My days in Italia (1 and 2 – Roma Fiumicino ed Malpensa, Ciao Bella!

1. Roma

it was all transit flights that took me to Italy. First in 1996. Here in Roma from Lagos on my way to Istanbul the a South African Choir or Orchestra on the way to NY via Delta sang an Acapella in the Transit all that a Sweet Lady also am old battle axe cajoled the group and we the eerie audience that Delta is loading 😂 boarding hahaha

Then I met Ghanaian functionaries going for the same UN Hanitat II Conférence I was going to attend as the founder of my student days NGO accredited by The Centre for Our Common Future founded by Late Warren Lindner, sacred beautiful soul for the Sustainable Development World in those says and the Environmentalists spurred on by Sacred Norwegian PM Gro Harlem Brundtland who produced the Brundtland Bulletin which called for UNEP and other good stuffs of laws to ease the Climate Changes before Trump and the Reversalists using Mass shooters to prove Africans are taking over the World

Ara bambi

My people help us to ask them how Africa is taking over 😂

2. Malpensa

I had gotten a job in Geneva during Telecom ‘99 at Palexpo Geneva Exhibition Hall over a British journalist because the Hungarian-American bods needing an English speaking journalist in Wiesbaden was also American and thinks a Nigerian journalist will sure write better than a British one anyways

He was going to send me to Istanbul to entice Turkish companies to make Websites in 1999 but sent me to Nigeria instead because they are my sacred compatriots o I flew Frankfurt-am-Main to Malpensa to Lagos and also on the way back

Cool new airport at Malpensa and I took my chance to see Milan but missed my flight so early in the morning that I had to wait 12 hours to catch another Frankfurt flight 😆 so I went back into town and makes friends with Italians and Senegalese and Tunisians they said Hashish reigned in Milano in those days and I knew they were far from Napoli 😂

Nice days but short days in Italy 🇮🇹

Worth writing home about like Soyinka the Don and John Donne and Robert Burns

I hope the engaged couple I saw in Roma Fiumicino 1996 are still married 😂 they were so sweet and I knew she cared for him though he was carrying all the luggage and checking out 😂

Ciao Bella!

Arrivederci Mamma Mia 😂