Now that’s funny (7): We are Alone here and God with us

True talk sounds like Nonesense

All the time.

There are so many theories about aliens

There are no facts about aliens

Some add ‘yet’

God that answers by Fire save our souls

Do you mean God that had to go through sending fire from Heaven to show the people Prophet Elijah belongs to him will also have to go to the processes of teaching, healing and showing himself to another set of people in another World?

I wonder where that World will be

And what they will be doing now

And what they have done for billions of years

Tell you true talk

The brain has to do things when we sleep so we dream

Dreams and a lot of signs not short of wonders

Is the main reason human would believe in extra-terrestrial anyway because we see people in our dreams whom we know are not from this World. It’s a dream.

There’s nobody out there.

Does Jesus Christ also have to go and die for their Sins?

There’s nobody out there

Now that’s not funny

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