

Burning our Dwarfs of Yore

Even our Fake Giants of Africa

Who cannot even unbutton

Naomi Campbell ,Tyra Banks or Beyoncé’s bra, sorry, blouse

Those Development Specialities handled out in Europe and Comerica cannot work

The solution to Bad Development Plans are Good Ones

Everything you don’t do now

Copy from me

Start to do them now

I don’t do nor take BullShit

As in MAGA shit, Brex Shit etc

Just advicating a new development plan where Africa eradicates extreme poverty

Personal tax will be eradicated and Personal Salary Schemes and Procing for Mortgage and Loans will be raised to NY bars

Or let’s say Hungarian G-Bars in Ireland to make reason for a lost cause that must live. He will repent and Africa will repent because some of this backward development sounds spiritual when there are pockets of witches and wizards called ordinary up to no-good.

This can be taken care of like The Spanish Inquisition as in training Africans to do-good and say-good that she will be blessed

She will be loved – Maroon 5

An insight into how Nigeria is handling their outlaws with kid’s glove bcos the govt own Boko Haram

Mais oui et triste. Il y a beaucoup de violence au Nigeria toujours dans DEMOCRATIE mais rien après les coup d’état militaire…

Les gens peur des armées mais pas a la lois… suis desolé c grave

oui c’est comme cela un peu partout en afrique malheureusement

Guess what in addition the Northern States 6 or 7 declared Sharia in 1999. I wasn’t here I didnt get it… but now they deny Sharia and handle Boko Haram with kid’s glove… are u thinking what I’m thinking… even the Saudis and Iranians are fighting for the soul of Nigerian Muslims and I can tell you that the Imam supporting Iran is in prison since 2013 with his wife after they killed 7 of is sons nd hundreds of his followers even after he was jailed. The army did that but why not the same to boko haram. It’s an arm of the Nigerian govt. If it wasn’t you know they will get rid of it.

If NIGERIA CHAD NIGER AND CAMEROON cant find people who beheaded 100farmers. Who’s fooling who?

Yea being poor in Africa is a crime. Imagine the 1000s they have killed

Once they killed 2000 to 3000 people in a market in Bama in 2014. Horrible to say the least

And now Buhari our President used to brag when he used to lose elections with raw sharia power. Everybody knows…

There’s more.

The Boko Haram are Kanuris. They being Muslims since 7th 10th c. before the Fulani came to give the Hausas Islam in 1800. The Hausa Fulani then subdued the Kanuri from 1800 to 1860 when the British came to subdue everyone in Nigeria.

Its so funny that it’s not funny at all for a group of lazy compatriots to waste 200 years of the lives of their countries doing NADA!

Nada = Nothing.

What does having universities inside developing countries means those universities are developing? I dont get it!

Called mushroom

That a topic

For another day

Is deniable


The United Nations says $1

For a day

What would having or being

I’m a university on $1

For a day

Fiver me a break

Isn’t that why no degree from Africa is readily receivable or agreeable

As a student

Even in Maltadova EstoLithuani

What’s going on in your mind?

Frenchman President in “I don’t know your freedom of expression crosses mine, so we are at loggerheads… period.”

For clarity sake, Mr. Macron

I will frame my question like this, in so far as The Age of Reason happened in France,

“What is the reason for pontificating in your religion and also in my religion?”

I bend my head to the right

I look at Mr. MACRON straight in the eyes like Serge Gainsbourg or José Bove

Nobody in the Whole Wild World can tell me it’s not Mr. MACRON I’m asking the question na

How come you even unleash Ignorance after The Age of Reason.

For Reason, there seems to be correlation in French Agressive History where Algerians and Rohingyans and Tibetans and Uighurs helped the France of Paris, France to defeat Hitler in France of France, Isle de Paris, France sur Seine de Mairie de Poussy, Mairie de Connasse eyes President of Madness where you ask a President in the era of Donald Trump again whether he is mad as Recep Tayyip Erdoğan I’m not a fan of his everytime as I’m not Turkish but clearly

You can’t make decisions, divine decisions even divine comedic decisions in other religions except Christianity.

I wouldn’t like to see it appear about African Gods since the Eurppeans have swindled all of us out of our commonsense and wealth of experience if there is such in us or among us as I reiterate,

What does having universitues inside developing countries means those universities are developing? I dont get it!

So you think only Trump’s Republucans are Miserable?

Within my own extended family we have miserable people and many think I’m miserable too!

Sounds familiar?

Sinister or defamatory ideas about people means they also have such about you and you would never hear of it but see it in their actions

I come from a country where everything in interpersonal relationship could have been shrouded in mystery as in, people are wary of fake friends and family members to a large extent people as how come a fool like that swindled you.


Thinking people in one country are weird is weird because we are all weirdos.

Come on

As we grow our mental state shift why we have most suicides committed or being committed by people in their 20s or beyond 20s, of course there are exceptions, but that is my sole parameter: when humans are matured their mental or psychological States are less efficient.

Incompetence we notice in our parents, even as kids. Even though we commit offence against them that they never know about. Children steal their parent’s money, either the child becomes successful and the parents overlook it is another case but kids are not saints either but they appear as such and parents brag about their children until the inevitable happens and they are arrested on live TV.

So we have certified Colo-mental everywhere. Most must be in Africa.

After the freedom of expression row in France about press and teachers distributing pictures I’m sure they do not have the right to because I don’t know your freedom of expression crosses mine so we are at loggerheads… period.

After #EndSars Then comes Latino Revolution

Africans and Latinos of the now and young future will not agree

As in No Agreement

As played by Fela.


Na so we go still spend Xmas for Nigeria?

Fuck Naija Administrators

Upon Microsoft Word



Project Evaluation of Resources redistribution for the Sole Benefit of Republicans


I think you get me wrong

We are all democrats and republicans in Nigeria

Too poor to be true

Fairly deserving excellence in education

None for public administration without Public Toilets

I mean what’s the real plan of The Nigerian Government when there are no public toilets or universal toilet culture nor toiletries culture which people still regards as a luxury when and where cleaning hands with soap after defecating is still seen as European Culture.


So you think only Trump’s Republicans are Miserable?

You can’t play with a good writer

Imagine the contribution to writing

Imagine that of G. B. Shaw

I think as a newspaper columnist before the 1st World War thru the 2nd World War and died afterwards, a Fabian whatever it means is anti-war and anti-aristocracy

So it got so hot with other writers and even against Prime Minister Churchill among others that he had to declare himself a genius in England meaning everyone writing are dullards compared to him and this is a position often taken by writers from all writing genres, a show of being good glaring off the page and always running into overflows of the unnecessary excess.

While I think Shaw is right and as Soyinka, Peter Abrahams, Cheikh Anta Diop, Camara Laye of The African Child book fame or Chimamanda Adichie, Buchi Emecheta, Flora Nwapa, Zulu Sofola, Festus Iyayi who died when a car or cars from the President’s convoy ran into his car while he was on the way to speak with The President as leader of Professors and blah blah blah and blah blah blah.


Therefore, in my case, I’m so much of a good writer that Trump brought out another side of me

Just another side of me

Perfect to criticize Biden because he will come and go changing not much so scary Pelosi and Schuman who I may not agree sold their souls to the million dollar rackets but nothing to show except Adam Schiff explains it all to me that Biden will do well as he swore to impeach Trump and did and didn’t so his resolve to support Biden must be made and he hasn’t spoken

What a shame?

Keeping my fingers crossed

Higher Minimum Wage

Free medicos

Free police – whatever that means.

MAGA: Lost in IRS Translation

Tax is an impediment to Patriots

The way they treat and pay taxes

The way Trump spent tax payers money

Have you ever gotten freebies from Disney and u can keep Mr. Jeep going in the ghost room with you all Season 1

Then there is no season 2

Talk about 4 more years I’m all years but Biden is what Trump said

Democrats achieve nothing but a demeanour.


Get used to Sleepy Joe lol!

Big love in hot air!

Like or hate the elephant in the room

We be here when they lose steam


That king of MAGA was lost in translation

I’m switching to The Democrats Charmant! Ain’t no gud!

The issues are pretty straightforward: would the last of the masses say yeah or hell yeah when even Kamala Harris spends 8years as VP and 8 Years as First Female President

If Trump comes back so will Hillary and The General Services Administration wouldn’t dare invite an introvert like Trump to form a government

You be wishing de Niro lives and Giuliani has to die.. food it is my name is not Shark nor James Bond and I don’t wish people die but we have to get out of the feeling always to wish you well in your effort to make the world a bigger and better place

Apart from reclaiming land to build what have you done but environmental degradation have you brought for us

Even when Biden falls for Clinate Change

Do you know I’m still a sceptic!

Since the singularly most needed is Afforestation why don’t you get along and you just want America to sign.

They be holding up your asses

Make America Great Always but you don’t have to agree with Nigerian representatives in the UN. We are aliens to them and they to us.

They spend dollars. They spend Naira.

We spend only Naira 382 to 1 dollar down from 0.90kobo to 1 dollar before Nigeria started the Anti-Apartheid Movement sending TY Danjuma now a retired General to parade around the World that South Africa must be free when Nigeria wasn’t. Even at odds with the shackles if neo-colonialism

Just wondering where the world modern and post modern come from since we are so archaic we cant expect shit from a president-elect

Except the peace to suffer and wonder that we all knew.

Next topic.

No time to waste time on Biden.

Just wondering what you think Biden would achieve. Something like Obama.

who made shit happen In the history of evolution and revolution

Who’s the real Banana Man in a Good Republic like America?

Make you hear yes sir give me banana

Make you hear yes sir give me banana

Trump should give all of us bananas so that we know we are monkeys.

Biden should stop fooling is!

What’s in this racket for African People?

As in the kind of treatment the Royal Britain gave Hong Kong at least and better still the US, Aussies and Canadians.

What are the race that sealed the Presidency for this man gonna see The Change Obama promised.

I miss Stanley Kubrick in the ‘full metal leather jacket’, in ‘tit for tat’ or the ‘clockwork orange’ that we needed to know the one with privilege as a vote for marijuana was in the ballot idk what the crimes of marijuana were, are or would be but my people use it medicine, traditional medicine for legs, don’t you use it.

Whatever, that’s strange.

2. The sons of liberty and Kamala Harris, they never want change since in popular thought why would you want change when you are busy selling ALL the good blue job…

the real Americans! that’s why Trump, rightfully or certainly not wrongly taunts Biden, we don’t do to the Democratic Party and pretend we are tired of White Privilege signing foreign ocean accords since yours truly has yet to see the food in the climate change conference or any benefit beyond Malala or Greta.

People are suffering in Africa

Their daughters can go to school and is even going to a private school, life is tough so tough that people prefer their daughters learn a trade and get married or leave home without being a hippie or to even become a hippie is not a bad thing in Africa, everyone becomes a hippie as we all live like hippies in Nigeria. We enjoy it and I have seen 7 other African countries, not much difference ever.

A President of Bad Examples in ‘☆Bah, bah, bah Black Sheep♧’ in ‘Twilight’ for Team Biden

It’s usual for humans to pretend even to pretend to be themselves

How could the whole wide World call a German a Black Sheep and he Carrie’s his Black Sheep every where for 3 good weeks. “Hey, Pat Robertson, God didn’t make you prophesy about this guy but you used your intuition as a die-hard Republican to support The Donald. Now you see, your Dad was a Senator, what would he say, Pat?”

My bard said he is at this stage in The Trump Anti-Utopic Epic far from Dystopicism that it’s more of exegesis and eschatology to understand that if he is really at this stage A Twilight with Trumo as a Big Bad Wolf, that mere looking at him his head could take off like a golf ball and land in Guantanamo to be waterboarded while the CIA plays their favorite martial for irredeemable first, and irreconcilable till the end among any President who will ever set a record of Bad Examples by the twinkle of an eye like Twilight throughout his land tenure but we all await the punishment that God has laid out for him because he is also Unforgivable. God had made that clear… unless.

Congratulate the Winner in the Spirit of Sportsmanship, don’t you play Golf or is it just a ploy to talk to The Mob

Biden Vs. Trump: This is where ‘The Twilight’ comes in…

If anyone thinks Umberto Eco did not have any students in Semiotics apart from Foucault Vs. The Name of The Rose or Travels in hyoersensitivities then think twice bcos

Mr. & Mrs. Barack Obama invited Mr. & Mrs. Trump to The White House to God who made me The God of Super Freeks… BBC and CNN and Chinese TV they are all viral never mind Alibaba or Chinese Car Manufacturers posing legally like Swiss Watcmakers since 1973

Anyway to cut the election story short and why everyone now knows The General Services Administration were the ones who had the Rights with Duties to clear out any jagajagbajantis microbial viral non pro bono quid pro quo sine qua non cavaet emptor non nobis dominicans domine from the White House the vampires of fascists in the White House concurred

Anywhere there is injustice in the World I will talk because Biden deserves better

As in The Twilight of this story, Trumo Trump doesnt want to meet Biden with Missus because they are fascist-oriented vampires

It’s quite important not to have a Soviet Spy as President and First Lady

We met in Canada

Twilight again

Missouri, Oregon and Washington is effectively Canada

Who knows who sang the song

You know what I mean?

ABBA of Sweden

Haba Baba is the one of Jesus Christ to God who made me Biden is supposedly a Saint. My Christianity is not that Apostolic nor Evangelical for me to declare him infallible Angel and Cardinal thereby A Pope of Catholicism and A Charismatic one

So it’s perfectly normal if an imp and the imp’s wife do not want to meet The Saint of Simon Templar starring Val Kilmer as Joe Biden

Watch Out!

Hey Trump, pass the Dutchie to The Left Hand Side

At least that’s where you got it

Fascist and coward

Stooping so low to get it from Obama

Hanging on to power useless power

If the power the evangelicals and the Jews promised you was anything to go by you’d win a second term

But you’re an imp

T doesnt change you suck to the dregs and depths of inhumanity

Conflicts erupt around the World and you dont understand any so it was better for you to shut your trap

Snake oil sales man

Beauty pageant peddling pimp

Tax evader of the fake billionaire class

There is a kind of decorum that comes with hard-earned money like Schumers Romneys Sharptons Jacksons of politics and Martin Luther King Legacy

America is not ready for a Black President Obama tried

You have to go now

It’s close to the end of your tenure

wwishing your road is rough and slippery as Angel Kamala pursues you through the courts of washington and New York etcetera elongated for you

You cant have any chance if there is God

O God of Super Freaks I know you forgive but are you really going to forgive Trump Donald Trump

You know this is not

Bond James Bond

Michael ‘Wacko Jacko’ Jackson

Not W. H Auden

Not Ramakrishna Puligandla

A mere Trump a chip off the old block of Racism who want that but wannabe republican as I wonder if he was the democratic candidate fixing freebies then because he has no mind he works like a magic like Houdini like a zombie with your manifesto

“main reason he was useful as a russian spy to decimate america for the on sludge onslaught but we all thought he was a fool working for peanuts but this is KGB Agenda… never mind those who have no jobs and no educaatio nor scholarship in america and no healthcare and more coro as long as the name if the fool is chanted

angry gutless cant join World leaders for a valedictory even though they all achieve nothing

But he Trump did not achieve shit and nothing by extension in astronomicalnproportions

Point of correction : these are english words and grammar in a sen

Anerican fascists are worse than Hitler’s: they shared the booty with Stalin

Ever thought what is the main focus of the Republican Party and it’s obvious there is a patriarch in need indeed and no way will they let the woman be Prez so the democrats beat them to it

But they are not sleeping and Trump had the base but could switch and fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you ask it is unfortunate that he wasn’t elected President as a Democrat because he used to be a Democrat and that is why the Republican of Utah Mitt Romney never will budge because he was supposed to be the President not Trump, somehow with his outspokenness against Trump and meeting him in consideration for Secretary of State

Give it to them they are mean and not wishy washy like Trump brought because it is sure most families will never return to the Republican Campaign Trail of Tears for years to come because Mother Nature need Kamala Coomala Komala as Prez. President is that little girl from Jamaica

Seriously for the record I wouldn’t mind a joke about weed if I was Jamaican🤣🤣🤣as in Kamala’s dad come as a prof and job security is a trait of success advising governments.

How you do better bro?

The girl is good

Interestingly enough, weed is not mentioned in many families in Jamaica as a friend from the told I and I.

Dress warm this is Alaska

Of cou

Treason = &hanging& : The President of Golf Players must be hanged!

For showing you have contempt fornthe rule of law and empathy for the middle class

Roll in the guillotine suckers for Amy Coney Barrett and Donald Trump

These suckers play on the intelligence of a whole nation = treason

Treason = &hanging&

While the whole nation is dying, going bonkers on the other end and not running I to a bunker like you;

When the whole nation is dying Corona 250,000

When the whole nation want a transition biy you played golf

You must be shot Mr. TRUMP

I wished Late JJ Rawlings of Ghana wake up as in reincarnated or rejuvenate withington the civil war you pland in washington

For the record itself obvious Trump is a Russian Spy

Why are you laughing 1: if Mueller can’t impeach We Can Now! Ok, jail him now!

Trump has given us a cause for concern

Even if Russian Connection didn’t help him rig the 2016 elections then Trump is clearly trying to rig with Any Coney Barrett and co or using Republicans in the States

Impeachment Now

Independently Now

I impeach you

I wont fire you on death row to losing row

What ever row

Beat it Loser

Our most famous bard couldn’t believe it and we cant stop laughing all night Saying classically about a cheap article from New York Yankees backdoor : Did I ever hear you say you never lose, loser?”

Jail him!

A President to Shame All Presidents



Kleptomaniacs as a family


We must have a corresponding name for those who cant understand anything or everything you tell or text them twitter is lost in translation.

Better throw him overboard like Jonah at least he’s close to Donald

Before the New Nineveh collapses if she hasn’t.

Nineveh collapsed in Iraq

Our prayers to the Levant and Bethlehem

We exclude our prayers from Trump, Trump, Kushner and Pompeo plans pouring into Israel because they can’t stand on Shakey Foundation since Palestinians must have a place

Winner takes all is a thing of the past

a rondel for the president of proud boys and girls

At last count our pride in ourselves is more than yours

You who live the life shameless dogs

To think we hailed you and Tyson and Jackson

Is it because Michael does and you’re not the wacko Jacko no matter which was you like to kill and prosecute opponents

You were an opponent and we are your opponent let it sink into your guts like The Original Snake Oil from Clark Stanley before the rest were deemed fake

Poor guy, he followed Stanley to the Confederates. GOING down south

Of people and countries without a future in Africa

Even if China doesn’t come to scoop up Africa as Europeans did in the 1800s then they would keep Africa for raw material and raw labour.

Cheap lands as Japan and Saudis have lands among us to grow TROPICAL FRUITS AND EXOTIC FRUITS

I guess these fruits are extinct in Africa and only the foreigners have it as in more salaries and more degrees or connections

British connections

French connections

Who said I dont like Robit connections?

At least it will be equitable in the beginning and fuck up its artificial intelligence artificial and not original anyway we…!

Now that being a diplomat or statesman is to steal the coffers dry of public money and public wealth what will the people eat in future?

Here comes China!

I wish artificial intelligence was the POTUS and FLOTUS was Queen Alexa of Google

Methinks the robot and humans are in the future and since they wash and produce for us they can as well control what we do if we dont let them be destructive. Guide us they must. Africa cant develop and the America cant be reasonable. For billions of years humans are bitching, bickering and butchering themselves calling it War. So what? Robots are controlling the World already. Let’s get used to it. Peace out!

A robot would respect the constitution and handover unless you guys think Frankenstein is Trump and Senator Feinstein is Mary Shelley .

Germans can’t be democratic. Quote me.

Resemblance of human talk & artificial intelligence.

I’m starting to like the idea of human extinction per se. It better still for artificial intelligence to rule the World keep us in StarvEars or in a Camp and rule the World.

Listen and listen good.
The United Nations cant stop Ethiopoa or Trump.

To fucking help with humans.

The Baked BLOGGER!!

Hey, Cortana buiytch!! play urban cradles!!
Cortana— dude, chill… be humble… I’m playing…

Alexa!! you’re excessively moderate…
Alexa replied– “sorry boss I’m attempting however, you too aren’t flash or something.. “

Google assistant… yes, how may I help you?
read my emails… ask the owner…

assistant.. is that excessively intense for you to do..? ..?

He was baffled to know that Alexa made online transaction automatically….

In the event that these were the appropriate responses, at that point the ground underneath your feet would have sneaked away.

These things (google home mini, echo dot, etc…) are somehow good. Umm what state?
Excellent for those who live all alone or uhh like solitude kinda things.

Wouldn’t it be extraordinary on the off chance that they shaped their own conclusions? (talking about assistents)
like… Cortana saying, “Trump is a real jerk or something…”
Not to mention most of the politicians are!!


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Sometimes people must fight for people just wondering why Europeans never fight for Africans

We held up the government for 2weeks in Nigeria

Chicken feed

From South Africa to Peru

Bielorussia is down no news and Timbuktu the genesis to our Exodus whether we like it or not we were defeated and it bears the championship in that we cant travel Visa-Free and ain’t the citizens of where were you born smart enough to fight for this right to travel for Africans

I’ve travelled it breaks my heart that many wont travel. Never. Even unborn to travel is not really sure. Hope they all travel.

Travelling is education.

Don’t pity Biden and Harris, they are advocates of Star Wars

Biden has made some of the most bitter and funny on the trails of the Arsenio Hall Show when he had Mike Tyson and there was a cold chicken dropping from the ceiling in the studio


When a Jamaican lady ir babe came to sing in Turkey, I was living in Istanbul and it’s amazing that in the studio the joke and stunt was to pass a hose of water into the studio through and under the chair of the Jamaican… unexpected and she performs without shoes

Guess what, we all laughed it off or when Kompela a footballer became a comedian on Turkish TV and the joke was on us who pass through the public transport or walk home

So when are people in American sense and predominantly Europeans in American be gunning for anarchy and chaos in the legendary sweet transferbif power while the same people call Obama who passed on Power to Trump

A fool.

I know fools when I see them individually or as a people because there are no strong words against Trumo but they put African warlords in jail in Europe even Milosevic. A president is holding Anerica to ransom lol and they say OMG is not good for a Nobel yes according to the Devil’s Disciples in DC

*Hardly a racist city like the US or even Europe of course shit happens and people die while talking to cops around the World if you dont like reforms and defund and reparation but seek to scrap affirmative action in any form when you get your dough from the caucus of Couscous Don…don’t

Merci beaucoup Mr. René Vautier, a French hero for Africans only

Afrique 50 the first film to detail atrocities and killings and massacres by The French Department Overseas… contrast with freedom of expression comme it’s from Macron sick

Afrique 50 is a 1950 French documentary film directed by René Vautier. The first French anti-colonialist film, the film derived from an assignment in which the director was to cover educational activities by the French League of Schooling in West Africa. Vautier later filmed what he saw, a “lack of teachers and doctors, the crimes committed by the French Army in the name of France, the instrumentalization of the colonized peoples”. For his role in the film Vautier was imprisoned over several months. The film was not permitted to be shown for more than 40 years.Afrique 50Directed byRené VautierProduced byLigue française de l’EnseignementScreenplay byRené VautierMusic byKeita FodelaCinematographyRené VautierEdited byRené VautierRelease date1950Running time17 minutesCountryFrance

External links

Retracing Raradise

Rara = None in Toruna language.

Paradise is utopia, Raradise is dystopic so to say.

We start with toilet culture and move into household submissions that have been tested and trusted by hardworking DJs or plumbers or profs with the sole aim of the fulfillment of the Afro plan without recourse to lynching in the US or if Trump survives the selection of the goat of fascists to go down in annals of humanity as the head of the dragon of racism to be eliminated and eradicate. First call: no four more years

The drugs are not working

The companies are sharing profit from the Republican Party

Illegal money laundering as never seen because you dont get support like that in America except you are paying for it to get it from privileged sons and daughters of slave traders and we can wait for them to open the door of Visa-Free even after Kamala.

As you can see there is no white woman who would dare the white man hellbent on making Paradise a Raradise for women except for Sarah Abraham Palin in the mix but lodt like Hillary. The drugs are working so far for Biden and The Queen is not happy with Catholic Nightren except we love to big up Swaggart and Electro to feel the future non existent till China gets filled tanking up on Afro resources

As you can see we cant talk about our highs and we dont really enjoy your own since its empty, silly and unemotional except infused with Camomille Tea not Çay which is the breakfast thing with salad thing called continental european omelette group to make you know we know little of zeytin ouzo yaq and the reason to make us responsible by stopping to trade dreams and aspirations with us since they dont gum and you have the deep State keeping your rat race simple and ours wild with all tasmanian devils free to roam in our midwest without leaders and anything is favourable by miserables.

Thank you Biden

Have you ever said that before?

A lifeline for Africans and South Asians

The respite of Carrbeans and all of us till we root out the fake highs

We are equal

No man is taller nor shorter than others nor commonsense.

To the humble with respect.

I can’t believe I edit this blog (1): Finally an end to shame and suffering is St. Biding of Fucking Austria

I knew the Yankees wont take it

Not in Manhattan

Not in an aficionado of Diplomacy with a smiley as President even against Blacks in a way

A ka sara – we blacks chill

All Blacks chill

All Whites shill

We all chill

Making paradise out of the World

I just have to write your comic yourself free to write

Welcome back to full literature as St. Biding is bound to bee

Spelling Bee of good English and Irish and not some Trumpf that can’t keep up with the modern

That’s why he sees Buhari

And African presidents know they gat their backs with UN playing along

We look and laugh – is a song by Fela Kuti

The deep State dumped bags in Temple, Penn.

I dont know what these bags are for

A stranger told me to take them to the PO of the USS

Not potus of the usa

Come on you must be kidding!

Have you been smoking Colorado again

Picky Licky Lucky you in Cape Town

Let’s live in harmony

And catch a fast one of live love on ourselves

I knew Don would lose

The deep State dumped whatever bags in the tabernacle of Pennsylvania

To end a shameful record of shame and suffering of we the antifa

No 4 more years

Just 4 more years of jail in golfington

The Booker and Bookmakers of The Psyxhedelic Senses

Imagine imagine and fascists were tamed to fuck off

In the strictest sense of the worlds relegated to nonsense in everything imaginable and there is no way you support them without the capital punishment of shame

In Hitler and Mussolini in Addis Ababa and Gaza

Why you lost is not an issue but why her clitoris refused to shine for 70 and 80 years of scheming vintage vintage vins is a must for our dancehall mixtape

Big up in eternal shame of spectra im proboscis whether Merkel or Robinson the bottom line is loss of liver meat to pursue the justest cause

The Emancipation of The Black Man to just fuck u up

Just know there poems survive in Peter Pan syndra

The head of George Floyd catch you

And the head of Kobe Bryant too

What’s good in saying repose en paix to the dead

Now that you’re stone dead politically and propagandically

You know like Winter in Narnia when your life stops but you start feeling your heart when you flip flop flap your trench coat

Is it winter yet

Biggest loser in What’s that all about?


Not bad.

The eerie racists

The nerdie racists

They don’t even know they are racists like Joe Walsh whi did a good job not to be racist anymore or you never know if Hillary is Racist because she spent only 4years as Secretary what if she stuck with Obama for four years?

Who knows

Democrat and Racist and Governor just like a Republican counterpart

Until they know they are not racists anymore

Like Joe Wash

Like Pat Robertson or Trump didnt get it ir Joe Walsh saying he didn’t imagine what Trump would do as Prez

I didn’t watch his stupid TV show 2

I luv Americans till I die: They sold all the blue jobs

…and you know what

Africans have nothing to show for it

…not until government sid we see cool money

Potopoto money

DJ Lawy money


It does not matter which language you speak

You will understand American English

…not Twiney Blimey of London

Except you talking class

But the Queen didn’t share it well

Have you seen the wardrobe of American Conedians and Newscasters… living and dead

Dana Bash and John King

Because they were once married

Ellen or Rachel Maddow

But when you watch BBC and no CNN or a little Al Jazeera

You will start seeing wardrobes like that of Katty Met Carlos on BBC … wardrobes of those newscasters in England are worthless or worthingless than that of CNN and CNBC and HBO and don’t do further to Paris or Lisbon or Turkey because you will keep agreeing with ancient and modern history that it was the Anericsns and not Barbarians like Romans or Almoravids who sold all the blue blue jobs of Harvard and Chevron even silly Enron.

If you dont know now you know so when are you going to start the complete and irreversible Americanisation of your life and that of your country men because Biden is here to Make America Kinkily and Funkily Great in Academy thereby fashion too.

See, this blog is for you dont speak about China and Russia and North Korea because I will be forced to ask you what anyone does for the World except they do it from the American Point of View.

All these Jews and Palestinians can get more land than what they are fighting for because personally I prefer to fight over land in Brooklyn and Manhattan not fori incomplete Baku and Marxism and Soxial Democracy that is Fascism in Sweden except you tune up your consciousness since America is the Buddha and Nirvana and Upanishads of our time.

They worship Jesus Christ?


Loser Theory in The Finalization of Impeachment

Quid pro quo or not

Now that you have lost

You have been losing for 3years

Because the People don’t believe Partisan marki colonels and greyhounds per grayham would not defend their oath and send you to the gallows

Now the riddle: How long does it take for a complete asshole to fuck the hell off or keep sucking our dicks till 2020 fissions fusions fizzled out on January 20, 2021

Not without Amy Commie Blowjob for office with your husband recording, would try to disenfranchised Biden by saying Georgia on my mind votes belong to loser in theory but we gonna give them back to the owner. Fascists like Hitler and Mussolini die harder die they will blowing their brains out in bunkers good it is the bastard practised when BLM for that Matter Now moved into the oval office or almost to finalize the impeachment proceedings against Fonals J Trump who is going to smell for 1000000000 years just like Carrie Lam, according to Hong Kongers not myself I dont abuse people and I never criticize in public in principle

Let’s get my facts straight


How else can I describe you buy

Nature could be using Trump

The whole World rotates and goes around like a Rat Race

What was PLAN A after whatever bang big or small because you know it was a bang… how the bang of 30billion years not 2000trillion years carbon dating

Date me?


Date My Dick

Which Professors are in the Republican Party cos I know Pussies cant change his mind

Only hard knock a d I never knew Joe wasn’t Sleepy at all

Since you are Trump must be included in The History of Stealing

To think for a dif in a jiffy

That Trump doesn’t pick pocket

Where did the Trillion go

You were lucky Fela Kuti and Rick James dead.

Trump was lucky Rick James dead OMG o SF

That’s I’m wondering if I’m Redd Foxx the way he’d make you laugh

Or MJ would have been Trump was President and lost after 4years he didn’t concede not leave office. Shame! Trump is a fascist.

I don’t believe it.

If you believe that you believe a anything

Sir, this Your Game, looks like Amerixan Bazaar hahahahahaha hoo hoo!

So, Mr. Macho Wannabe Watanabe

Apologies to the real Mr. Sadao Watanabe legendary Japanese Jazz Musician

I’m mourning the use of your real name for this fiction man with a shameless game at the height of Statehood because the first money not the first bank u give a kid they buy candy or sardines with it if they are Nigerian children in the 70s. Me. Some beer some girls we are getting wasted Mr. Trump jump into the fray but when we leave you stay

May God not leave us Don we all take our leave someday so if you don’t lose to an African woman lose to an Indian woman if not lose to a white man like yourself just as European you are like the Jewish lady who would prefer an homosexual Jew for her son it’s that bad that such people don’t know God like my Turkish friend said they kill their young and the prophet.

They killed Jesus. It was all a out Trump hahahahah

They killed Prophet George Floyd not Prophet George Clinton and the Queen should have spoken isn’t your father the Brotish King and Prophet from Wales


Gareth Bale’s of money for the transition from madness to coma or full stop

Just transfer THE POWER to Mrs Kamala Harris of Africa

Of Jamaica

Of Negril

Yes we are niggers, muggers and Mohammed Ali, swamp, caravan, Hurricane Tayfun small dick yellow hair small brain big rain we getting wet like the grisly girls u finger remember incest to the constitution as to the daughter who shows signs of horror she just shuts up even you can’t write you just speak and twitter types

Lest I forget

Thanks for the American Bazaar closing January 20, small guts how much have you made stealing from the people cos u dont care like African Presidents yea cos busy bodies like you I can never trust. Over my dead body to trust a shameless idiot when we want a statesman or The Offixial flotus Statestwitterman quit and he obeys orders. Throw him in the poubelle.

We are on quest to do better things like Kamala in Action sending you to jail and we are okay it’s like you burnt bridges guessing who want to come into you fasci

A tin gba bi eni GBA’GBA Otis.. we are passing the vacant position of the President of The United States around maybe you want dawg

The next time (for the rest o my life) I hear anyone saying America is Advanced I know you nuts


Excuse me?

A cop kills a citizen and is released while a painter Peltier and radio journalist Mumia among others are languishing in jail in COVID-19.

Gimme a break!


You believe this!

Just like Trump has no evidence

There’s no evidence human beings can overcome racism per se

We strive and try.

Some don’t.

They have been told since a tender age to MAGA.

They make America Great by writing on the baseball hat then stab America in the back at 4years old.

America is not 4 years old?

So why do they celebrate independence day on July 4?


it’s not donald trump who invented nor discovered America.

T was Kris Columbus of Ohio

U can go

Shout it out Loud 1: She’s an African and Prez can’t get it out of his head

Per contrast, jugglers and pipers can be mistaken as

Bongers, users of bongs not songs in San Francisco or Port Moresby

How do you pronounce that



Never mind

Mrs Harris, Vice President of the University of States of America to be built in Biding Time

Biden Time because The United States was over with Donald Trump.

Now it’s the 2nd Amendment  or 2nd Republic as you like it X Rated Othello

Go to Hell

An African is the VP and you cant concede defeat it’s in the blood of racists when their body and turned to sand and ana Maria Mama Mia Ma Yoyo Yoko whatever that Kamala can’t be VP or she was one VP too much because no white woman has ever attained the feat of defeat

So you think you can campaign against African Women in The States? !come on Black Lives Matter Avenue


Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant

A distant relation of Hugh Grant as must all of us be related to Trump’s heart and his Doctor can come check out hearts we hate him for hating Africans

Yea we used to live him like In The Middle Ages and you can’t count common love a primitive love

Now that we are civilised

We can fuck Trump on July 4 in Independent Square except this blog is pure fiction in function

Fictional Function

Now you get it.

Isn’t it just cool for the French President to apologized for getting Freedom of Expression wrong thru and true

To start with this is not drawn

First Question: Why do you want to draw what isn’t drawn in principle and in the freedom of expression of believers in the prophet.

Ok, I must have answered your question and answers with my answer…


Is this all it is

Is this all you said

In the freedom of expression in Paris, thank God of Super Freaks an African from the jungle like me pretending as well as a master of logic cannot understand why you are not a Muslim and you want to pontificate Islamic Thought on

Say it after me

Freedom of Expression


Upon all the Slavery of Roman’s and Gauls and Bretagne and Iberia and Almoravids even Hannibal as we are yet to say France has nothing to do with Neo Colonialism when YOU KEEP THE CENTRAL BANK OF 50 30 20 COUNTRIES IN PARIS

I think the only feedom of pressure comes from France

Voulez vous essayer de marche arrière Monsieur Macron, et me dit sa me dire🤣😅😆😍🤩🤑 pourquoi vous etre con et n y a pas demander a Gauche Hebdo ou Charlie Hebdo ou Canards en Chaine que vous terroriser toujours comme Gauche. Vous etre Droite et fou le camps des Africaines. Voila! Casse tete. Vous etre pas Musulman et voulez traduit le sacré prophete comme Emmaus

Chez vous Monsieur

Pas ailleurs

Emperialiste de con!

Dessin comment vous avais profit sous sangs du exclavagiste en Europe

Didn’t I tell you 2

Just imagine what the hell we been putting up with since Leopols 2 of Belgium got Congo till they tore Patrice Lumumba to pieces.

If Trump done this for 4days imagine what 4more years look like.

Mr. Biden I’m deeply sorry for the embarrassment of intelligence in a President the brother of a retired judge I think the GOp must be debrief and when will Senators have a term limit McConnell Schiff Schuman Graham Greyhounds Pelosi AOC and what’s more


Empires fall in a jiffy too many big heads to water down.

Trump deprogramming Therapy is paid for


Meet the Dominatrix Forcing Trump Supporters to Vote Biden


Empress Delfina is talking her submissive fans into seeing the error of their ways for the low price of $1.99 a minute.Updated Oct. 31, 2020 8:21AM ET Published Oct. 24, 2020 12:10AM ET 

This election season, many people who wouldn’t be natural allies of centrist Democrats under normal circumstances are pulling out all the stops to rally their particular audience to vote against Trump’s re-election, via voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Groups such as the Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump are organizing their fellow disaffected Republicans. Former CIA and NSA director General Michael Hayden put out a message that is likely to influence the national defense and intelligence communities toward Biden. And leftist groups such as Vote Trump Out are swaying their fellow progressives who can’t stand centrist Democrats—and who are leaning toward voting for a third party or not voting at all—to vote against Trump by voting for Biden.

When such a wildly diverse group of organizers, across the right and left, comes together for a common goal, we’re clearly in an unprecedented all-hands-on-deck moment. Everyone’s doing their part.

But up until recently, there’s one group of potential Biden voters who have not been the subject of voter outreach: kinky, submissive male Trump supporters with humiliation fetishes.about:blankabout:blanknullnull

Now, thanks to a Las Vegas-based professional dominatrix named Empress Delfina, this once-overlooked voting bloc is covered—and may be voting Biden. By force.

She calls it “Trump Conversion Therapy.” Her ad for this service reaches out to these potential Biden voters as follows: “Here’s your chance to get berated for being the degenerate Trump supporter you are. I reverse the brainwash you’ve succumbed to that made you into a Simple Stupid Drone. By using lethal mind fucking language and making you repeat dumbass chants like your Bullshitter in Chief made you do to warp you into submission, I transfer your ownership to me for my personal gain and entertainment. Embrace that you need to be saved from being a Trump-bot. Call now to begin your Trump Conversion Therapy.”null

At $1.99 a minute, business is booming.

I came across Empress Delfina’s ad on her Twitter, and knew I had to interview her. Here’s what she’s up to in the final days of the 2020 election.

How did you get the idea to do “Trump Conversion Therapy?”null

I was already doing webcam and film work with humiliation fetishes. Ever since Trump got elected, I saw I was arguing with his supporters on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I found my accounts getting banned for certain language. There was just so much rage on both sides, and I found myself in the comments humiliating the Trump supporters and just mocking their stupidity. I mocked how they’re not capable of independent and critical thinking. The fact that they can be sold anything. How easily they were manipulated and sold a bill of goods.

I saw an article about Mike Pence talking about supporting programs targeted at gay people to get them to “change their sexual behavior”—which was widely interpreted as a dog-whistle for conversion therapy. So I tweeted out to the Trump supporters I was arguing with, “Hey, if you think gay conversion therapy works, let’s try Trump conversion therapy.” Of course, the Trump supporters went ballistic over that. But they’re already on a pro Domme’s page—so I wasn’t too surprised when a few of them slid into my DMs saying they were interested in it. I was already doing small penis humiliation with a lot of these guys, so jumping to political humiliation wasn’t that much of a stretch.

Do you think some of those Trump guys on your social media might have been getting off on their humiliation fetish already? Without paying you, they just wanted to get a free smackdown by a pro Domme in that way?

Correct. At one moment, I realized, “Wait a minute, I think this guy’s getting off on it.” Because here I am, a hot girl humiliating him, and he’s getting the attention for free. That’s when I decided, “I should get paid for this shit.” And also try to get them to vote for a different leader, a Democrat. So that’s when I put my ad for Trump Conversion Therapy up.null“I was already doing small penis humiliation with a lot of these guys, so jumping to political humiliation wasn’t that much of a stretch.”

So what happens in a Trump Conversion Therapy session?

Maybe half the guys just want to argue. They’re not open to getting converted at all. They just call to start berating my liberal politics. And I’m like, “Hey, if you want to pay me $1.99 a minute to argue with me, go right ahead. You’re not getting anywhere with me, and I’m happy to profit off your stupidity—just like your leader did.”

But the other half—the half I care about—is actually open to being persuaded. Many of them see what Trump has become, what he’s done, and regret their vote. So I tell them, “I can help you. You’ve been brainwashed. I can deprogram you.” I studied cults in college, and when I saw Trump and his rallies, I thought, “This is just what cult leaders do.” So his followers need to be deprogrammed, just as if they’d been in a cult—because they have.null

How do you deprogram them?

I had one Southern man call me and tell he was regretting his Trump vote. I asked him if he’d been to Trump rallies, and he said he had. So I asked him, “Which chant did you used to like the most at the rallies?” They like to chant—that’s part of the whole programming. With cults, do you notice that? All the chanting. Same thing with religion—chanting helps with the brainwash.

He used to chant, “Lock her up! Lock her up!” So I said, “Let’s make up a new one for you. Now you need to chant, “I’m Putin’s bitch!” So he starts screaming, “I’m Putin’s bitch!” And then I start having him sing it—so he’s singing, “I’m Putin’s bitch!” He has to sing it because music helps with the brainwash. I call it deprogramming, but in a way, I’m kind of brainwashing them myself. I started to notice that these Trump supporters were very easily influenced—they’re the kind of people who are susceptible to a cult. You can manipulate them. You can sell them anything, just like Trump did to get their votes. I’m pretty much using the same tactics that Trump used to manipulate them, except I’m manipulating and re-programming them to go the other way.

Does this run afoul of election laws—as with Tana Mongeau, who was offering free nudes for a Biden vote?null

I’m doing an unusual type of political persuasion, for sure, but I’m not offering anything of value to these men if they do vote for Biden—in fact, they’re the ones paying me. “Forcing” in a BDSM context is a form of consensual, fantasy role play. As in all BDSM, my clients have safe words, and if they don’t want to do something, they don’t have to. Or they can just hang up the phone, and stop paying me.

It’s not coercion in any legal sense. I’m not going to punish them in any real way, and they know that. I’m just making sure they know that I think they’re fucking groveling, boot-licking worthless loser tools who couldn’t get their shit together to leave their pathetic cult, if they vote Trump. And they usually like to please me.

How did you come to study cults?

I was raised Catholic, so I was kind of beaten over the head with a Bible as a kid. I was punished for my independent thinking when I was a child. So when I learned about cults later on, I realized I was kind of raised in a cult—that’s what religion is. It gave me this instinct toward not falling for what people tell me. The common denominator for people who get pulled into cults, including the Trump cult, is that they need to submit their critical thinking to someone else and live for someone else. They don’t find the worth within themselves to live for themselves. They’re willing to give up their independent mind, their free will. So, I profit off of that. I profit off their weakness. But I also try to do right and help them—and help the world by changing their minds. I say, “Look, you can overcome this. I can help you. I can help you make it right.”

But because these Trump-bots, as I call them, can’t think for themselves, sometimes it goes from them worshipping Trump, to them worshipping me the same way they worship him. It becomes this obsession for them. And that gets a little creepy, and I have to scale back on my work with them.

Do some of these guys feel guilty about their votes? And if so, what do they feel guilty about?

Yes. It depends on the headline of the week. For example, when the images of children locked up in cages were coming out, those images affected them. A lot of them were calling and saying, “What am I doing? Why are things so messed up? I don’t understand it.” Once they’ve opened up a bit, and they start to see the errors of their ways, as their Domme, I order them to vote the entire Democratic ticket. I did it for the midterms, and I’m doing it now. I’m telling them, “Vote with your pussy.”

What do you mean when you tell these Trump guys “vote with your pussy?”

The guys who call me are either totally submissive, or have a submissive side, which is not something they get a lot of support or validation for in their culture of machismo. My theory is that a lot of Trump supporters are secretly submissive, but feel ashamed about it and must therefore keep it a secret. With Trump, they have an excuse to be subservient, hand over their brain to the leader, and outsource their thinking and control to him. They hide their submission publicly by acting macho. But in the end, they’re still on their knees, sucking Trump’s dick. So I make them suck a dildo, or put it in their butts, pretending it’s Trump. As they do it, I make them yell, “I love getting railed by Trump!”

I point out these contradictions to them, and they start to get it. I put them in touch with their inner feminine, which they have no access to in their culture. I see it like all the homophobes on the right who are secretly gay. Many of these outwardly-macho Trump guys have a secret inner feminine side, but they don’t know how to deal with it. They don’t have an outlet for it. I give them that outlet.

Do you think this dynamic is related to why so many Trump supporters seem to be obsessed with cuckolding? The last election cycle was, to my knowledge, the first time a specific BDSM fetish became common parlance in political discourse: they were always insulting liberal men as “cucks.” Do the Trump guys who call you have cuckold fantasies?

Absolutely. I’d say more than the Democratic guys who hire me. Despite the conservatives always calling them “beta cucks,” liberal guys who call me are typically more comfortable in their sexuality and their own sense of masculinity. Liberal guys don’t have as much of a reason to be so ashamed about any submissive fantasies they may have, because they don’t have as much of an obsession with toxic machismo. They don’t need to go around questioning other guys’ masculinity and trying to show off.

The conservatives are the ones always going on and on about how liberal guys are cuckolds. But to me, it’s like, “whoever smelt it dealt it.” Many of them are deeply insecure about their manliness, and that’s why they’re obsessed with other men’s manliness, and worried they don’t stack up. The cuckold fantasy sessions I do with them are a safe space where they can be honest with themselves and with me and explore what they’re so ashamed and secretive about.“I truly believe in kindness. I know it sounds a little hypocritical, because of the work that I do as a Domme. I humiliate and berate men for a living—sometimes I’m even hateful to them.”

Who was your candidate in the primaries, and why?

Marianne Williamson. I’ve followed her work for over a decade. When I saw her throw her hat in, I was like, “Yes, let’s return to love and humanity.” When Marianne dropped out, I caucused for Bernie. Love wins over hate. I truly believe that. I truly believe in kindness. I know it sounds a little hypocritical, because of the work that I do as a Domme. I humiliate and berate men for a living—sometimes I’m even hateful to them.

People always say, “Oh, you hate men.” But that’s not true. I love men. They seek me out and pay me for this, because they don’t have anywhere else to go to explore this side of themselves. I believe in my work. I believe in educating men, showing them the right path.

How do you feel about Biden/Harris? I know a lot of sex workers feel strongly conflicted about voting for Harris, because they want to vote Trump out, but Harris was a major architect of FOSTA-SESTA, the most anti-sex-worker legislation in years.

Biden is just a seat-filler. He’s just there to transition us out of this Trump hell. Yeah, I’m not thrilled about Kamala Harris. FOSTA-SESTA was a huge step back for sex workers, and her role in that was unconscionable. But she’s what we have now on the ticket to beat Trump. Hopefully, we can get a young, sex-worker-friendly progressive to run against Biden or her in the 2024 Democratic primaries. But one thing’s for sure: I’d rather spend the next four years pushing centrist Democrats, bad as they are, toward sex-worker rights than Trump cultists in a second term.

Tell me a bit about your background.

My parents are from Puerto Rico—my father is white, born on the island, and my mother is Black, born in Brooklyn. I was born in New York. I’m a Brooklyn girl. I grew up very poor, and started stripping when I was 18 just to survive. A client encouraged me to apply to college, and helped me fill out my applications. It took me eight years to graduate, as I studied part-time while I stripped to pay for it. After college, I moved to Las Vegas to continue my stripping career. I’ve been in the skin business for 24 years now. I started camming about 10 years ago and continue to this day. I do clips, phone sex, and private Skype sessions. I’m an activist with sex workers. And also I rescue dogs.

Do you have family on the island now?

No longer after Hurricane Maria. They all had to relocate to Florida and Texas. That’s one of the big things I hate about Trump—the way he just completely ignored Puerto Rico after Maria.

I imagine a lot of these guys are racist toward Latinos, like their leader. What are the dynamics of them submitting to a Latina woman? Does that come up?

One of the guys I was deprogramming—he had loved chanting “Build the Wall!” at Trump rallies. So I made him chant that, while he was sticking a hot pepper up his ass. I made him break it in there.

Oomph, does that hurt?

He sure sounded like it hurt, as he was howling his chant. I told him that was punishment for supporting Trump. Then I ordered him to repent, and please his Latina Goddess, by voting Democrat this election. He said, “Yes, anything to please you, Goddess. I’ll mend my ways and make it up to you. Will you forgive me? I’m voting Biden.”TRUMPLAND

Trump White House Still Vetting for Job Openings for a Second Term That’s Not Happening

PRETEND GOVERNMENTUpdated Nov. 11, 2020 4:32AM ET Published Nov. 10, 2020 3:25PM ET 

In yet another sign that the president is still refusing to initiate a smooth, orderly transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump’s White House continues to vet possible political appointees for a second term—despite the fact that there isn’t going to be one.

According to two sources familiar with the situation, as well as written communications reviewed by The Daily Beast, the White House Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is still in the process of vetting candidates for job openings in various parts of the federal government, positions that the White House intended to fill by early next year. The office, which is tasked with staffing the federal agencies, is headed by Trump uber-loyalist and purge-overseer John McEntee. And it is still contacting listed references and conducting background checks, even though major networks called the 2020 presidential election for Biden on Saturday.

The planning around second-term staffing has come as no surprise to administration officials and senior campaign aides who are, at the moment, being forced to operate under the false hope that Trump will serve an additional four years. On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that “the White House budget office has instructed federal agencies to continue preparing the administration’s budget proposal for the next fiscal year.” Earlier in the day, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said to reporters, when asked about a Trump-Biden presidential transition process, that “there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

A White House spokesman did not respond to requests for comment on this story.

Despite the apparent clear-cut nature of his defeat, President Trump, his campaign staff, and his team of lawyers have launched a public-relations blitz smearing the legitimacy of the 2020 election. They have also launched multiple legal challenges that have either been dismissed by the courts or which experts in the field widely believe are doomed and groundless.

This is all being conducted against the backdrop of Trump administration officials’ attempts to make the transition, and the start of the Biden era, as inconvenient as they can for the incoming president. Trump officials, some of whom had long expected Biden to win, have been trying to find concrete ways to further complicate policy initiatives that the former vice president had said would be at the fore of his first-year agenda, including reentering the Iran nuclear deal. On Monday, the president began fulfilling what he’d previously envisioned as second-term staffing priorities, including the firing of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, largely for insufficient fealty. Furthermore, an obscure Trump administration appointee has declined to sign a piece of paper that would allow the Biden team to officially start much of the painstaking, post-election tasks that come with a peaceful transition of presidential power.

President Trump, of course, had famously declined to commit to the democratic tradition of a peaceful, orderly transition, when pressed on the topic during this election cycle. And he doesn’t look close to abating from his post-election tantrums any time soon.

Among the president’s inner circle, most of the major players are backing Trump’s mission to overturn, or at least cast reckless doubt on, the election, even as many quietly acknowledge to each other that it’s over. Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior White House aide, “has been more hardcore in fighting back on this than anybody,” said Jason Miller, a top Trump campaign aide.

Among other efforts, the Trump campaign (or what’s left of it) has launched a hotline for supporters and tipsters to call or message in with leads on alleged voter fraud that Republicans should investigate. However, the tip line has largely been a massive bust. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the hotline has been flooded with apparent crank callers impersonating figures such as Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, and popular podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan, as well as hideous, loud vulgarities, farting noises, and threats of physical violence—all delivered to junior and mid-level staff on the Trump team who are assigned to man the hotline.

It’s yet another instance in which staff have been put in the position of holding jobs and carrying out assignments for Trump that they recognize as a road to nowhere. This applies to administration staffers, too. On Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper reported that McEntee had also been “spreading the word throughout the administration that if he hears of anyone looking for another job they will be fired.”


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Using Astrology to Release Shame

Like normal, a way to heal shame if one wants to

Orgy of Oracles est.1111

via Goop


One of the hardest aspects of being human is moving past shame. Those feelings of deep regret—and the lingering insecurity and unworthiness that most likely accompany them—stick with us in a way that can be profound. But shame, explains psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, doesn’t have to define us. And part of the work of undoing it begins with calling it out.

While shame manifests in different ways, Freed challenges us to see the universal underlying messages within our astrological charts. She uses the signs to describe what makes us feel ashamed deep down. Freed then asks us to embrace those innermost thoughts and use them as leverage for change. And once we accept that no one goes through life without experiencing shame, she says, we can make space for it and be kinder and gentler to ourselves and to others.

How to Move from Shame to Dignity and…

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Dem vs Rep

Opinion, Analysis, Essays


Trump’s Republican Party is an embarrassment. Here’s why Democrats can’t give up on it.

Democrats like me need a strong GOP to act as a counterweight in our deliberative process. But first Republicans need to regain their legitimacy.

Illustration of red hands representing Republicans pulling and ripping at an American flag while a single blue hand representing Democrats pulls from the other side.

Succumbing to the worst tendencies of one’s party isn’t new or unprecedented.Daniel Zender / for NBC NewsNov. 22, 2019, 10:30 AM WATBy Michael Starr Hopkins

I am a Democrat, but I have always felt that strong opposition parties were good for the country. For this, I have sometimes been harshly criticized by other Democrats. Such criticism could be confusing. Aren’t Americans supposed to promote bipartisanship? Indeed, when I first came of age politically, I fundamentally disagreed with Republican leaders like former Gov. Chris Christie and former Rep. Paul Ryan on policy, but I respected them as public servants. I believed that they were the type of leaders who would turn the GOP in particular away from nativism and lead Republicans into some semblance of 21st century politics.

I was wrong. Instead, the GOP has done the opposite. Republicans have taken partisanship to a level that would make Newt Gingrich blush. They have embarrassed themselves, and they have embarrassed me for even suggesting that they could provide a better path forward — and for what, some tax cuts and conservative judges? As angry as I am at Donald Trump for his lack of decency and empathy, I am equally as disappointed in the Republicans who aided his rise to power.

As angry as I am at Donald Trump for his lack of decency and empathy, I am equally as disappointed in the Republicans who aided his rise to power.

Still, while most Democrats would understandably prefer an America free from the Republican Party, I somehow find myself hoping for the rebirth of a more tolerant and inclusive conservative party that can help to one day restore America’s faith in government.

Repairing what is broken is a task too heavy for one party to bear, and an obligation too onerous for any single group. Rebuilding our institutions and strengthening the bond between people of differing viewpoints requires a commitment from each and every one of us. It requires honest brokers, willing to find common ground and ignore the naysayers whose sole goal is to be the loudest in the room. It requires a confidence of purpose that cannot waver in the midst of an election season that could signal the end of one’s political career. Most importantly though, repairing our broken country requires Republicans in particular to stand up and take their party back from those who are attempting to bastardize their message.

The religious right traded morals for Supreme Court seats. Was Trump worth it?

Succumbing to the worst tendencies of one’s party isn’t new or unprecedented; we’ve been here before. Moral crises have repeatedly tested the will of our great nation. This country has battled through the dark days of slavery, segregation, McCarthyism and Watergate, and still we stand. Not because of magic pixie dust but thanks to brave patriots, willing to take unpopular yet principled stands because our social contract demands it.

And America has always managed to find its way back from the brink because of our ability to come together, in search of a shared purpose, when we as a country need it the most. We are edging toward a brink now, not of violence necessarily but certainly of near-intractable partisanship. Just look at the differing ways the impeachment inquiry is being covered. I may be foolish, but I still believe in our shared purpose. I still believe that, in spite of those who have turned their back on our motto, e pluribus unum, principled conservatives will find their way back home.

OPINIONRep. Justin Amash’s brave decision to leave the GOP just the tip of the iceberg

So who will stand up now and help take the Republican Party in a new direction? Election season cannot go into perpetuity, at some point we must govern. Someone must lead.

I am not naive, nor do I believe that the majority of our political leaders have the intelligence or moral compass to act with the courage of Abraham Lincoln. Expecting an overnight solution to a longterm problem is a recipe for failure. And I realize that the same people who mocked me for believing that Republicans and Democrats could work together before, will likely mock me once again for believing that all hope is not lost.

I realize that the same people who mocked me for believing that Republicans and Democrats could work together before, will likely mock me once again for believing that all hope is not lost.

But what other choice do we have? Our democracy requires compromise and courage to meet the challenges that we face. We cannot afford to continue down the broken roads that have led us to gridlock. We need each other.

Like it or not, Democrats need a strong Republican Party to act a a counterweight in our deliberative process. The Framers fully intended for progress to be incremental, not overnight or all at once. A democracy absent diversity is not a democracy. This symbiotic relationship may not be pretty and certainly may not always be successful, but it is necessary to the framework that makes us a shining star on a hill.

OPINIONWe want to hear what you THINK. Please submit a letter to the editor.

I have often been called too optimistic and criticized for my faith in my fellow American. Yet I wear those labels with pride, because at the end of the day we have to believe. We have to believe that we are part of something worth fighting for and saving.

Most importantly though, we have to believe in the goodness of each other and our ability to correct course even when it seems impossible. That has been our saving grace throughout history, our ability to turn this social experiment around and live up to our motto “out of many, one.”Michael Starr Hopkins

Michael Starr Hopkins is the founding partner of Northern Starr Strategies and served on the presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.More From NBC NewsTHINK / OPINIONOpinion | Julián Castro isn’t at the Democratic debate because he stayed centrist too longTHINK / OPINIONOpinion | “Frozen 2” may charm fans. But it has cheapened the Disney princess brand.THINK / OPINIONOpinion | Trump’s D.C. hotel is one of the worst swamps in the city. Selling it won’t help.THINK / OPINIONOpinion | “Queer Eye” in Japan reveals how tone-deaf Western LGBTQ advocacy can beTHINK / OPINIONOpinion | Prince Andrew’s BBC interview shows how the rich and powerful enable evil


The Goddess of Oussies in “Trumo and Why don’t billions of people know their places?”

They virtually think beyond a problematic of Jerusalem before the Peace of Master KG and the blessings of AfroMama Nomcebo to create another first as Africans are wont to… JERUSALEMA

People have the sizes of their worth in their brains but virtually want more space for ego from the virtual space in your brain or other peoples or people’s brains… idk how it works but I ain’t giving up on not liking #MAGA and loving #BLM, virtual Bob Marley of Bob Leicester Marley, Naira Marley my guy, Marley Kush my smoke and expecting Kamala Harris to be a biting VP that will pay us this generation and NOT the NEXT generation

You don’t even know anything about Literature nor African Literature; what do you want me to write to Mr. Trump?

Suck my dick

Shame on You

I spit on your grave

Kill my brothers and sisters what you want ???

Kiss my ass

Killers must kill their own too in the Racist Creed so it doesnt look suspicious as suspicious as it us already when the President of Nigeria fills the whole camp with Hausa Fulani stock so Trump must bring in a Republican Mind but Clinton brought in both even though Epstein…

Why would someone alive lie that Gates came with Epstein?

There’s so much we have to worry about in these parts Mr double Mr Trump but we will stop abusing and criticising you when you do the right thing.

Let in the swamp with a plan as you dispatch

Stand back with your tramps

To which school children could you read?

If Michelle swatted Obama’s hand online, wouldn’t you dispose of his government as I dispose of yours now?

Is there any reason to be specific like The Nigerian President to make his enemies suffer and his friends enjoy while President if the Whole.

Always two faced with McConnell and Barr doesnt see anything wrong while John Roberts is helpless as he’s bringing in a demon into the Supreme but don’t you understand Nature which gave birth to Literature that No One Knows Tomorrow and your undoing is the future is for good 2035 and 2050 gives birth to simple minded and less fascist humans as your species of imbeciles haughty and robbing the State would be extinct or in jail.

Sad songs are sweet

Sad songs are sweet

I feel your taste in your tweet

This moment won’t last forever

We are young at heart and never say never

Sweet songs are sweet

I wish the day we met

Would be the last day in the World

Would be living all eternity

With you

You you you you

Just say I do

I do – I do – I do

I will live with you

For a daily trip to Venus with you

For a daily trip to Mars with you

Blue blue blue

Memories of Purple Rain

Smokie smoking Smokie Robinson

Memories of Mohammed Ali The Greatest

Imelda Baby what to do all the poor people saying they gonna quit paying for you

Memories of Mark Knopfler and The Dire Straits

This young Africans dem

You thot I was jokin’ (1): I will beat all of you like Biden

I will beat you forever

It’s as if they don’t beat anyone anymore anyanyany.

It must be one of the beatings given The Tower

That people still believe God as they set false teachers aside

As if people won’t always think Dad was God, We were all born by Adam and Eve Schiff.

Nice job man.

He’s doesn’ts deserves dis

You’re fired!

Tiny fingers can’t punch virtually or in-person so much talk he came with it.

He must have been sleeping in his shairs stoned smoking pot to get up in the morning like a child whosechildhi am

Didnt I tell you 1

You know all these egos and religious fanaticism

You know you brought them into politics

But the day you will lose all credibility

Hate will follow you to your grave cos that’s all you gat dude

You will ask for a permission to leave the White House

If you make these kinds of moves tomorrow I will tell Potomac, Sioux and Cherokee to bring you in Puma, sorry, a Pontiac as if you deserve one and not the other.

Life imprisonment in Megalomania for wannabe Life President

As far as miserables are concerned

Aside – And that is if they know how far

Below – If you have not been selected the bitch doesn’t care. He chooses quickie for his model wife

Upper – It’s not in him to aspire to be Smith, Smith Again Latter Day BS, Korea in Fiji Graceland and that has no connections to Elvis nor Priestly but Pat Robertson I like it when you pray but there is no sense to your millions he’s a billionaire with billion senses where are just 7 of Billions

Man Down in Woman Hole: it’s obvious she’s the unhappiest lotus in the world as flotus she has no show nor gumption and ellen won’t touch her with a stick what a miserable election

Is that why we can kick his ass

Wait while I think of sumphin

So let’s abolish slavery and racism and democracy and abolition too

You guys suck like shithole countries in the States Men!

Whenever you see an African born and bred

Show respect

A few dictators like that

Fuck Inauguration Day

Fuck Independence Day

Fuck Will

Fuck Don

Fuck Mike

Fuck Pence

Fuck Kayleigh

No good fuck unless you know she’s the one

Our leaders are fucking scared of us

They don’t come on TV to sodomise us

You’re in The States

Grab It

That’s why they use Amy Coney Butcher Barrett Bitch to scare the hell outta you

That why I dont take your Western Citizenship

Africa for life

Slap the sucker sicker outta shit…

Whatever for being the first on the Moon or to get into fucking postmodernism but its sure as Kamala says to the young girls and Biden say to nth boys

Elected and attained diplomatic immunity

Trump missed his way into the White House

Bring responsibility into