Lol White Man’s America if you can’t Nail Trump to a Cross you’re Pure Evil – Forget It

No wonder!

No Wonder!

No Wonder!




Wonderfool and kids made a balloon of Bozo and a kid from the other side deflated it

We having fun kid

Dont you have fun when Donald Trump never visit any African American family losing kids daily to gangs and crime by police

We having fun without Pure Evil

He’s in the States never happy anti-sexily spewing scheming vintage viragos ve saire

For ve saire alone you can arrest him

*ve saire = and so on in Turkish

I want a list of the corruption scandals when he goes

You be amazed a big chunk of his imaginary wealth is in Nigeria

If you dont have money in Nigeria then it will be very hard to hide your money

Even the Queen keeps a leech on us

With my ideas and stoicism deep in semiotics after Umberto Eco the Queen is never gonna knight me. I have a future text Word for Word lifted to describe her in a mixtape book of the worlds of works of Shaw and Chesterton

He was just there to take her in to the greatest houses on the World

Did destiny ensure he lives for her

Romeo and Juliet

Such a boring life where you can’t stake steak stick to steal a fuck

Even Billie the Goat found a way around Lewinsky’s Map in the Oval Office

Hmm hmm

My canoe is arrive at show entering the grasses of the dudes from the weed gardens on a trip with Angel’s in the sky to show Bozo is glorified and should have done better

Now you know I want a list of the corruption scandals and how easy it was for her to say yes sleep on the piano in bikini raise a billionaire son and not shed a tear like Iron Lady Maggie That

Considering Fascism (1): Hitler’s 4th Press Secretary* Eva Braun

* dont check my facts buddy!

Kayleigh MacNamara is Hitler’s 4th Press Secretary as President of Course

When Hitler became Prez

I dont know what she survived on

Maybe a cock, maybe a hen

All are chicken and allowed in my country too.

You will Never Walk Alone

We always walk alone

I said I don’t know what blower-job she was doing then!

Why are you asking me?

Am I the only one in the World?

Am I Kim Jong Il with no gumption or the King Salman?

For whatever reason we in Nigeria follow you up as the most populous and probably the most intelligent country when you start count from 220 backwards

You amaze me

You never heard Kayleigh Braun?

Why are your actions inconsistent with the Justice Department of the United States

Sometimes like overlap you overlap

Always like your overtaking is overtaking overtake

the trip absolutely of becoming a selected President willing to rule forever

One thing I love of GOD he puts a stop to HUMAN NATURE a Grandma speaking like a toddler are you okay?

Yes he created us

Get yourself back if someone can have 4 Press Secretaries in Berlin MeinKapmpf and commit suicide with the last of them

Stop saying Africa is not developed and our Press Press Secretaries narrower than yours excuse me

United States Press Secretary to the President stand up OUrS in Nigeria sit down because managing the news of poverty is more disturbing stressful orgasmic oregano and what did Reich call the orgasm machine measuring real orgasm

Shane on you Bozo I know you’ve tried because even Gos said no matter how bad your life is there will still be a person beside you helping you to round up your shit before Nazim Himmet resuurects to give it to Hitler again

I mean some Hitlers of Turkey

I mean many hitlers of Brazilo Canada Kanada

Tourists and foreigners know your bad guys that’s why they are here to clean up your Statues of the Confederates madConfederates

Can you also print the Statues and by-laws of the Confederates!

Now we have Blue X Torrent and Maude Jaune Yelloelw Maude an antigone antigone and antithesis of Russell Means which he heard you say that about the Trail of Tears

Cos one day you will die and people gotta cry we are humans certainly

A citizen is killed by Police and Trump spews Cobric Venom; Tell me what Americans want in Afrixa. Obama never visited Nigeria

To start with

Trump is the soul of America

Take it or leave it

Of what benefit was Obama

Of what benefit is Trump

Of what benefit was Carter

Of what benefit was Clinton

Of what benefit was Pelosi to Africa

Tell you what

Screw you all

George Bush was even close because the President Obasanjo of Nigeria called him “My Brother”πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Gerarahere = Get out of here

Coherency in the World Today is out of the question So I can’t find it in my answers (2)

I have a question for my readers:

Would you move to Africa if you were a European?

I mean before answering the question leave Civilisation for The Jungle

If it was research it’s a lie you are busy pinpointing or trainspotting what natural resources to steal.

Europeans call Africans names and vice versa don’t even say Racism is a One Way thing…

after making sure we stay ‘underdeveloped’ a word used by the UN which is an abomination on AFRICAN Grounds or not so?

I mean a continent stayed backward and her citizens mind their own business while tou exploit via structural adjustment programmes and IMF bastards World Bank integrated ingrates, what is your mission

There is no constant electricity nor water nor telecom network and tou are paid as if you are working in America

Come to Africa and earn the same as African

Boy it’s like you married down the ladderπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ˜·πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€―πŸ€¬πŸ€¬πŸ€¬

Why do Europeans and Americans come to Africa when you hate us so much and everyone of you too



Listen Good

Is there any logic in high and low currency?

Is there any logic in different kinds of education curriculum just because you want to control the main grid of World Resources

Why do you guys hate the Bolsheviks and Chinese

Africa would cease to exist if China didnt come up with artificial goods


Is it any wonder Trump is the President and why fool around saying you hate Trump he is one of you guys and you are just shitty ashamed saying you all hate Trump.

Shut the fuck up tou built MAGA and there is a bit of MAGA in Every American even AFRICAN Americans!


Coherency in the World Today is out of the question So I can’t find it in my answers

This one goes to citizens of Europe and North America add Nipponjindes Γ‡inkonihao AussieBoomerangs and Kiwis ok.

How come your countries have relations with Africans?

You are aware there’s an Atlantic Ocean?

You: Yep!

Me: We are still in Atlantis in Africa and there’s nothing bad about that.

Everyone passes through Atlantis on the way to The New World


Hmm hmm

You must be greedy bastards and butches and bitches for you to run the European Union with delegations with diplomatic immunities living European life in Africa as if you know better (not Coro) than people I’m Atlantis.

We are Africans just as you said Egyptian civilisation was done by Aliens can you stop professing folly

Then here comes #CancelCulture


I remember reading the Popular History of Brazil by a French Writer…πŸ€ͺπŸ˜‰πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜°πŸ˜±πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ’œβ€πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’ž

To write the book he went Brazil

To write the book he rented an helicopter to fly over Brazil

Then he started by writing that Brazil house and play host to the worst kind of colonization

That he is going to and wrote a Popular History of Brazilia

That this is it

Then came Bozo

And now we know what we dont know that some Confederates went to Brazil after the Civil War and their descendants have not been any wiser to understand nor make amends and burn the statues of the fathers allegiance to slavery

Confederates in Brasil🀣🀣🀣

Tuff Gong (2(: Could you tell the African Union to reuse the European Union blueprint

Come on you can dance

To the Jay-Z ‘Blueprint’

But you can also use the Euro for Afro

We are people in case you missing the point

Both in action and inaction.

Let me reframe

The question

Not a picture by the ORIGINAL Snowden

Not a detail into American Secret infiltration into citizens privacy by the CONFIDENTIAL Snowden

Make Ben Jelloun

Interact with Ngugi wa Thiong’O

Forget Mandela’s style for now

I believe in the Exonomic Fighters for Africa

I’m good in letting that go

Isn’t it a coincidence that Jews leaving Egyptian Slavery are comparable to Africans with Yankee Citizenship calling it QUITS

Remember when Congressman John Lewis said he was a Fake President

I really dont know how much original or how much originality rests in the career of successive African Amerixan Congressmen and Senators

Because to even know #MLK the middlemen for #BLM was neither a Congressmen nor Congressdude but a Congress Teacher

Ifs yous has twos Senators forms Alabamas bulldozing theoughs Congresses ins thes fifties tos makes progressives educations bills unprogressives ins Alabamas then you know how to fill in the blanks

Stop this killings

Integrate African American

Why do Amerixa have to kill each other

Its Gods own country

Which brings me back to myself as the god of Super Freaks saying to Bard and Minstrels worldwide

Praise Trump and let him smile on election day in landslide victory

The worst president so far if you dont like the #faketagtrump you carrying sicker for cities and votes and empty praise and what else in debauchery of a senseless dangerous murdering asshole can you think of who killed #Kobe

Tuff Gong (1): Is it any wonder Queen Elizabeth 2 lost her grandson to Racism and can’t meet the Saudi King

I know they killed Mr. Khashoggi

I know he was dismembered in the Saudi Consulate

I know it’s a lie and he’s not dead but in Saudi Arabia


Why Dirty Harry but you hold this true to make a statement for BLACK Lives Matter just like Red Head Lives Matter and you just had to meet Redd after Simply Red… what of Black it’s in Vogue na

Naana Mohammed Bin Salman

Just what attracts UK to Saudi and Africa is a shame

For crying out loud what do you guys have in common in diplomacy

That Kofi Annan can’t sleep in peace

Some kind of Crime as sitting UN Secretary General for Nigerian and Ghanaian-born son

The Rohingyas know they are fried when Kofi Annan came just like Pol Pot of infamous memory

I can be Pope and bless you then just shut up because Italy is not a superpower yet

Move to China it’s cool and the next level superpower

Then Black Lives Matter will bring you down

Just like The Fon and The Ijayes planned to take over The Oyo but the Fon slaughtered the Ijayes as they had told them to be in front ro take over the Oyos but the commotion alone was more than enough to disband the whole ancient Oyo City which promptly moved to Ipapo Ile before heading down south to the New Oyo.


You don’t read

The World is not yours

Are you calling me your subject tou this Bushman MBS Master of BS Master of Bullshit next king and we roll on on your graves on a white carpet… on the contrary we wish you life as long as you dont wish us death

Sorry Dawg we gotta keep it in the Arabian Penisula Man just too better than Woman and you DUP your dick… spare me the details

You ain’t smart you can’t fuck well

Just imagine that question.

Didnt I gave you the Mastered of BS BECOS of DaT

Listen to Mary even MacLeod

Listen to Mary

The whole World willingly does

Listen to Mary

She will be touring as your daughter soon

Excuse me?

Your broadass daughter is your daughter


Your brother’s daughter is your daughter

So Ivanka does not speak like Mary

Won ti ti owo bo lara

Eyin naa e ti owo ile bo

Since the fingers of the world are in your daughter

You too, settle it in the family like incest

The Pigs Must Cry Again


Just like

Just like the

Just like the horses

Just like the horses were crying of their Fascism and Racism in the The Best Book of The Play of The World by

Frederico Garcia da Lorca da Floyd George

Your own execution by lynchings of Maga must be proper by the ballot box

As for Mussolini so shall it be for your soul

The God of Super Freaks count on deep state for you home alone

Burn Barrs and Pipeline in Dakota and Floride

The Floride of Netherlands

The Ghost of Amstel haunt your Miami in Karma ideology

So you plant

So you reap

Plant Mary

Reap Mary

Saint Jesus is a plus

Enjoy tyranny and pay dearly

Waiting for Bozot

We came while we knew he wouldn’t come to eat these words from Twitter

I’m sure the Deep State wants tou and they have you

He doesn’t belong in Washington DC

Just like Aussies who wanted to learn more about Ridjamiriril and Boomerang

We told him lies and he built his case on it

May you never see a case

Say Amen now

Say it?

We got to you via Maret

Mort au Fachos

Sayy after me

As unto Nazis

So shall it be unto you

Now this is a Tuff One

As unto Sodom and Gomorrah

As until the First Christian’s

As until the first Revolutionaries

As unto Geronimo

So shall it be unto you

May your road be rough in real terms until November and beyond

May your taxes be your doom

Fake billionaire

Minnesota Bard to me:

I knew he was counting every dollar until you gave him the treasury

Welcome to The Hague.

Prime uno Criminal

Show me Bozo I’ll Show a President in Af 4 rica

Won’t you just resign and circumvent shame?

You cant threaten all of us with bullshitty American Racism Bozo

Save immigrants and invite more

It’s crazy to think that you are an immigrant thru n thru

D grandchild in real and imagined times like #Teevir Noah to out tou though the disadvantages of racism and racist action enshrined in your executive orders and extrajudicial seros soros zeros mudorks so you need fox from the real foxy city to help you out.