The President and The Crusade minus The Evangelical

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Rotimi Onayemi : For The God of Super Freaks

If there is an iota of truth in the fact that there is an actual, real, equitable justice to be presided over by God in his infinite mercy and glory; after a rapture, some 1000years of tranquillity, the emergence of the AntiChrist and The Second Coming of Jesus Christ, then no modern gospel preacher or overseer, Bishop and Rabbi would be conducting the business of the Faith like these.

You know they know we know they know none of that Business of The Last Day on Earth is True. It’s False.

I have not given a bait for the Atheist to pounce on because Atheism itself is so much more dumbass than Christianity.

What If?

No cause for Alarm!

Your guess is as good as mine.

That the President is a tool in the Middle East with the striking of an Iranian General is more of diplomaxy to uproot bad…

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