For and Against Anxiety and Mental Health

I kind of agree with this article. But #6 is one to which I will like to add a clause. Anxiety and even Madness as I’ve witnessed can stop spontaneously. Literally.

In 1992, I started seeing a friend whom I met at Youth Service in Nigeria. In his neighbourhood in Lagos there was this Madman dirty unkempt who people said has been crazy for more than 10years. Obviously.

But one day I went to visit this friend and he and his brothers and sisters told me this guy is now so okay that if I see I won’t believe. All the while he was crazy dirty and rolling the streets he always came back home and he said he just realised he was crazy and decided not to be crazy anymore.

One day I was going to see this friend and I saw this guy, shaved and clean, so clean he had his hand on his new girlfriend’s shoulder, drinking beer, sitting on a chair in front of his parent’s house with the music loud, partying OMG.

But after a few years one day he relapsed.

I just wish he gets back on his feet.

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