Poetry Galaxy Series 2@b: My True Colors

I would be stunned if anyone calls me a liberal, likewise will be shocked if I’m called a conservative.

If liberal means relaxing immigration laws and providing Housing Now as well as comprehensive welfare and Reparations for Slavery, then I’m a liberal.

If conservatism means rejecting bogus laws and judgments targeting companies and corporations, sensible religion, rejection of the Climate Pact in its current form and letting President Trump have his say, then I’m a conservative.

I want more for the underdogs

Whatever that means.

I want An American Economic and Leadership Pact with Africa,

Forget Asians and Europeans

Their systems are well-priced but clumsy.

I want free education and medical care worldwide with an obligation on all citizens to work for the system or pay back what you owe.

You know what you owe your country

And no one comes telling you that.

America’s and Africa’s inner cities and villages are full of suffering people

Is it true when they are emancipated

Life will be more dangerous for us

And we have to share public facilities

And they will have no reason to respect people who have been there before them.

If I make money by working through the night and lobbying the government to be on my beat at every legislation why do I have to give that up for you?

All the birds on Earth can fly in the skies at the same time without their wings touching.

What does Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, AOC, Tlaib do? What are you doing?

There is no way for a consensus

Bernie is Right on many counts and the Soul of The Nation wants him but here comes Joe. The Old Establishment.

Isn’t it all a fix to be either a Conservative or A Liberal?

Do The Right Thing is my Party!