It’s the Hand of God

I started in the premises of the same God

I’ve heard what He did in the past

I’ve seen more than a few

With Coronavirus one too many.

I mean it’s more popular than Trump

That’s the hand of God out here!

No diplomatic trips can be made to the Embassy at Jerusalem

Until further notice

Even Jared Kushner’s taken cover

And Jesus Christ would have done the whole Day of Judgment

And Rapture things

Maybe St. JOHN did see something

As many of us who have had John

Peter and David as friends at a short interval

Can testify that it’s the Hand of God!

Could you imagine the new World after the virus is contained

Same Sun Shining

Old Ocean Oozing

Africa still with all it’s shores giving to the World

But they dont give back to Mama Africa

First frost frugal poem which brought a tear to the writer’s eye

It’s the Hand of God because somewhere along the line of Western Medicine tou may need to quarantine a whole country to make sure and this us good business for Africa

Warm weather

Something gotta give

Africa must survive and advance

Like a Chinese or American soldier


We gotta play on the international chess board

But I prefer the Scrabble

Number One.