Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Dead (And Their Honest Investors Know It) | by Jared A. Brock | Surviving Tomorrow | May, 2021 | Medium

Update: Comments insulting my (admittedly limited) intelligence while simultaneously claiming Bitcoin isn’t a Ponzi scheme will automatically be deleted unless you also disclose your BTC+ETH…
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EDUCATE, DO NOT CONFUSE Mr Wajahat Ali Vs. Rick Santorum

What is the big deal if someone says White European Christians created America?

Why do people have to bring in the murder and slavery part every time even though this class in control won’t pay reparations?

What’s the big deal if Rick Santorum compares homosexuality to bestiality? What is each to you and what is the difference, or what are the differences of any?

Looking at abortion from another perspective why kill unborn and call it anything else but murder?

Yes, I’m Man and Woman

We will build nurseries and high schools and holiday yards for unborn children that are finally born normally and not aborted.

Is that all?

The Beijing of Equality, sorry Beginning of Equality

I have a country and a Space Station in situ in solo

By hook or by crook I create Billionaires

Through nook and Crany I dribble Papua New Guinea out of the hands of Australia and air control I control Africa

What did Biden say?

Stand up to me?

U so dumb

China Executive Xouncil 1949


2022 Same old

Why do we negotiate with people who can’t use chop sticks and can’t defend themselves physically… how can they defend their country of olives country and pronces who never came vack

People are in shitholes

Africa is shit hole

Africa will be free

The way is open Ireland and Scotland want out it will be the turn of Africa to leave common sense and go for REFINED COMMONSENSE AND UNITE and bring back a connection with the Diaspora

On The Black Star Line of Marcus Garvey

I had a musical idea DJ Big Brother Sydney:

I know my late bro liked music and he played it in Stockholm

Before I was born

Naughty Bro

Dad won’t have it

He wants to be a DJ

I’m up for it

By conviction in knowing what I do about music

Basically African and Reggae to Electro

But we gonna play funk

Tim’s got da funk

With @DJMonicaBergmark in the groove all the way from Sweden

And back to back

Year on year

I got my social media bad so I get my PR on

In spite

I love being a CEO

It’s a paying job

Welcome to the funk 1 to 2 May 2002 in Stockholm

Again in Naija

Welcome to the funk in Las Giddy called Lagos in Naija where me and my Bro the first DJ in Sweden and Scandinavia was born

Late DJ Sydney Abayomi Onayemi (1937 – 2016) my Bro the Hardworking DJ of the World

The problem is Democrats never go MAGA

Good and bad Biden in defense of Marriage as well as the incarceration of delinquents

Tell you what humans beings wills nevers gets its becauses wes are always undecided like Kanyes West’s

Take a look :

Tell you what humans beings wills nevers gets its becauses wes are always undecided like Kanyes West’s

Joe Biden turns the tables on Republicans during national address – Raw Story – Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism

President Joe Biden’s plans are ambitious. I know this because every headline Thursday morning after Biden gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress said so.This article originally appeared at Salon.”Biden Just Gave the Most Ideologically Ambitious Speech of Any Democratic President in Ge…
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I smell Communists Part Two

Why is there a fall out in Russi

Are you not all supposed to be communists

Billionaires gone Billionaires come

Sergei Lavrov and Putin stays

If I were Ukrainian I had give in and forget American and Europe helpers or allied forces that can’t even contain small Turkey

No one helped Uighurs

No one helped Burmese or Muanmari Mari Juana

Back to you

Who cares what happened in Ukraine

Make peace before you beg for peace

The End of Donald J. Trump and Murderous Language

Who bets Chauvin bet on it and Trump is not there to save you from being sent to jail

Lost your wife to ugly Trump and his freaking Nemesis

Lost your life to MAGA and no one tells you freaking Fox News and their side show wilt rot in hell except when they say Biden is doing Chicken Shit like Democrats do

More money for America Biden

I just read an article where Biden was referred to as cheaper than goat shit or some fuck like that cheap shit any shit

Why does he miss the fact that Obama didn’t help Africa so he just must burst African and American business because your greatest fans are in Africa

Resounding Vanity: Myanmar at ASEAN Conference

So as the police and judge and killer in Myanmar #innMyanmar

He had the guts to sit with ASEAN in their Indonesia

China is strong even I pity the rebels in Myanmar

The Colombia didn’t end well

Since we are not calling in as slaves and the books that killed King George of English fame in America where traitors roam will see you off since we support reparations

I just can’t help it

Reminding you of an African Armaggedon

You know things shift funnily these days

Vandals can enter roam again!

Vandals can enter Rome now visa-free plus or minus Corona

Who sang from the hills in Jamaica Burning Spear to spare Birmingham Birnin Kebbi as I want Nigeria to remain one for economic reasons duck the fuck the politics that doesn’t mean shit but a few appointed use the services our Royals must use reserved for whoever

Did u say foreign service

This is where education starts

Talk to the best

Myanmar talks to ASEAN

They understand murderous language

But Chj a if you slip

Approaching Sustainable Development in Africanus

So you poor students of Africa that are not Africans that made dollars and euros and engineering and Jesus Christ (I’m a Christian so it’s cool stuff to use Jesus Christ as an example)

Missed turning Africa into Europe Part 2

“Didn’t I always tell you, Jack London, you’re a poor student. Dump Ancient and Go Modernist that Black boy Got da Guts”, do you know what aside

He likes it in Scandinavia

He’s up there


Our resident bard said, “Who fell off a chair?”

I smell Communists in the future

Do you know all of Jesus Welfare will coincide at one point with Beijing

That Hongkongers who have escaped with the US and UK loopholes which has largely been left out of the reach of all Africans

Who cares?

We Care

Hong Kong And King Kong and Nigeria were all from the British Commonwealth

The Queen can testify to that

Speak up Bitch

You kicked Nigeria out because we want Mandela Free

Blogging is a great experience afterall

Because when Religions preaching Paradise and Freedom are forced to confirm this is paradise if I like till

Roll the Cam 2068

Did you shit Papa?😂

The crazy possibility from COVID-19

Considering the fact that the EU and the US and their cohorts of Nations travel visa-free most of the time and do not want to give same to Africans from 54 Nations

Imagine a scenario where COVID is so


That EU and US nations and their cohorts of Nations May start sending Africans on errands around the a world of like passepartout by Jules Verne

So eventually we too will be equal like Jews of Old who were everywhere and the only people who could go anywhere in the Middle Ages because they were stateless Jews

We will be stateful Africans looking for visa-free to 210 countries

AfroWorldAmerican Disbankment of Thoughts 2: Object vs Subject in Racism and why it’s bad for your genes

It does that which predicts death out of necromancy 😂

It’s weak that which fears death cowardly really?

It’s because what Racism has become is so cool people benefit from it and thereby it becomes an OBJECT TO THEM DESERVING WORSHIP AND PRAISE

While it’s hopeless meaning that must come to AN ENS HERE AND NOW IS EASY TO UNDERSTAND AND PROBABLY HARDER TO UNRAVEL Since the subject must be discarded it is discarded by sane minds but profiteering goes on among caught in the pro and con but you could just know how to think right and agree?

AfroWorldAmerican Disbankment of Thoughts 1: KAMALA LOTUS HARRIS, VP

from HOWARD 😳 OMFreakingGOD

To prove following the object and not the subject is a bad trait

When one and one are at Loggerheads, GA

When one and several are at

Confusion Break Bones, Ojuelegba or California: choose

When explaining is unnecessary and worthless that Men and Women Boys and Girls are created equal that we MUST be governed by the same system American never Chinese because a government who kills Bisons for 10years is more pragmatic than one that killed sparrows and mosquitoes in tow

The Four Pests campaign(Chinese: ; pinyin: Chú Sì Hài), was one of the first actions taken in the Great Leap Forward in China from 1958 to 1962. The four pests to be eliminated were rats, flies, mosquitoes, and sparrows. The extermination of sparrows is also known as smash sparrows campaign(Chinese: ; pinyin: què Yùndòng) or eliminate sparrows campaign (Chinese: 消灭麻雀运动; pinyin: Xiāomiè MáquèYùndòng), which resulted in severe ecological imbalance, being one of the causes of the Great Chinese Famine. In 1960, Mao Zedong ended the campaign against sparrows and redirected the fourth focus to bed bugs.

So we are not immune nor can we claim some campaigns like racism against Africans that has also always been Asian too maybe coming out now because they didn’t vote well for Trump or they were seen to be too harsh on minorities like themselves and can have a bite when things went sour to say for so-called Whites which has been defeated by the first so-called Black Woman VP from Howard OMG!!!😂

In short clap for Kamala Lotus Harris

So we can safely say the best way to describe this supremacy of Black Woman who could have beaten us beautifully if not for Obama as Gorman the Lady Laureate of the USA courtesy of BIDEN, is Kamala Lotus Harris