Martin, Martin, and Us

I’ve known about Martin Luther King Jr. Now I know how he got his name and his kicks to set the World free from sin and hate. I didn’t know his father before him changed his name from Michael to Martin Luther as a tribute to good Martin Luther after a World trip and I remember his famous quote too, wiyh awe and admiration… “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Americans and Canadians take note. In fact everyone in the North Atlantic. The racism among you by so many have repercussions.
And this is not funny. Embrace MLK Jr and leave. Maybe that was the Second Coming. Who knows? Before someone tell me they know who fell the Wall of Jericho. Sorry, Berlin and Tijuana.

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Each year as mid-January rolls around I begin to think about Martin Luther King Jr, his birthday and the gift that he was to this world.  I wonder what this country would have been like without him. I wonder what my life would have been like without him.  I wonder how I can best write about and honor this man, even though I am not African American, even though I can never fully understand the pain and agony that so many people have endured for centuries.  Each year, as I begin to write, there is a moment—a flash—where I feel a fraud.  How can a North American white woman—a child of the south in the 1960’s and 1970’s—write about such a man?

In this past year I have thought about Martin Luther King Jr frequently as racism, along with so many other acts of injustice, appears to have gained acceptance in…

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