Now that’s not funny (1): We come back quid pro quo

I’ve always told my friends

When I’m sober in politicos

That clear-eyed socioticos

Deserves quid pro quo

The World is so much intertwined

That Africa is losing at geometrics

The Superpower gains by multiplication

Ask Garvey and Malcolm X

It sounds funny but refuelling

So we have to wait for Future’s Gig

Even in Africa

Come on

Now that’s not funny

Whatever you are as Human

Our emancipation


A Honourable Mention




Give us an impeachment in the States

If it gives birth to riches

Without tax cuts

Aside: We neither know nor pay

What tax?

By and Large

We are just like you EU

Put in the Literature

Pity us in the rhetoricure

Because it’s for sure

And we be on the top someday

That you will need my pity too

It’s a cycle

In the olden days

Jews travel without visas

Now today here and there

Americans and Equals travel

Visa free and Visa-free

Give me a break

Syria’s President is clean in war

She just said you must be impeached

I jsut I want to enjoy a credit card


Visa free and Visa-free

Money Market

Technology Market

For which I pay dearly

You’re a Communist too

Everyone’s who’s a Brothers Keeper

Is a Communist who gives breathe to The Political Caucus sorry Circus

I’m just as free as everyone

In Higher Animal Farm

Albeit Bro George Orwell A Blair!

Now that’s not going to be funny

I’m free

In the Son

For that matter

Praise God

Confidence looks good on us too

I won’t ban a book

Called Animal Farm

And all books

I’ll make you see reason

When we’re Equals

No Pigs No Horses

We’re not Socialists or Capitalists

We’re Benefitists

Now that’s not going to be funny