Now that’s funny (6): Arabs and Jews are just the same

*For integration, that thing humans hate but must come to pass by God’s Grace

On the surface of the matter

Jews seem more civilized and blah-blah

But I’ve learnt my lesson

They are just like Arabs

If you look deeper into the matter.

We all know Muslims use the word ‘Allah for God and we know it’s a big sentiment laughing out loud no matter how much they want to conceal it that it’s the same or different or the same and different or different and the same, that Allah is their God

I subscribe to a few Judaism websites to get familiar with Kabbalah and the religion per se but it’s funny Jews now write God as G-d

According to them they rever the name of God and wouldn’t like to write it complete or completely as I’m lost for the tense to use

O really?

Maybe you shouldn’t write it at all

We know you hate the word God because you guys and dolls can’t seem to start to fathom what WE have attributed to God whom you view differently. Come On…

Why write G-d when we know you dispute the authenticity of G-d but feel at home at another time with the same Deity

Because you write Yahweh YHWH and Jehovah fully we know

In tenses acceptable in Hebrew you know

Writing God as G-d

Now that’s funny

Merciful God of the Freaks

They even write His name incompletely

Others won’t write it at all

Now that’s very funny

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