My God is not A Freak, but there are Freaks among the People – bottom line ‘Why is war getting more money than the poor’

I have decided

Senselessness makes more sense

I now know

Destruction needs help

This is true

Poverty can ride on

More is coming

Integrity is lost

Paradise lost

The beautiful ones may never be born

How dare we

How dare we leave Africa to burn

As if Uranuim fell from the sky

Like a worthless meteorite

Folly has a place among men

Replacement Theory

If you would seek to replace anyone

It is Africans been replaced

Is this how we were in history

Demanding visas in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish to travel within Africa?

It’s the indigenous American

That was replaced

How can you replace people in control?

Even the mass shooting European in Buffalo, NY still has his life while 10 Africans have lost theirs

That’s why I say it to God

You’re in America

But still African and Poor without Rights

Who will be African and kill 10 Europeans in America in 2minutes or 2 micro minutes

The beautiful Africans yet unborn

Save Cherokeema

Save Oyo

Save Dalits

Save Dakota

Save Aborigines worldwide

Sons of Freaks